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Lost in Time
Citation:   The Wanderer. "Lost in Time: An Experience with MET (exp112646)". Apr 17, 2019.

T+ 0:00
20-25 mg insufflated MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:45 15-20 mg insufflated MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:55   smoked MET (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:55   smoked Cannabis  
I woke up in that good mood of "Let's try something new today". I had acquired 100 mg of MET a while ago out of curiosity for something novel.

I got the fumarate salt and had read mixed reviews on how to consume it and its effects. I decided that I would never know unless I tried it myself. My last tryptamine use was 1 month ago with 4-HO-MET, so I should not expect any tolerance.
I just had breakfast and it's 8 30 am, I want to try insufflation as it seems to be an active route at rather smaller dosages.

T 0:00 I take 20-25 mg of MET fumarate salt Insufflated. The chemical is harsh but bearable to the nose.
T+ 0:30 Light euphoria, relaxed, nothing way out of the ordinary. The drip is a nasty chemical taste, like something you should not put in your nose too often.
T+ 0:45 Mild effects are not enough, I want to investigate further, I go ahead and insufflated 15-20 mg more.

T+ 0:55 For a substance that should last 2-4 hours I thought I was not getting the desired effects, I went further on my research and smoked ~25 mg did not hold too long, but it definitely hit hard right after exhaling the smoke. It is harsh and bitter, but bearable.
T+ 1:00 I feel quite trippy, very light bodied, not strong visuals, but my vision has changed for sure in a positive way. Objects and nature seem a bit more beautiful than normal.

T+ 1:20 Vision heighten, but nothing worth the nasty drip from the insufflation. The day is quite beautiful but not as enhanced by the substance as I would expect after consuming ~70 mg. trees do look blue and colors stronger than usual. The headspace is just as being high, maybe Im a bit from smoking the fumarate salt on top of some weed.

T + 1:35 Most bitter taste gone, throat feels sore though. It must cause quite a bit of damage since a large quantity needs to be insufflated, and to have strong effects I think one must insufflate a lot of this salt. Probably a terrible idea. I try meditation and my breathwork feels dirty from the chemicals up my nose. I did experience good for closed eye visuals, and introspection was enhanced and calm.

T + 1:50 Body feelings are quite nice, headspace is introspective with some close eyed enhanced visualizations. I think that the body high is the highlight of this substance so far.
I think that the body high is the highlight of this substance so far.
Music feels nice, but not better than usual as when Im on a natural good mood. I'm in a good mood but there is a lack of euphoria.
T+ 2:05 Bitter throat feeling is almost gone, a bit numb still. Breathwork finally feels cleaner and meditation using active imagination is quite interesting.

T+ 2:20 Effects seem to be quite diminished. Meditated for 10-20 minutes, seemed like a lot longer, felt very dynamic and random visualizations from my imagination. Now I feel sedated and sleepy, a bit hungry too
T+ 2:40 I cant differentiate if the trip felt long or short. Time distortion was definitely another highlight of this substance. it seems to have come and gone in an instant, it also feels that I have been on it for much much longer. Quite strange.
T+ 3:00 played with both my dogs we dont usually play all together, I have a very relaxed vibe, I attribute this as the reason my dogs felt relaxed enough to play among them and with me.
T+ 3:15 almost back to baseline
T+ 3:45 relaxed body afterglow, low energy overall feeling, not feeling too energetic
T+ 4:00 effects fading away, slowed down mental headspace, I want to take a nap but I decide to visit the pool and enjoy the beautiful day, I feel that I can chill here for a good while. Other than feeling relaxed, It is not a psychedelic experience anymore.

Conclusion: At least for the ROAs that I used in this fumarate form, I don't find anything special from it other than a nice body high similar to opiates. I would go for 4-ho-MET any day of the week. Insufflation feels dirty and quite unhealthy, and it seems that to get strong psychedelic effects I'd have to down like 150 mg which is a lot, specially if you compare it with other more effective per mg RCs. I may need to explore other forms of MET like freebase to unlock its true power. But for now I will stick to other known substances where I have a more connected experience with my self and nature, which this experience lacked.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112646
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Apr 17, 2019Views: 3,245
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