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Odd but Effective Analgesic
Citation:   Hatelet. "Odd but Effective Analgesic: An Experience with Oxytocin (exp112743)". Jan 27, 2019.

42 ug sublingual Oxytocin
I was prescribed oxytocin for pain associated with ME/CFS, a serious chronic illness that had left me bedridden totally at the time of the experience. My pain had been so bad on and off that I was often moaning out loud for hours and biting my arm to distract myself. At the time I also had severe vertigo, especially positional. My doctors Pilsner prescribe any normal opioid analgesics, but just offered benzos and oxytocin. Apparently oxytocin is sometimes used experimentally in ME/CfS and is also being considered in pain clinics as an analgesic.

The oxytocin came in the form of mint flavored troches from a compounding pharmacy. I would put the troche under my tongue and let it dissolve. It was fairly fast acting. By the time the troche absorbed fully, I had felt most of the effects. Iíd say that took about 5 minutes.

I have had opioids before and this was very different. I felt strong analgesia but not the euphoria of opioids.
I have had opioids before and this was very different. I felt strong analgesia but not the euphoria of opioids.
I felt a rush but it wasnít a completely euphoric rush like opioids, although not unpleasant. I felt a sense of numbing through the chest and also pain in my muscles stopped. I felt a sense of more emotion. My heart rate quickened, at least the first time I did this. The total analgesic effect lasted about 30 minutes to an hour.

I repeated this experience about 10 times. Not every experience was the same, but they all involved analgesia. Sometimes I experienced slight tachycardia, sometimes (when I had repeated doses especially), I experienced some heart palpitations (but Iím sick and often have heart palps), sometimes I experienced strong feelings of affection and well being, sometimes I got the chest numbness and rush over a larger area and more pronounced than other times.

I have learned that oxytocin has a negative inotropic effect on the heart and that it may not be totally benign. I am therefore trying to get prescribed more normal pain meds and only use oxytocin when Iím in severe pain or discomfort that I canít stand. I still find it very interesting.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112743
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Jan 27, 2019Views: 2,639
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Oxytocin (548) : Alone (16), Medical Use (47), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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