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Pleasant Euphoriant, Lacking as an Anaesthetic
3-HO-PCP & Buprenorphine/Naloxone
Citation:   Frère Dismas. "Pleasant Euphoriant, Lacking as an Anaesthetic: An Experience with 3-HO-PCP & Buprenorphine/Naloxone (exp112724)". Jan 4, 2019.

10-25 mg   3-HO-PCP
  1-4 mg   Pharms - Buprenorphine
  0.25-1.0 mg   Naloxone
BACKGROUND: Previous experience with dissociatives include heavy abuse of/habitation to- 4-MeO-PCP, MXE, ketamine, DXM, 3-MeO-PCP, N2O, ephenidine, 2-OxO-PCE, diphenidine, & ethyl ether, roughly in order of preference & severity/length of addiction. Also atypical dissociatives such as S. divinorum, glaucine, taique, Amanita spp., Z-drugs, etc.

Others include a broad array of classical psychedelics (including most of the available substituted tryptamines, 2Cxs, 25is, LSD, mushrooms, DMT as both yagé & crystal, DPT, cebil/topo, DOC, et al), broad array of stimulants, entactogens, deliriants, sedative-hypnotics, cannabis in all its forms (and many first-gen synthetic cannabinoids) & especially opioids, in particular heroin, morphine, & oxymorphone, to which I maintained a pattern of polysubtance dependence in combination/alternation with hard cocaine & alcohol for roughly a decade.

I used both the "sandy grey" & white crystalline batches of 3-HO-PCP regularly over the course of about a month each, with several months in between. I have something of a permanent tolerance to dissos as a result of past abuse but not having used regularly for years, it was the lowest it has been in years at the time.

ROA was primarily IV & IM, though I also played with oral, rectal, & nasal admin.

During this time I was a heavy consumer of tobacco & coffee, an occasional consumer of cannabis, and was weaning down from Suboxone maintenance, which I had been on for over 8 months.
During this time I was a heavy consumer of tobacco & coffee, an occasional consumer of cannabis, and was weaning down from Suboxone maintenance, which I had been on for over 8 months.
I worked down from 4-1mg over the course of this period.

I found the grey batch to be substantially weaker per weight with a distinct profile of effects. A dose of 15mg IV produced immediate effects without any rush to speak of. It was comparable to 3-MeO-PCP with far, far less in the way of stimulation, mania, & psychedelia, with markedly worse aphasia, ataxia, & psychosis with frequent redosing/overdosage, & altogether more sedating. Overall a very "dirty" high.

The white batch was substantially more potent, with my average IV dose being 10mg. That said even at considerably higher doses (>25mg) I found it to produce a far cleaner, more lucid experience than the grey, with no incident of aphasia, ataxia, amnesia, or psychosis, and considerably more sedating, euphoric, and opioid-like. I also found it to be more resistant to degradation, and almost totally insoluble in water (I had to use a 10% PG solution for injection) as opposed to the freely soluble grey.

With both batches, I found that whether or not I had taken buprenorphine, how much, and how recently made an enormous difference. >24hrs abstinence allowed for a much more full-bodied high, with more of an opioid/sedative flavour. Although 3-HO-PCP does have significant affinity for mu opioid receptors, it is only 1/10 the potency of morphine and thus virtually inactive below fully anæsthetic/amnesiac doses. This leads me to speculate that it produces some other effect(s) which are dependent on/modulated by the MOR, much like tianeptine, another atypical mu agonist & NMDA antagonist.

On the whole this is an interesting compound which I could see as being great in combination with a harder-hitting dissociative or opioid, and pleasant enough on its own, but wholly lacking in most of the hallmarks of its class.

[Reported Dose: 'average of approx 10mg']

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112724
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jan 4, 2019Views: 3,053
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