Fun but Smoking Up Made it a Nightmare
AMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Slothball. "Fun but Smoking Up Made it a Nightmare: An Experience with AMT & Cannabis (exp11273)". Feb 11, 2002.

T+ 0:00
80 mg oral AMT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:00   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
After spending time on the internet researching about AMT and reading numerous experience reports, I decided that it would be something that I would like to experiment with. The reports gave me the impression that it would be a lot like acid, which is something I have tried before several times and enjoyed very much.

I decided that my own home would be the best setting to try AMT for the first time. I ate it at 6:25AM and was planning on being alone for most of the day.

It probably did not make any difference, but it should be noted that I had smoked quite a bit of marijuana in the two days prior to taking AMT. I had also been taking Claritin for two days- 125 mg doses once or twice daily.

I did not have a scale that could measure in milligrams, so I measured my dose simply by eyeing it. It was a fine, white powder which was not hard to handle and divide with only a couple sheets of paper and a credit card. I had about 250 milligrams from which I took quite a bit more than a fourth, so I would guess that I ingested around 80 milligrams. It tasted unpleasant, but not particularly bad and was not difficult to eat. I was in a good mood and ready for a nice trip.

After five minutes I could already see that my pupils were dilated and could already feel that something was different, although it is hard to explain what. After 30 minutes that I began salivating a lot and also felt somewhat nauseous as if I was going to vomit. Had I eaten anything recently, I probably would have. This only lasted for a couple minutes though.

It was after 35 minutes that I became suddenly uncoordinated and dumb. This is also when I began having my first visuals. I was sitting on my bed at the time and was staring at the floor when I began seeing patterns in the carpet which then proceeded to float across the floor. Soon enough I saw myself floating in unison with the patterns, as well as a few objects in my room. At this point I began staring at the wood grain patterns on a door in my room. The lines were much more defined and moved with each other to form new patterns in stop motion. I got up and stood next to the door as I watched it. Dots on the door would rotate like a little galaxy, and the dots had trails. I followed the dots with my hand which also had trails. From this point on I would be seeing trails everywhere.

I was planning on keeping track of my experience as the day progressed, but I was not in the condition to do so. Thoughts were too difficult to express in words, not only because of their nature but also because communication in any form, especially writing, by this point would have been very hard. Because of the warped sense of time, and since I did not make an effort to record what happened, there is not much to talk about of the next few hours. However, there really is not much to talk about since I did little and communicated with no one. This part of the day was mostly spent by walking around the house and staring at various things. There are still some other very interesting visuals that I can remember though.

After what was probably around four hours, I remember lying down and staring up at the ceiling which was bumpy from the way the paint had dried. Soon it seemed like blood was dripping out of the ceiling and sticking between the paint bumps. The bumps slowly formed a fractal pattern which repeated all over the ceiling without variation like a tessellation.

Around this time I saw a light (unlit) in my hallway liquefy as the bumps on it pulsated. They seemed to dance with each other as they moved in and out of the light. This hallucination was a repeated source of entertainment as whenever I needed something to do, I would return to staring at this light.

Time seemed to go by much faster than usual. After seven hours I had done practically nothing. I did not watch any television, play any video games, communicate with anyone, only listened to only a couple minutes of music, and played a little guitar. But the visuals never stopped. Anything that I looked at was infinitely interesting. But at this point I saw a good friend of mine was online and through instant messaging we talked for a while and I found it extremely comforting to talk to someone after being alone all day. Talking out loud was still very difficult, but I did not find it hard to communicate my thoughts through typing. He got offline eventually and I went back to walking and staring around, probably at that light a number of times as well as other doors in the house.

At 2:30PM (T + 8h), another good friend of mine, G, came over to smoke some weed. We were in my room with burning incense, an open window, and The Doors Absolutely Live playing in the CD player. We both had some high grade weed and smoked it out of my bong. I was expecting visuals to pick up a little, but thought that smoking would relax me or that the AMT would be overpowering and I wouldn’t really get anything from smoking, which has been my experience with acid and it seemed like a logical conclusion since AMT seemed extremely acid-like. WRONG.

Up until this point the trip was very fun but all of a sudden it just went bad. Before smoking, it already seemed like I had taken a quite a bit of acid. Smoking seemed to multiply what I was feeling by about thirty times. I cannot really even begin to put into words what I was going through, but I‘ll do my best. Visuals became incredibly intense and frightening. Music was playing in my head (I turned the CD player off by now) very loudly. My thinking and speech were more incoherent than ever. Up until now I did not have hardly any body buzz, but now it was much worse than I had ever experienced with acid. I could not keep still so I moved around a little. That was another source of terror. The trails were very intense- not only could I see them, I could FEEL them. I told G that I wanted to lie down and try to rest, even though I knew it would be absolutely impossible, but I had to try. So G left and I lied down. While I was lying in my bed I looked up only to see my window pop off the wall, change into a more menacing shape, and dance across the room.

Fortunately, I still had enough sense to be able to reason with myself that it was just a bad trip and it would all be over at some point. But I was alone and terrified and for the first time in my life, I think I truly understood what it means TO WANT TO DIE. It is one thing to be stoned or drunk and just being dumb and happy, or tripping and seeing some cool things, but the world is a completely different place when you cannot remember your name and everything you look at reminds you that you have lost your mind and will not get it back for a long time.

Finally coming to terms with the fact that trying to sleep was undeniably futile, I stood up and walked upstairs to my computer, hoping that someone would be online who would come and get me. My father would be home within the next couple of hours, but that did not mean as much to me as just being able to get someone who could understand what I was going through to help me through it. My friend B, who was the only other person that I knew who had any experience with AMT (he did it once the day before, but probably considerably less than I did and did not smoke while on it), happened to be online and was kind enough to pick me up. However, I still had to wait a while for him to get to my house. While waiting, I remember looking at the huge p.a. speakers in my living room. They waved back and forth so intensely that it made me dizzy. I kept trying to look through a window to make sure my father was not home yet, but I could not see through the window because the blinds were melting together. Keep in mind that I’m still seeing/feeling trails as much as ever as well as everything else I mentioned... I am still having a complete sensory overload and have the mental capacity of a two-year-old.

B arrives at 4:30 or so (T + 10h) and I am leaving the house for the first time all day. Hardly a word was spoken while we were riding around, but we were listening to some quiet music for at least some time, which was relaxing. We were on the parkway when I needed to urinate very badly. We pulled over and I got out and tried... but couldn’t. I had to go very badly, yet after standing there for what seemed like a long time, I just could not do it, which was scary not to mention embarrassing. I tried again and fortunately I was successful, but the experience was not good for my state of mind. After riding a little while longer visuals seemed to die down and I was eventually able to relax a little. The visuals that I was having here I was able to enjoy again on a certain level. After three hours my friend wanted to stop and get something to eat. I was still a little nervous about being seen, as I believed my pupils were so huge that they were scary, but he said that I should be fine and we go inside the fast food restaurant.

I have to go to the bathroom again. I go into the bathroom and the first thing that I notice is that I can see my breath. Common sense tells me that it cannot possibly be cold enough in there and that I should not be seeing this. So I exhale again and watch for my breath, which I can still see. It seemed to behave more like smoke than vapor and seemed very blue in color. I wondered if it was because I was so cold, that the experience had drained all the life out of me and that there was no heat left in my lifeless body. Of course that kind of thinking did not make much sense, but although about six hours had passed since the trip started to go bad and I was the most relaxed I had been since it did, thinking logically was still difficult. We stayed in the restaurant for a while and B took me home after that, which was about 9:00PM (T + 14:30). I stayed up for a little while longer, still having visuals. I was exhausted after a long, trying day and it was really pretty easy to fall asleep finally at about 10:00PM (T + 15:30).

So now for some thoughts on the experience...

Soon after I ate it, I felt like I was going to be sick, but did not actually get sick. Motor skills were definitely impaired very much on AMT alone, and a lot more after smoking weed, and I definitely would not have attempted driving. The experience felt really calm at first and there was no uneasiness as far as the body load goes. But after smoking weed, the physical uneasiness alone would have been enough to drive me crazy. The same aftertaste/smell that I typically get after doing acid lingered with me for the next day.

Although the experience turned into an absolute nightmare after smoking weed, I want to stress that AMT alone was very fun and interesting. Also, even though smoking ruined it for me, I think it would have been a much different experience if I had any idea what was in store for me. I do not think that I would actually recommend smoking marijuana with it, because I would not wish what I had to go through on any human being, but I do not think I would discourage someone who has ever had an experience like that from trying it if they can handle it because as horrifying as it was, it might actually be fun if you know what is coming. It really depends on the person. I will definitely continue to do AMT, but I have no plans to ever smoke weed with it again because even if there is a chance that it will be fun, I am not willing to take that chance.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11273
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 11, 2002Views: 52,980
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