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Building the Perfect Woman
by RR
Citation:   RR. "Building the Perfect Woman: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp112712)". Oct 18, 2020.

20 mg insufflated 4-HO-MET (powder / crystals)
  1 bowl vaporized Cannabis  
Tolerance: Last trip >2 weeks ago

T + 0:00 == 7:10 PM
I weigh out, chop up, and snort 20mg of 4-HO-MET (half into each nostril) and prepare a small bowl in my vaporizer. Sushi I ordered arrives. I start watching an episode of Workaholics and vaping. I begin eating the sushi, miso soup and crab rangoons.

T + 0:20 == 7:30 PM
First alerts. I am beginning to warm sensations and muscle tension in my body. I can feel a shift in my thought patterns beginning to take place. I start to see hints of patterns when I look at objects for a few seconds. Heart rate increase and minor anxiety. I finish the miso soup, but I don’t make it very far into the crab rangoons or sushi. I simply don’t feel very hungry; and I believe this is an effect of the tryptamine, as it had been several hours since I last ate. I don’t feel nauseous at all. I feel cold, despite it being toasty in the house
I feel cold, despite it being toasty in the house
, which is a sensation I’d experienced before during the come-up, when previously insufflating this compound. I put on a blanket and the feeling goes away.

T + 0:40 == 7:50 PM
There is definitely a headspace going on. I seem to be flip-flopping between feeling somewhat anxious and a giggly euphoria. I am still watching Workaholics. Colors seem more saturated and brighter. Looking at the ceiling for a second or two, I see large, intricate patterns emerging and warping on the ceiling. I also see them when looking at the couch cushions. The visuals aren’t very forced; I have to look at something for a while for it to start changing, and it is more as if the patterns emerge from within the object, rather than the object itself beginning to warp. I get up and walk around the room. I feel heavy. There is a minor distortion of my sense of scale. My arms seem longer and thinner than usual when I look down at them. My Christmas tree seems unable to sit still when I look at it.

T + 1:00 == 8:10 PM
I am still watching Workaholics. I go to my room and get my Mindfold (basically a blindfold). I put the Mindfold on for a minute or two at a time while the Workaholics episode plays in the background. I begin to see these infinite fractal patterns that start to look like infinitely repeating faces. Not like a photograph of a face, but a cartoon—the elements which make up a face typically, eyes mouth and nose, but they look like drawn lines rather than realistic objects. There is a part at the end of the Workaholics episode I am watching where uplifting orchestral music plays, and it makes me feel extremely euphoric.

When the Workaholics episode ends, I stop from playing another one and turn on some smooth jazz, which I always find to be calming while tripping. I was seeing some dark imagery a few times when taking a journey with the Mindfold, and I kept having to cut them short. When I remove the Mindfold, there is a very brief and minor “dissolving” effect as the room returns to view. I have had similar dissolving visuals on 4-HO-MIPT although they are quite less intense.

During one of my Mindfold journeys, I begin to think about sex. I see what can be best described as a bazillion different colorful cartoonish icons, the subject matter consisting of cutesy, girly, “kawaii” objects and small cartoonish women’s bodies. It is layered over a very colorful, ever-changing background, though I don’t particularly notice any intricate patterns. The outline of a woman dancing sexily or taking suggestive poses plays over the top of the scene. I have the distinct thought that I am constructing my perfect woman from an assembly line and I remember thinking these words “she is being prepared for me. She will be perfect.”. I also remember some other voices playing in my head, telling me they are preparing her for me. Although, I’m not actually visualizing any particular woman, I have the impression that I am viewing a sort of montage of the assembly line where she is being constructed, as if all the little icons I am viewing are being added to her. I see outlines of girls dancing with cat ears, devil tails, devil wings, and furry Ug boot-like feet. I feel a very sexual, focused euphoria.

T + 1:20 == 8:30 PM
I get a text from my girlfriend saying she is coming home early. This begins a mild panic, as I thought she’d be back much later, and I didn’t tell her I was tripping. I’m unsure whether she would look down on me for randomly deciding to trip on a Thursday night when I have work the next day. So, I have a debate raging in my mind whether or not to tell her I am tripping. The headspace is definitely manageable to where I think I could pass it off that I’m not tripping, although my pupils are huge.
I walk around the house, cleaning it up, the debate raging in my mind. I decide to get into the shower. I am still feeling a little undecided, but I decide it would be best to just tell her, although I’ll wait a second to see how she responds and if she notices anything is up.

T + 1:50 == 9:00 PM
My girlfriend comes home, and I am in the shower. She talks to me in the shower for a while, and I confess that I am tripping. She seems curious and doesn’t look down on me at all. I figured it would probably be fine, but I couldn’t help having the anxiety before. The anxiety may also have been somewhat induced by the weed I had vaporized earlier, and now I was becoming less high.

We go into the living room and she tells me some juicy gossip about her friends. We are able to converse easily, and I feel as if I am making different associations in my mind than I normally would. There is a lot of laughing and several times I feel like smiling/laughing for no reason. There is clearly a consistent giggly euphoria with this compound. While we are talking, often I would have a flash of a distinct and detailed vision in my mind’s eye of something associated with whatever we were talking about. I see some OEVs on the ceiling, couch cushions, and on my girlfriend’s face, but they are not very forced at all.

T + 2:50 == 10:00 PM
My girlfriend says she is tired so we go into the bedroom. We brush our teeth. My teeth feel weird, like they are about to fall out or something. She starts giving me a massage. I am naked, and she starts massaging my front. We end up having sex. I don’t have any trouble getting an erection. While we are having sex, I close my eyes at several points and at one point I am visualizing us in the position we are having sex in from a distance, but I see a large fractal forming around us, which turns into a sort of glowing energy that courses into our limbs. She has several orgasms, and indeed, I felt like I was hitting the rhythm of my strokes perfectly. Eventually, we get pretty sweaty, and I am feeling dehydrated, so I am unable to orgasm. The sex itself doesn’t feel more pleasurable than it normally would, besides the feeling that I am doing it “perfectly”. We stop, I cool off and drink some what, and we chat for a while before deciding to turn out the lights. I’m not really having any OEVs at this point.

T + 3:50 == 11:00 PM
We turn out the lights. I am still seeing a bit of visuals, but they are very dark and indistinct, mostly fractal patterns rather than actual objects. Sometimes I get a mind’s eye vision for a second, but it quickly goes away. There are lots of black lines on the fractals, it looks almost like spiders. A few times I get flashes of light in my vision. I have a headache at this point, and it feels like there is some jaw tension. It vaguely reminds me of the feeling I get coming down from MDMA. I am still feeling pretty stimulated mentally, though physically tired. It takes me some time to fall asleep, and I get up to go to the bathroom once, checking the clock—12:12 AM. Eventually, the visuals and the whole tripping feeling dies out a lot. I am also pretty hungry at this point. I believe I finally manage to fall asleep around 1 AM.

The next day
I wake up extremely hungry. I feel fine and go to work.

I had a good time on this; the compound doesn't seem to guide the thought patterns too much--I still have a little control, but if I let go a little bit, I can get caught in thought loops, but they don't last long. It felt very light and not sinister or dark at all. There has been a consistent, giggly euphoria every time I've taken this compound. It didn't seem to enhance sex very much, although perhaps it would be better when at the peak of the experience rather than the tail end. The OEVs are gentle and not forced at all, while the CEVs are cartoonish, colorful, and very detailed. It has the distinct effect, compared to other tryptamines, of making colors appear brighter and more saturated. Experienced very minor color shifting, no random smells or tastes as I sometimes experience on tryptamines--or perhaps the dose was too low for that.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112712
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Oct 18, 2020Views: 1,020
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4-HO-MET (436) : Combinations (3), Sex Discussion (14), General (1), Various (28)

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