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A Subtle Reality
Citation:   trayzet. "A Subtle Reality: An Experience with Diphenidine (exp112780)". Erowid.org. Jan 16, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112780

20-30 mg smoked Diphenidine
A month ago I received a 10 gram order of one of the original dissociative analgesics: diphenidine. My experience with this class of drugs extends to ketamine, MXP, nitrous oxide, DXM, and GHB. In recent months, I have been using nitrous oxide more excessively than I'd like to admit.

I would like to start this off with a warning. Do NOT snort this drug (or MXP). If you can handle meth or molly, great. So can I. Once diphenidine hits your sinuses you will feel a chemical burn. For the next 5 to 10 minutes you will be on the verge of shock or tears as you fight through the pain of the drug absorbing into your sinuses. If you are going to take this drug, take it orally or smoke it. My preferred method is smoking. When I dose orally (100-150mg) the trip becomes fully amnesiac. Two or three hours later, I will "wake-up" mid-conversation with somebody and be terrified on account of having no recollection of the past 2 or 3 hours. If I am alone, I will hole in my bed for an hour or two, and since there is no euphoria associated with the drug what-so-ever I may as well have taken a Xanax and had a better time.

Diphenidine is a very mellow dissociative. I would compare it closely to MXP, but even more mellow. Upon smoking 20-30mg, I immediately experience dissociative thoughts and flickering. The dissociative thoughts are novel and provide ingenious, new perspectives and insights about reality, dancing through my mind. I only experience minor visual distortions. Nothing like the hallucinations experienced with ketamine. A friend and I both report flickering in our experiences smoking 30mg each. The flickering is as if someone is turning the lights on and off rapidly in the setting, or our consciousness
A friend and I both report flickering in our experiences smoking 30mg each. The flickering is as if someone is turning the lights on and off rapidly in the setting, or our consciousness
, for a duration of about 10 minutes (when I dissociate it is difficult to distinguish setting from consciousness). It is hard to describe flickering without making the drug seem like it impairs me heavily, but it doesn't. I am comfortable holding a normal conversation or driving within 15 minutes or less of smoking 20-30mg of diphenidine- again it is very mellow. Auditory hallucinations are far less frequent than other dissociatives, but these hallucinations are still comparable to drugs in the same class. When smoking the amnesia is not terrible, and in fact kind of playful.

I have had this novel chemical in my lockbox for over a month now, and I have been using it frequently. I can give no report to depression, anxiety, paranoia, dulling, personality changes, mania, or other psychological and physiological detriment. If anything I am more sociable, friendly, confident and witty in the workplace and other social environments after using diphenidine. Perhaps this is a general therapeutic effect that is also found with other clinical NMDA antagonists. Despite being a very palatable drug, it is still a dissociative analgesic. Everyone will respond to drugs differently and it is important to exercise extreme caution with not just this class, but any class of drug.

Best to all.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112780
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jan 16, 2019Views: 1,810
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