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Three Days Affected, Mentally and Physically
H.B. Woodrose (extract)
Citation:   Alice A. "Three Days Affected, Mentally and Physically: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose (extract) (exp112592)". Feb 17, 2022.

2 tablets oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
LSA - an Underrated Experience

Let me start out by saying that the LSA experience as a whole has many different effects, and just like other psychedelics these can be both positive and negative. It seems strange to me how so many wildly different interpretations of the LSA experience exist, which is why I really felt inclined to write an extensive trip report.

I was with a friend, and in a somewhat impulsive mood we decided to try LSA. The LSA we had was in the form of tablets, (legal and store-bought) with 275 mg of Hawaiian Baby Woodrose extract in each tablet. The recommended dosage was one tablet, but a lot of users reported trying two. The maximum "safe" limit was two tablets in a span of 24 hours. So in the end, I decided to take the risk and take two, and my friend took one. We had both eaten roughly the same amount of food about two hours earlier. My expectations were to experience something vaguely psychedelic, maybe music would be nice, or some body tingles. But initially, I honestly felt nothing.

I think it had been more than an hour when we decided to smoke a joint. When we got back inside, we definetely both felt some kind of body high. It was pretty hard to distinguish from placebo or just a powerful joint, but we both have a pretty high tolerance for weed so something was definetely going on. We watched a bunch of shows and videos at this point, and I felt a slight disappointment that nothing else was happening. I did feel pretty good and comfy physically, so I decided to embrace that this was all it was going to be.

Around that point things started to get a little bit strange though. The first thing I noticed was that time slowed down drastically. We watched two episodes of equal length, yet the second felt at least twice at long. I went to the bathroom, and to my surprise I noticed my pupils were extremely large. I was also having a lot of trouble staying focussed, understanding the plot, or the jokes, which I didn't quite enjoy. I felt a little bit relieved when we stopped watching, so I could settle a little bit in the changing experience. We started listening to some music, which was very pleasant.

I was having periods of high energy and periods of relaxation, similar to what I can experience on shrooms. At my most energic point I felt like dancing, which I did; but sadly that's when the vasoconstriction started to affect me. I think vasoconstriction is by far the biggest negative aspect of LSA. My legs were sore, and my body felt very tense because of it. I also experienced a very strong physical rush; this would alter between total euphoria and the feeling of going "too hard"; heart pounding, sweating, etc. These sensations during the "active" peaks felt extremely similar to MDMA, except for the fact I couldn't walk or dance.

After listening to some music, I started becoming extremely relaxed. My motor control was long gone by this point; even though I felt very clear minded and coordinated, my body responded as if I was very drunk.
I felt very clear minded and coordinated, my body responded as if I was very drunk.
This was kind of funny and the heavy feeling increased the bodily euphoria, but made it hard to do much except sit around. We finally decided to go sit on the balcony and smoke some more. On the way there I felt iffy, but once we lit the first joint I think the LSA only "really" started to kick in. Conversation went slowly at first, but once we got into it, both talking and listening became very euphoric. While listening to my friend talk I could really feel those calm, content and loving feelings comparable to MDMA. I also felt very energized again. We sat there for what felt like hours; but in reality I think it was around 40 minutes.

Once we were back inside, I completely melted back into the relaxed state. We listened to a lot of music and continued to have very good, deep conversations, occasionally switching it up with some fun. I've already made the comparison with MDMA a few times, but strangely the altered perception of music on LSA, to me, felt exactly the same as on MDMA. We listened to a lot of techno, and only at this point I started noticing my first visuals. Even though LSA isn't a very visual psychedelic, it definetely does some interesting things. For one, while listening to music, I could see "dancing" shapes if I closed my eyes, moving together with the music. The same thing happened if I closed my eyes and experienced physical sensations such as drinking tea, or getting a massage.

I started experiencing a lot of third eye visuals; my physical world looked normal, but the "projected" layer over it was filled with colours and shapes and beautiful patterns. The only actual "traditional" visuals I experienced were the breathing of certain images and patterns. In contrast to other psychedelics, focusing on something actually made it less trippy; it was everything in the background and in the shadows that looked different. In general, there were little to no distortions, but the general visual aesthetic did feel very different. I can only describe it as somewhat dark, yet very colorful and warm.

At this point we were at least 6 hours in, and we decided to go for a final walk before my friend would return to his house. Sadly the vasoconstriction got to me again, and during walking my legs gave in. So we decided to just sit around on the street and had some more great conversations. During all of our talks, and when I was thinking by myself, I experienced a lot of conceptual thinking and the feeling of total clarity. I got a brand new and refreshing look at a lot of things that I had been struggling with and become sad and frustrated over. Despite the fact that we were both still tripping, we decided to call it a night and get some sleep. My said our goodbyes and I went back to my house by myself.

Ironically, just as I was getting ready to chill in bed, I felt another surge of energy come on, and this time it may have been the strongest. I feel like this point was my actual peak; everything before was only the come up. The timing frustrated me since it was already very late at night, but I decided to get my laptop and listen to some music. Listening to music was absolutely fantastic, and brought my into a trance-like state, again, comparable to MDMA. To my frustration, my heart was pounding a little bit and I couldn't lay still, even though mentally I was starting to feel pretty tired. This is the point where I realized I had taken too much; I wasn't going to get any sleep that night.

When I finally accepted my fate of being awake, I decided to just pull through and entertain myself. Watching random youtube videos and listening to music was amazing; I had strong feelings of love for random strangers and very random things. Occasionally I would get out my phone and just look at pictures or people I love, which sounds strange now but it felt amazing. I would end up in short and confusing hallucinations, similar to high dosages or comedowns of MDMA; I would think I was in a certain room, until I realized I wasn't, at which point I would see things as they were again. Being on the internet was very confusing because of this, as I would regularly open links, and finding myself on a totally different website, even though it was actually the correct one. Overall just a lot of total bliss and euphoria, but my body wasn't really having it anymore. I easily pulled through the whole night.

In the morning, I actually had an appointment; I finally wasn't tripping anymore at that point, but I experienced what I can only describe as the most pleasant and best afterglow any psychedelic has ever given me. During the whole day I felt very content, peaceful, inspired, accepting and loving. Colours seemed way brighter, people seemed friendlier, I just felt optimistic and great. This effect was actually very strong and distinguishable from a "normal" good mood, and lasted for about 2 days. My altered perception of music lasted as long as well. As a matter of fact, the extent of the afterglow didn't really strike me until it finally passed after a couple of days
the extent of the afterglow didn't really strike me until it finally passed after a couple of days
, bringing me back to normal.

So overall I spent a good three days being affected by the LSA; both mentally and physically. The downside to this was that my body kept feeling very sore, and I couldn't walk long distances. Thankfully, this resolved itself as my body slowly regained normal balance. In general I haven't read a lot of experiences like my own; but I have seen a few that have felt this same long during, spiritual afterglow. As for the vasoconstriction, it was extremely uncomfortable, and despite all the positive effects, I won't dose this high again, for the sake of my body.

Luckily, my friend, who had half my dosage, had an equally positive and insightful trip, with a lot less complications. In hindsight, I feel like this strange, unappreciated drug has impacted me almost as much as my first psychedelic experience, or my first MDMA experience. It really helped me look differently at things and feel things I forgot I could feel. I think it's more powerful than a lot of people (including myself) realize, just because there's hardly any visuals; but the experience is so much more than visuals.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112592
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Feb 17, 2022Views: 489
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