Exploring the NBOMes
Citation:   HeadphonesandLSD. "Exploring the NBOMes: An Experience with 25E-NBOMe (exp112554)". Erowid.org. Nov 21, 2018. erowid.org/exp/112554

T+ 0:00
  repeated insufflated 25E-NBOMe (liquid)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Cannabis  
- Dose: 250mcg
- ROA: Nasal (via nasal spray bottle)
- Set/Setting: my home in a private bar/barn at the end of our property.

My friend brought me the bottle late on this night, we had worked out a trade as we often do. It was my first attempt with an nbome as I'd avoided dosing them up until this point. He did not partake on this night (aside from cannabis and a little alcohol). I did not plan on dosing but decided to anyway since he was going to hang out for a few hours. IIRC I started dosing around 10pm.

t+0:30: I am shooting pool and feel mostly sober. Comment that I'm not sure if it's working or not. Friend suggests re-dose but I wait. We shoot several games of pool and I'm doing as well as I normally do.

+t1:00: I take another dose from the bottle (total does is now 250mcg or so), still don't feel much

+t1:15: Re-dose might have not been needed, start feeling off. Shooting pool becomes difficult as I'm having a hard time judging distance/angles of shots. This frustrates me as the game is dragging on for what seems like hours. I give the game my full concentration and do manage to run the table but decide I don't want to play anymore. I start having visuals near the end of this game (tracers behind balls in motion).

We have a light system set-up in our barn similar to what you might see at a festival or rave. Usually this is a fun trip toy but on this night it wasn't producing much visual activity at all. I tell my friend that I think I've tripped so much in this building that I'm just used to it at this point (he said the lights would be _very_ interesting if he'd dosed too).

+2:00?: The last little bit of time has stretched out and every time I check the clock for the time I am surprised so little has passed. Going outside to pee is a bit of a visual adventure. The sky was overcast that night and the clouds spiral and twist in the moon light. I also find myself staring at the bushes, and the one I'm pissing on seems to be jutting outwards towards me. Every time I'd go out to pee visual activity would sky rocket compared to in the barn.

+2:30?: I smoke a few hits of cannabis from a bowl. I don't notice much difference in the visuals from this, it dose cause me a bit of internal panic but it passes quickly and my friend didn't notice as far as I know. I ask my friend if he's good to drive and tell him I want to go get a Slurpee. He agrees to take me and off we set for town.

+2:45?: I am enjoying the ride as I often do. I am having to give my friend directions since he's from out of town and I live in the boondocks. I am unable to get into the music we're listening to because I'm worried about missing a turn. Otherwise, drive was lots of fun. Street signs pop out of the darkness like neon lights, the light rain looks awesome as it streaks towards us like ice crystals. I can feel every nuance of the car as he shifts gears and I'm loving it.

I remember telling him that although I was tripping I felt rather clear headed
although I was tripping I felt rather clear headed
. I feel as if I could drive on this substance if the need ever arose, although I wouldn't due to fear of the police. I feel hyper alert and in tune with the car, this is a "race car drivers drug".

+3:00?: We arrive at the store. I am a bit paranoid as this is both the only store in town that stays open this late and a hang out for all the local police that work night shift. Thankfully when we pull in there isn't a patrol car in sight. My friend stays in the car to listen to music while I venture in for the Slurpee.

As soon as I go inside I am assaulted with colors. The store is brightly lit and decked out in many shades of red, I feel like I'm in a children's cartoon due to the extremely bright colors. I instantly become very paranoid about begin in public. I go towards the slurpee machine and grab a cup, hands shaking. Some guy is standing there and attempts to have a conversation with me.

I tell him "I came down here for this!" and attempt to fill my cup, failing miserably as my hands are a shaking mess. I thankfully do not make much of a mess, fill my cup, and head directly to over to a nice old lady to pay. I feel like I'm walking too fast but I don't care, I just want out of this place. The lady rings me up, gives me an odd look and I head back outside to the car.

When I get back my friend says "Wow man, that was quick!". I tell him that as soon as I walked in the substance hit me like a ton of bricks. He says that's normal because of the bright lights and colors. We depart for home.

t+3:30?: I talk my friend into driving me around for a bit, I enjoy the ride and the music. We stop at one point because I wanted to check on a boat on our property for fear someone might have stolen the motor (not uncommon, just usually wouldn't ask a friend to stop for something this minor). We return back home about 45 minutes-an hour after we first left.

The rest of the trip is uneventful so I'll stop trying to track the time. Visuals continued until about t+6:00, friend left for his house at about t+5:00. Sleep did not come easy. At t+8:00 I was attempting to fall asleep but I kept hearing something that I assumed was a small animal outside of my bedroom windows. This is not uncommon so I ignored it. After 30 minutes or so of hearing this animal I rolled over to see what it was only to discover a large black snake in one of my window seals.

Even though I was mostly down I was still in that half-tripping state and I hate snakes. I have a bad phobia when it comes to snakes. I knew this little guy was harmless but I wasn't about to attempt grabbing him. Thus a 30 minute struggle begin, the snake dodging my every move and hiding behind desks and me pulling stuff away from the walls and poking him with the handle of a rake. I considered shooting it (indoors!) at one point but quickly dismissed the idea. I eventually get him going in the right direction and he leaves through the door.

Sleep did not come easy _at all_ after getting rid of the snake, every minor movement looked like a snake and was causing me to jump in fear (I told you, major phobia). I end up staying up all day and don't sleep until 8pm.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 112554
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Nov 21, 2018Views: 1,558
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25E-NBOMe (878) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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