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Disappointing but Not Complete Junk
by jezy
Citation:   jezy. "Disappointing but Not Complete Junk: An Experience with MDPT (exp112817)". Feb 3, 2019.

T+ 0:00
500 mg oral MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:56 300 mg oral MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:12 130 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:56 100 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:26 300 mg oral MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:49 90 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:37 130 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 4:34 50 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 5:12 70 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:15 70 mg insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 8:45   repeated insufflated MDPT (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00     Etizolam  


3',4'-Methylenedioxy-N-tert-butylcathinone - MDPT(tBuONE)

Well to begin, I have two semesters of college left. I have been struggling keeping focus and finishing tasks and have been browsing for RCs that may possibly aid me until I can get a therapist to help. I ordered MDPT thinking it was a different substance, I did not read the letters close enough. They wouldn't cancel it but instead gave me double.

Stimulant wise I've done: BK-MDMA, MDMA, Cocaine, Meth, Amphetamine, OTC ADHD Meds, Caffeine, Mephedrone, and potentially some others. I love stimulants as they allow me to become 100x more productive than I am with my normal brain fog.

After looking up MDPT, I realized I did not get the product I thought I was. Too many MBXX substances. I noticed that there was hardly any information on it at all. No experiences except the one here, no dosage information, no ROA methods, nothing really. I found a post that instructed to start from 300-500mg so I thought that was my best bet. I also found conflicting information such claiming it was a prodrug and others claiming it was an analog of Methylone. The latter seems more likely because it works via all ROAs, while I think a prodrug would need to be taken orally to be fully metabolized by the liver. Not sure.

Please excuse the lack of details in the experience report because I was preoccupied doing other things.

11:33PM - 500mg (Oral): Empty stomach, haven't eaten since 2pm.

12:29AM - 300mg (Oral): Starting to feel something... I think. Probably placebo.

12:45AM - 130mg (Snorted): Feeling more energetic. No burn.

1:07AM - HR is 66, feeling stimulated and talkative. Not too much euphoria if any.

1:29AM - I find myself having to run to the bathroom often, usually a sign of a stimulant working however might've just be because I ate a big meal last night. Getting slight jaw tension. Going to snort another 100mg. No burn, drip is mild.

1:59AM - 300mg (Oral): Definitely feeling the stimulation, euphoria, talkativeness. It's not very overpowering. I haven't really noticed any side effects.

2:22AM - 90mg (Snorted): Still not feeling it as strongly as I'd like. Feels like I'm rolling but not, such a tease. It's getting really clogged up in my nose.

3:10AM - 130mg (Snorted): Feeling pretty good. Don't want to come down.

4:07AM - 50mg (Snorted): Still feeling nice.

4:45AM - 70mg (Snorted): Feels the same for the most part, seems to be coming down a little not sure.

5:48AM - 70mgish (Snorted): Getting a headache and my nose is clogged up. Doing some productive stuff though.

6:29AM - Still going, headache is bothering me took a Tylenol.

8:14AM - Nearly finished the 2g, took another Tylenol and the headache is gone. Gonna try to finish the rest and then take some etizolam.

8:14AM to 10:41AM - I slowly snorted the rest of the substance, about 200mg. Didn't seem to make any difference in effects at this point.

10:41AM - Coming down, starting to get drowsy although wide awake, the etizolam is making me feel better. Resting HR is at 76.

Most of the time I was just playing Overwatch and enjoyed it and felt it improved my aim. I also started learning FL Studio. I wouldn't say this is a good drug for really anything other than a mild mood lift and awakeness, the required dosage is just too high. It did feel more like Methylone than Buproprion as I've had both. I would recommend not spending money on it and only take it if offered for free and be careful. I think oral and nasal routes work just fine, rectal administration probably feels better but I wasn't really up to it. So While there is some recreational potential, it's hard to reach and not worth the time or effort. Still though, wasn't completely disappointed with the experience. Let's just say it's pretty underwhelming. Not much euphoria.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112817
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Feb 3, 2019Views: 2,899
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MDPT (861) : Alone (16), First Times (2), General (1)

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