My Body Felt Absolutely Wonderful
Cannabis - High CBD & Tobacco
Citation:   Wraith420. "My Body Felt Absolutely Wonderful: An Experience with Cannabis - High CBD & Tobacco (exp112770)". Feb 11, 2019.

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Cannabis (CBD Hemp Flower: Suver Haze), Tobacco (Nicotiana Rustica)

I have ADHD and Insomnia, and occasionally take prescribed Dextroamphetamine and Mirtazapine, but I had not taken my doses that day or the night before, wanting to experience this flower in all its glory, with the exception of my usual nicotine use. I also occasionally use alcohol, and years ago I was quite the fan of THC Marijuana, but quit as employment was more important to me. I had previously tried CBD Oil with little success, and disappointment due to the cost.

The Strain was Suver Haze and had the following description from the website: "This strain boasts medium-sized, dense, forest green buds, a delicious aroma reminiscent of ripe tropical fruit, and an impressive CBDa content of 19% + .07% delta9 THC"

Also included was a lab report, showing its total cannabinoid profiles, terpene levels and a Notice to Law Enforcement stating that the product is Federally Legal under the Farm Bill, even though it looks, and smells like Marijuana, because it is Hemp, not Marijuana.

The package arrived fast, within 2 days of the order being processed. It arrived with the paperwork, and came in a vacuum sealed bag holding another sealed mylar bag that needed to be cut open above the ziplock to preserve freshness. The package did not smell in the least until the second seal was broken, and was shipped in a solid box to preserve the buds structure.

The ounce I received was top quality, medium dense buds covered in crystals and trichomes with minimal stems and leaf, and was perfectly cured. The Trim job actually looked better than the pictures on the website. The smell was amazing, it had a powerful pine and skunky almost cheese smell. Upon breaking up a few buds, it evolved into a deep pine and citrus odor. Separating the flower from the stem was easy, and I wasted no time grabbing my freshly cleaned marble stone tobacco pipe.

I broke up a nug about the size of my thumb (I do not own a scale) and packed my bowl. I went outside to my garage in eager anticipation to smoke some of the first Federally Legal Flower since the 1930s. I tested the draw before lighting, air flow was good, and preceded to lightly bring the flame to the flower.

I was immediately gifted with a very flavorful smoke that tasted of pine needles, lemon and mango. The flower took the flame well, and did not over or under burn. I held the smoke deep in my lungs for 2-3 seconds and exhaled, noticing a slight spiciness on exhale, that was very pleasant. I continued this for 4-5 deep inhalations over 30 seconds without needing to relight. I did not once cough, but I smoke pipe tobacco frequently and sometimes inhale.

At this point I noticed my garage smelled very strongly of something my state (Ohio) considers illegal, and stood up to open the door to my backyard to air it out. However I was not at all paranoid or anxious that someone may think I was up to no good, and felt very calm and relaxed.

Upon standing I noticed my body load felt heavy, and my back that was sore from working a 10 hour overnight shift at a medical dispatch call center felt wonderful. The rush of 35-40F air felt very pleasant on my skin, which was now feeling warmer and warmer by the second. Although I was feeling very calm and relaxed, I had no feelings of intoxication or impairment, this hemp flower had lifted my work related stress away.

I set my bowl down after blowing out the ash and bits at the bottom, and went inside to sit and watch some TV. I felt my couch was far more comfortable than normal, and quickly dozed off for a hours rest. Upon waking I felt wonderful, far more refreshed than a nap of such length would normally make me feel
Upon waking I felt wonderful, far more refreshed than a nap of such length would normally make me feel
, without the grogginess I normally experience upon waking.

After making sure my faithful companion Labradoodle had done her business outside, I decided I wanted to try this in my clay churchwarden tobacco pipe. I filled the 2 inch bowl half way with Nicotaina Rustica and Perique Tobacco that I cut and jar from whole leaf. These are very powerful smokes in their own right, the Rustica has far more Nicotine than any commercial tobacco, and the Perique brings a plum and spice flavor to cut the harshness of the Rustica. I then filled the rest with finely ground Suver Haze and the kief collected at the bottom of my tobacco grounder.

I took this out to the garage to smoke once more and sat down. The taste upon light was even better out of the clay than the first, and mixed very nicely with the tobacco blend I created. The effects however this time were stronger, much stronger. I do not know if this was because of the greater amount used, the previous smoke, or the mix of the tobacco. I inhaled every puff until I knew the tobacco was mostly burning half way down, and then passed the smoke from my mouth through the nose every couple hits. I probably spent 20-25 minutes smoking this pipe.

When I was done smoking I cleared my bowl and noticed the familiar tobacco intoxication was far stronger than normal, but I was not feeling the nausea such doses of nicotine can cause
the familiar tobacco intoxication was far stronger than normal, but I was not feeling the nausea such doses of nicotine can cause
. My body felt absolutely wonderful. My head was in a state of deep contentment, and colors seemed more vibrant. The synergy of Nicotine and the hemp flower this time, defiantly produced a sense of strong intoxication, I would not feel comfortable driving in such a state, this feeling of impairment faded away after 10-15 minutes leaving a deep relaxation, calmness and mental clarity. I do believe most of the intoxication was the result of nicotine making me dizzy.

I then went inside to play computer games online and to listen to music. I powered up Rising Storm Vietnam and cranked up some Hendrix. The music sounded deeper and more enjoyable. While playing the game I noticed I was doing better than normal, this game requires precision and a fast reaction time. I noticed an improvement in my visual acuity and reaction time.

The jittery feeling I normally get from tobacco was absent, and I was able to aim with more precision than normal. This game is quite an intense simulator/ First Person Shooter, and I noticed I was much calmer and collected when under stress of fire from other players on the other team.

I decided to try something that would normally be extremely difficult. I switched to the 1911 handgun and went prone on rocks overlooking a field with a forest edge 250 meters away where Vietcong players had a machine gun engaging friendlies on my team. I took some deep breaths and aimed my pistol a few feet over the muzzle flashes and fired two shots to see the trajectory, which missed but were close. I adjusted aim while taking indirect fire that made my character flinch. I held my breath to steady my hand on the mouse, and fired 2 more shots and hit the Vietcong MG player in the head at 248 meters as recorded on the scoreboard, and laughed in amazement that I had actually made that difficult of a shot! In my celebration I failed to notice the players on my flank and was promptly grenaded, causing me to laugh for a few seconds.

After that round ended, I closed the game and played some Warhammer Total War RTS with a friend in my Teamspeak server. Normally this games preparation and planning time is too tedious and slow to enjoy with my ADHD. But I was very focused and enjoying myself planning my army and strategy for the battlefield.

All in all, I 100% enjoyed the CBD Hemp flower. For me personally I feel it is a great asset for my ADHD, Anxiety, Insomnia and back pain. I am very happy to find a legal buzz that is both effective at inducing relaxation and lacking any kind of hangover or unpleasant effects that degrade performance in my Gaming Hobby, unlike alcohol, or its illicit cousin Marijuana. I do not know how this product will be treated in regards to DUI, and would personally not risk consuming in or prior to operating a vehicle.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112770
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Feb 11, 2019Views: 7,224
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