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An Avoidable Mistake
LSD & Cannabis
by yourmatesyd
Citation:   yourmatesyd. "An Avoidable Mistake: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp112774)". Erowid.org. Jan 4, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112774

180 ug oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


My goal of this report is to try and really instill the importance of not letting your experience and confidence with a substance override your knowledge of its dangers. Before the experience, I had 30+ acid trips.


Prior to this experience, I had experiences with the following compounds and plants:

MDMA, MDA, LSD, Psilocybin, Cannabis, 2C-B,

2C-I, Diazepam, Ketamine, Amphetamine, DXM, 5-MeO-DMT, Changa, Cocaine, Methylphenidate, Salvia, and Mescaline.

Before I begin relaying my experience to you it is important to note that at the time of this experience, I recently started using cannabis again, after three-month abstinence, My recidivism to cannabis was not something I was particularly pleased about, as my relationship with the plant had become toxic and purely habitual. Prior to this experience, I had been using cannabis again on a daily basis for around a month. The effects had changed since my abstinence, not drastically but enough to notice that it was causing a much more negative, somewhat irrationally negative form of introspection.

Source & Setting:

A Friend of mine had bought some LSD off a reliable source online that he had used many times and had always had received a quality product. Testing was done with an Ehrlich test to calm the anxiety that comes with taking a psychedelic.
We planned to do our usual tripping routine, go for a walk around the surrounding countryside, Enjoying the visuals, have interesting conversations, the usual tripping activities.

The Trip:

A couple of days before we planned to drop I just didn't feel like taking acid and said to myself that I wouldn't take any but I would still come along for the walk. One of the many fatal errors laid in not telling my friends my change in mindset and continuing anyway.

The day eventually came around, I woke up in the completely wrong mood. I really was not up for dropping any acid. I lay in bed contemplating not going and calling off my date with uncle Sid. Eventually, my two mates came knocking on the window of my flat at around 10 AM. I chose to ignore the knock, they rang my phone, rang the bell a few more times, shouted my name through the letterbox. And I didn't answer. Eventually, they left without me. Although they sent me a text asking me to call them once I was available.

I lay in bed for another half hour or so, arguing internally whether to go or not. Eventually, I got up, threw on some clothes, rang my friends and asked where they were, I met them at a lake which was about a 15-minute walk from my flat. When I met them they were in high spirits, they asked where I was and I told them I quickly had to go to the shop for some groceries.

Off we set on our walk, 30 or so minutes into the hike the blotter was taken out and the other two were getting ready to drop their dose. I was handed my portion and in my overconfidence and overestimation of my experience with the drug dropped 180g of LSD.

T 00:40

We arrived at an area of the woods that has a large fire pit, Are attempts to get a fire going were futile and we quickly gave up on the prospect of a comforting fire. At this point, a sense of nausea that I have always associated with LSD has started to creep up on me, No visual distortions but I definitely starting to feel different. My friends and I start to get the uncomfortable restlessness that is common with coming up on many acid, so we decide to carry on with our hike, To ease the process of coming up.

T 01:00

At this point, trails are starting to appear, colors are becoming vibrant. My mind is in a good place I am enjoying being with my friends, Laughing, fooling around. I remember at one point lying down on a bench looking up at the sky and seeing birds. The more I focused in on a group of birds more would appear and they would start crisscrossing across the sky forming these slippery hexagonal patterns, eventually, they would group together and be sucked up and disappear into what can only be described as an invisible plug hole in the sky.

T 02:30

Peaking, Everything is swirling and distorted, the simplest of things aren't making much sense. I can remember looking at the tarmac road we were walking on and all the stones it was made up of started to look like the bottom of small feet with this wave of shimmering purple dancing across the road. My mind is still in a good place and I feel in control of my thoughts. Although the sense of unease and nausea that usually disappears for me after the come up is still present. The concern quickly passed and I got on with my experience.

T 03:30

We stopped for our second spliff of the trip on top of a hill overlooking a river and a cow farm. I rolled the spliff which took me about 25 minutes due to my eyes focusing sharply onto very specific parts of the spliff. An inconvenient hallucination but somewhat enjoyable. Once smoked it seemed to have little to no effect. We started to walk again. When we walked passed the cow farm we could hear the cows inside but could not see them. This was for some reason quite a dark, unsettling experience.

T 04:30

We were coming to the end of our walk and we decided to sit on top of a cliff that overlooked the surrounding moorland and river. prior to this the subject of where we should go after the walk was brought up, A decision was not agreed upon, and this created an air of anxiety, and made the feeling of unease within me a lot more prominent. We sat on this Cliff for around an hour watching the scenery distort and dance in front of us. During this time we smoked 5 joints in quick succession of each other. This was the dumbass decision that turned my enjoyable trip into a journey into a psychotic esq hell.

T 05:30

We left the cliffs in a typical silent stoned awkward way, still undecided of our next destination. This was plaguing my mind. At this point, dusk was coming around, the sky had turned a shade of pink and grey. and visibility was getting less and less. We climbed over a fence into a field that leads back into town when suddenly one of my friends frantically started to panic saying he was starting to have a bad trip. I quickly tried to calm him down which worked, he sat down and very quickly was down to baseline. for whatever reason, a wave of panic and anxiety washed over me and I couldn't stop thinking why he freaked out. I got stuck in a thought loop. my mates tried to calm me down, by this point, my mind was starting to rabbit hole. I was convinced we had taken something bad that wasn't LSD.

The typical bad trip thoughts were overcoming me, I'm going to die, I'm going to be in this state forever,
Now I'm starting to think of an immediate family member who has Schizophrenia, I start cursing myself out like you knew this was going to happen, you were testing fate.

I am now fully lost in a negative confused mindstate. I'm no longer walking with my two friends, I'm 10 meters in front of them, Completely delusional I was convinced that I had fallen into a coma at the fire pit and I was just dreaming the rest of the trip.
In my delusional state, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go to the hospital so I could die, thus waking up from my coma.
My two mates decided to take me to another friends house to get me inside and attempt to calm me down

T 06:30

Upon arriving at the house I was extremely restless my vision had been set to the pink and grey colors of the sky. And everything was breathing heavily. the confusing thoughts of why my friend freaked out persisted as did the coma delusion. I was led up to a bedroom and i lay on my mates bed trying to calm myself. as I closed my eyes it felt as if my body was slowly disappearing and my consciousness slowly unraveling. I was quickly hit with the thought I can't die here, I need to die in hospital. I called a close friend at this point who was not into drugs at all. I told him the situation and asked him to drive me to the hospital. He agreed and set off on his way.

When he arrived roughly an hour later I was still a complete mess the visuals had calmed but the mindstate persisted. When I got in his car and shut the door a wave of calm came over me and a sense of safety.....This was short-lived, panic quickly shot back into my mind. And the delusion of death to regain my sanity returned to my mind. I tried to explain this to my friend but getting words out was almost impossible, they would almost frazzle out halfway through a sentence.

T 08:00
We arrive at the ER. a sense of clarity creeps back into my mind and I beg my friend not to take me into the ER. I tell him I fine and I'm starting to chill out. He rejects my plea and we go in. The whole process of telling the staff at the ER what was going on was so humiliating it gave me some clarity. In the waiting room, I started to finally calm down and get extremely tired and just wanted to go home. A nurse took my blood pressure. It was crazy high, they wanted me to stay so they could do further testing I refused I told them I'm fine, just let me go home. I could hear them talking behind the curtain about what I was here for. At this point, I feel like a complete tit. I just want to leave. By far the most embarrassing and scary situation I've ever been in all rolled into one.

I walked away from this experience with no long-term side effects. No symptoms of HPPD. No flashbacks. I haven't smoked weed or touched drugs since. Psychedelics can be a cruel but effective teacher.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112774
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Jan 4, 2019Views: 2,176
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LSD (2), Cannabis (1) : General (1), Combinations (3), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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