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Up and Tense
Methylphenidate (Concerta)
Citation:   MagicSoda. "Up and Tense: An Experience with Methylphenidate (Concerta) (exp11269)". Jan 1, 2008.

72 mg oral Pharms - Methylphenidate (pill / tablet)
The other day while searching for Adderall my friends suggest some 'generic' stuff that has been going around in my area for awhile. Little tan pills with 'Alza18' printed on them. This is a prescription drug for kids with ADD, and my friend had taken it on a number of occasions and claimed it was just the same as adderall, only that it lasts longer. So I took them, and ate them in the morning at about 7:30 AM.

It took a good 45 minutes for them to 'kick in' and I felt very chatty and almost the same as if I were on adderall. There weren't any 'rushes' that I commonly experience with Adderall with doses of 40mg or more. The max I had ever taken of Adderall was 60mg. I was sweating A LOT all day long, and as I write this I continue to prespire. By about 10AM I became VERY irritable, quite uncommon when I am speeding. It may have been the tensions of school, girlfriend, and other pressures, but shortly after 10:30 I was filled with rage and just wanted to hit something/someone.

I spent one of my classes just writing. Writing my feelings and my attitudes toward this and that, which helped ease my anger. By lunchtime (12:30) I was feeling better, loss of appetite, which is common, but I wasn't 'buzzing' anymore. I felt very tense, jittery and became angry at little things I would see. The way someone was walking, ones word choice, the way my pants were hanging on myself. This sort of thing continued for the rest of the day, and even now as I type this (4:30pm).

I didn't notice any enhancements with my social relations, I felt they became worse because I was stuttering and was very nervous. I even caught myself almost lashing out in anger at some. My friend swears by these pills, but my experience today will keep me from ever eating them again. While it does bring me up, the constant tenseness I was feeling all day long is enough to keep me away. Cigarettes seem to ease the edge, but I fear I will be awake and tense all night long. I am normally not one to just eat random pills, and today will keep me from doing so ever again. I don't the exact name, but if you come across Alza 18, just beware what may happen. I admit it may have just been my unique situation, but others I have spoken too say the same. I'm just sticking to adderall, at least with that I can control myself and be happy! I prepare for a long uncomfortable evening.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11269
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 1, 2008Views: 54,692
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