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Delayed Trip That Became Musical Bliss
LSD & Cannabis
by MHJUnty
Citation:   MHJUnty. "Delayed Trip That Became Musical Bliss: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp112651)". Dec 14, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:30   smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 10:00   smoked Cannabis  


I was 16 years old and had just finished my GCSE exams (very important exams), following months of studying. I had had an interest in trying LSD for a while and had only experienced weed and alcohol in the past. I eventually decided that I would try LSD after my exams finished, as I would have little stress and nothing to worry about. I was excited about the prospect of trying acid, but I also had a healthy level of fear of the unknown. I was also at a generally good place in life, with few issues.

About one week after finishing my exams, my parents went away for a few days. I knew this would be the perfect time for me to experience my first trip, so I purchased the LSD off of a local dealer the day before. In preparation, I tested my tab using the Ehrlich reagent.

While planning the day, I realized that the only issue was that my closest friend (J), who I wanted to trip sit me, had an exam that day, and only finished at 4. It would also take an additional half hour for him to arrive at my house. To compromise, I decided that my other two friends (L and P) would trip sit me from 1 pm (when I would take the LSD) to 4:30 until my J arrived to join them.

12 pm: It turned out to be a sunny day during late spring (around 20 degrees Celsius), and there was additionally Football World Cup matches on, which my friends and I wanted to watch. I decided not to eat for 24 hours before my trip. We walked back from school to my house, which would be the place of my trip as I feel most comfortable there.

1 pm: The three of us arrived at my house, and shortly went upstairs to the bedroom where I nervously placed the tab in my mouth. It had a slight taste at first (most likely the ink) but the taste quickly went away and the tab became tasteless. On dropping the tab I felt nervous, but at the same time hopeful, as my L and P, who have never taken a psychedelic, watched grinningly. We then went downstairs to watch the first football match we could.

2:30 pm (90 minutes after ingestion): I was yet to feel any effects and started to wonder why. I kept on looking outside, expecting to notice an increasing depth of colour but noticed nothing. I started to feel disappointed but knew that it may just be a delayed reaction.
I started to feel disappointed but knew that it may just be a delayed reaction.

4 pm (180 minutes after ingestion): The trip was still yet to kick in and my friends and I started to wonder whether or not it was bad acid. We decided to order hamburgers for lunch, and I sat on the floor eating it whilst the next game commenced. Whilst eating the burger, I began to feel extremely nauseous and had trouble thinking. My mouth also felt very clammy and uncomfortable. I still, however, didn’t feel as though I was in the “LSD headspace” and I didn’t notice any visual changes, so I convinced myself that it was only a placebo effect.

4:30 pm (210 minutes after ingestion): At this point, nausea had gone, but I still felt a little off, struggling with major trains of thoughts. J had also finally arrived and had been shocked when I told him the trip hasn’t started. At this point, I felt as though the trip would never begin, so I made the decision to smoke weed with my friends in the garden. I didn’t smoke that much (only a few tokes) and I felt no effect from the weed.

11 pm (10 hours after ingestion): It had been a long 10 hours of sitting around in the house I was sure that the trip would never begin. L and P decided to leave, while J decided to spend the night at mine. I was very frustrated about the lack of a trip, and J and I decided to go outside and smoke some more weed in my garden (now at night). This time I smoked a large amount of weed, but surprisingly still felt 0 effects.

11:30 pm (10.5 hours after ingestion): J and I went inside with me feeling completely normal by now and J being very, very high. When we got inside, my older sister (25 years old) had just popped into the house to grab something, and we said high to her. Once my sister left, J went upstairs to my room and I stayed downstairs, in order to turn off the lights and lock the doors. After doing so, I started walking up the stair to my bedroom, and then all of a sudden I was at my bedroom door. For some reason, I had absolutely no memory of walking upstairs, as if I had just teleported outside my room. The only bit of memory I did have, however, was of a pitch black setting, with large neon purple intertwining rings in front of me. The area around my right eye also began to feel painfully numb as I explained to my friend what had just happened (now inside my bedroom).

Whilst explaining what had just happened to me my friend stood up and all of a sudden everything changed. My vision zoomed out, the walls became more shaped and I had these red and green fractal patterns running across my vision. On the spot, I panicked. The trip had officially begun. Suddenly, my mind felt wider than the ocean, but it was filled with anxiety and fear. I began to feel this fear spreading through my body like I was being dragged downwards into the ground. I quickly proclaimed “I’m tripping”, and J saw my fear. He calmed me down, telling me that this is what I wanted to happen and that everything would be ok, His calm words allowed me to regain control and slow my breathing. I was then able to tell myself to think positively, and I lay down on my bed.
His calm words allowed me to regain control and slow my breathing. I was then able to tell myself to think positively, and I lay down on my bed.
Once calmed down (for the most part), I looked at the ceiling and tried to take all my feelings in. I noticed that it had become difficult for me to continue a single train of thought, despite my mind feeling as though it had been stretched. I felt as though I was able to think at a deeper level, closer to my subconscious.

Still, however, I had to slow my breathing and think happy thoughts. Every once in a while, I would feel the fear creep up on me; however, I was able to stop it. I closed my eyes (with the lights on) and noticed incredibly patterns of gold, sky blue, and silver. They were constantly changing. I told J to turn the lights off, and when he did, the patterns became even more vivid, this time neon pink, purple, gold, silver and blue. The walls of my bedroom also seemed to have a greenish tint to them.

12:30 am: After about an hour of staring at my environment taking it all in, I felt as though the wave of my trip began to die out. I almost felt slightly normal again. We went downstairs and talked for about 5 minutes before I quickly noticed that the trip was coming back, and this time, stronger than the last. I knew this because I began to be unable to support myself, and my breathing began to speed up again. We went upstairs, and I told J to put on the album: “The dark side of the moon” by Pink Floyd. I had listened to the album a couple of times sober before, but J had never heard it. We played it very loud through my new speakers in my bedroom. I lay on the bed and J on the floor.

Within a few seconds of the first song on the album, there is a distinct heartbeat. I suddenly felt my own heart beating at the same rate, but stronger than ever. It felt as though my heart would burst through my own chest. Then at the beginning of the second track (Breathe), there is a scream followed by a wonderfully quick transition into the tune. At this point, it was like somebody had gently pulled me, and taken me somewhere else. I was in a giant glass dome in space, completely alone and lying on my back. The music was playing out in front of me, with intricate patterns that coincided with the lyrics and “feel” of the music. This time, the patterns were about as vivid as reality. The music moved through my body, and it was the most beautiful feeling of comfortableness and silence I have ever felt. Simply put, it was incredible. When the song “time” came on, I saw a neon silver and blue clocked, constantly changing and moving around me. I recall feeling as though I had let go of all my fears and submitted to the trip, which was undoubtedly the best decision I made. Slowly, I moved through the album, enjoying it from my dome in space.

2:30 am: Once the album finished, the strongest wave of the trip went with it. I began to feel like the trip was ending, so we listened to a few random songs, here and there. All intriguing in their own right, but none quite like the album.

4:30 am: Finally, the trip came to an end.

In the months following the experience, I felt a happy afterglow, as if life was just a little more pleasant. I will definitely be revisiting this drug.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112651
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Dec 14, 2018Views: 1,407
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LSD (2), Cannabis (1) : First Times (2), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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