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Surprisingly Not Bad
Citation:   rainbowlion7. "Surprisingly Not Bad: An Experience with Diphenhydramine (exp112729)". Erowid.org. Jan 19, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112729

1000 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
~1:00 am
I took 40 off brand Benadryl 10 at a time within 10 minutes. I wasn't feeling any particular emotions before and when I took them. I was just bored. (I also took 100mg Zoloft a few hours earlier)

~20 minutes after
My whole body felt heavier, especially my legs, so walking felt weird. I started to play videogames, but the sensitivity of the controller didn't feel right like it made the character look around too fast or too slow.

~30 minutes after
The walls looked like they slightly move or bend back or forward. I also saw shapes and colors on the walls. I usually hear voices right before falling asleep, but I think it made me hear more voices than usual. It was entertaining for a little while, but I fell asleep when I got bored of it.

~6 hours after
I woke up and texted some people, but I can't remember what I did after that except walking down the hallway in my house. I'm pretty sure I didn't realize that the Benadryl was still affecting me.

~7 hours after
My mom saw that my pupils were dilated and asked me what I took. I somehow thought that it was believable when I told her I didn't take anything. I kept slurring whatever I said, and it was hard to begin saying my thoughts. I was very confused when I saw her holding a gallon of water, and when I started to ask her about it, it disappeared. My body still felt heavy, and walking still felt weird. I also noticed that my hands were really shakey.

~8 hours after
I arrived at the ER after my mom decided to drive me to a hospital. I don't remember going there or walking inside at all. I saw the entrance to the mental hospital I've been to, and I remember seeing an ambulance there, so I thought I was at that hospital, but that didn't happen.

~9 hours after
I somehow got to a room with a hospital bed and a machine that checked my vitals. I lied to the doctor that I took 10 Benadryl. They gave me an IV thing, and I had to keep something wrapped around my finger that was connected to the vital machine. Because of that, I couldn't get out of the bed for a while. The hospital person asked me if I knew where I am, my name, and who the president was. I told them I was at the mental hospital, but I answered the other two questions right.

~10 hours after
My mom was allowed to come in the room, and she gave me a book and cards. I was on my period that day, so I was worried about not having anything for it. I saw tampons on my bed along with the other things my mom brought, but I thought it was weird that they were just on the bed instead of in a bag or box they came in. Eventually, they disappeared, and I realized that it was a very realistic hallucination.

~10/11/12/13 hours after (I don't know when these happened or what order)

I started watching TV on the little TV that was in front of my bed. I hallucinated that I was playing videogames on that TV, but the controller that I thought I had stopped working, so I asked one of my visitors why. They had no idea what I was talking about, and then I realized I wasn't holding anything and that I never was playing videogames. I was aware when that same hallucination came back, and even though I knew it wasn't real, I still enjoyed "playing videogames".

I texted my closest friend (1 pm/12 hours after I took it) after I got to the hospital, but it looked like random letters, and I don't know if I actually tried to type something. I texted him later, and most of the messages I sent made sense except for one other. The last message that didn't make sense made sense to me when I typed it and a little while after I did as if it was another language that only I understood. I thought it was perfectly legible.

I somehow thought that the hospital room was my room at my house. To me it looked exactly like my room except there wasn't a bookshelf. I think I asked my mom what they did with the bookshelf or why they moved it, but I don't remember well.

There was a really weird hallucination that I had that I thought was a dream, but people said that I didn't sleep the whole time. The room was completely empty except for two squares that floated in front of the wall opposite of me. I asked how they floated like that, and someone (myself) responded that they were connected to the wall. I don't know if I asked or responded to that aloud. That was the most random part about the whole thing.

The hospital people decided that I should stay the night there. I finally got to get out of the bed for my first time in a while, but I only got to walk a few steps because they used a wheelchair to take me to the room I would sleep in. The last hallucination that I had was when I "heard" a door slam right next to me, and after that, I was pretty much normal again besides my pupils still being dilated and my hands still being shakey. It sucked that they had to check my vitals every 4 hours, so they woke me up 2 times that night.

I thought it was fun even though I didn't get to do much of anything. I am thankful that I didn't hallucinate anything that would've scared me or made me do anything harmful. Everyone acted like 10 was a lot, so I wonder what they would've done if I told them I took 40... I'd like to try it again, but the effects last so long that I can't without anyone knowing, so the next time I do will probably, unfortunately, be far in the future.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112729
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 13
Published: Jan 19, 2019Views: 1,306
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