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Luxurious Sinuous Visuals
by Edward
Citation:   Edward. "Luxurious Sinuous Visuals: An Experience with 4-HO-MET (exp112836)". Feb 23, 2019.

20 mg oral 4-HO-MET (pill / tablet)


Taking 4-HO-MET was certainly a unique experience. I had previously tried shrooms, truffles, ALD-52, and LSA-containing herbs and yopo, which all had made me accustomed to a noticeable bodyload when ingesting such chemicals. It was therefore that I approached this herb with some trepidation, plus the expectation, based on other experience reports, that it would all be over in 4-6 hours. It wasn't quite so.

I woke up late one morning, feeling much better after a cold the past week, and decided I was in sufficient health to ingest the 4-HO-MET, dosed in 20 mg tablets.

Situation: I was at home in my apartment, in front of a computer screen, or with a nearby couch in case it became necessary. Silence reigned, broken only by the intermittent hum of various appliances. I had a completely empty stomach, having last eaten about 12 hours prior.

-00:10: To prevent any potential vasoconstriction, I swallowed a 200mg tablet of chelated magnesium, broken into smaller pieces, ten minutes prior. This had previously helped reduce unpleasant muscle stiffness with ALD-52 and HBWR.

00:00 To create faster uptake, I chopped the tablet into several smaller pieces, and swallowed them with water. The taste was bitter, but in a short, sharp manner.

00:23 - I first notice the body-load. This was unexpected, as previous experiences had started slower. My fingers begin to jitter noticeably, and bodyload becomes noticeable. Quickly thereafter, visuals take over.

00:30 - I walk over to the couch and sprawl there, stupefied, as a visual shimmering quickly changes to sinuous forms. The walls appear to be covered as if with an oil sheen blown by the wind, translated into various flowing forms. Furniture and couches drift upward, outward, in every direction, attempting to resolve into meaningful shapes such as mushrooms, and chair legs threaten to walk away from the seat. I sit entranced by open-eyed visuals that flow uncontrollably, without having to unfocus. This was a more intense visual experience than I had ever felt, most akin to an experience with more weed cookies than I could manage, with ensuing vibrating vision. Voices of passersby outside the apartment became more noticeable and distinct auditory distortion occured, with their voices reverberating several times away.

00:50: I look at the clock, with difficulty resolving that just 20 minutes have passed. Time had seemed to dilate, as the visuals had overwhelmed me and my thoughts and mind struggled to keep up with perception. In a moment of lucidity I think that in a social situation, perhaps with a lower dose, this could be navigable since walking was not difficult and the bodyload minimal. I continue to enjoy the sights, but begin to feel like the visuals are too much, and I wish for them to lighten up in favor of something else.

01:10: At about this time, I walk over to the computer to begin transcribing my experiences. As with other psilocin that I have tried, thoughts move quickly with different elements in my life dissolving into threads, but I forget each thought within a few seconds.
thoughts move quickly with different elements in my life dissolving into threads, but I forget each thought within a few seconds.
Thoughts tend towards reductive nonsense, as any question I ask of myself rapidly is disassembled into its individual words, the meaning of said words, and why the question matters in the grand scheme of things. After all, the bigger questions revolved around "what is life" and other such ideas of existence. It was hard to type, and especially punctuation was difficult, but it was also therapeutic and blended into a soothing sound. Colors on the screen blended with rainbows, and for a short time the white text was shaded completely across with horizontal bars of rainbow colors, and focusing became hard as my thoughts filled with colors.

01:40: The visual effects have lessened slightly, the sinuous smoky melting has faded. This brings the headspace and bodyload into sharper relief, but I am happy to use the therapeutic headspace to decide on ways of self-improvement. A thought springs to mind, as if this chemical is like biting into a cake, first the light exciting frosting, then the meatier cake portion.

02:30: The bodyload has lessened, and my thoughts flow smoother and slower. It is easier to type, to keep transcribing my thoughts.

03:30: Although I was ready for the experience to be over, it was not to be. The headspace and especially the acuity enhancement and drifting made it difficult to focus on text for several more hours.

06:00: Drifting continued, and I was nervous it would not let up soon. However, most of the effects wore off by about 7.5 hours in, with only a slight headache to remember. However, very slight visual drifting was noticeable, even after some exercise, until well after 12 hours after taking the tablet.

This was a very visual experience, and next time I'll be sure to try it out when camping, so as to experience nature in all its glory.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112836
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 23, 2019Views: 7,018
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4-HO-MET (436) : Alone (16), General (1)

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