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Stimulating Tryptamine
4-AcO-DET & Cannabis
Citation:   anonymous. "Stimulating Tryptamine: An Experience with 4-AcO-DET & Cannabis (exp112858)". Mar 3, 2019.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (daily)
  5-6 joints/cigs smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes (daily)
    oral Caffeine (daily)
  20 mg oral 4-AcO-DET (capsule)
A Brief Appraisal of 4-AcO-DET

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Date of experience: November 2013
Weight: ~140lbs
Dose: 20mg (orally, encapsulated)
Other substances: Cannabis (~1g/day, smoked each 3 hours), Tobacco (Smoked, 5-6 cigarettes/day), Caffeine (2-5 servings daily, had less on the day of the experiment)

Forgive my lack of details, as this experience report is old and I neglected to write down too many notes. I will share what accurate qualitative and quantitative information I can recall. This is a seemingly uncommon chemical that shares structural elements with psilocybin and LSD.

I measured out my dose on a milligram scale and carefully encapsulated it. I was just starting out my research with substances, and had been introduced to Psilocybe cubensis, 4-AcO-DMT, and Dextromethorphan. I had some good experience with Cannabis and always kept it around in heaps for psychedelic experiences to reduce nausea and body load while potentiating the cerebral effects. I now have greater experience and am able to draw comparisons between a large variety of psychoactive classes and compounds.

I neglected to record a timeline; but it stayed generally within the expected time duration for tryptamine psilocybin lookalikes. There was a total duration of 6-8 hours, with the comeup coming on within 15min, peak at around 30min, plateau for 3 hours before return to baseline. It may have lasted closer to 7-8 hours vs. the usual 6-7, but no more than an hourís extension off the end of the comedown for a typical psychedelic tryptamine.

This substance came with a typically uncomfortable comeup with a slight body load. I smoked a joint of Cannabis at around 20-25min to combat the growing tension in the muscles of my jaw and neck.
I smoked a joint of Cannabis at around 20-25min to combat the growing tension in the muscles of my jaw and neck.

I laid down in bed when the peak hit and threw a blanket over myself with some music I donít remember. The music fades into mute silence in the background of my memory as I was preoccupied with the unique visual aspects of 4-AcO-DET.

There was not much in the way of obvious flowing, morphing, or breathing, but all objects seemed to take on a shadow and pop out from their surroundings as if one were applying a shadow border on an image in Microsoft Word. Then, colour shifting occurred favouring a colour set of yellows, golds, and greens. Now, I suspect that there may be some interaction with cannabis influencing the profound change in the perception of depth that occurred. Objects sitting on my desk across the room looked like 2D, cartoonish cardboard cut-outs from a pop-up book. If one will recall what it looks like to see objects through binoculars, you may be given a good sense of the stand-outish cartoonish nature of the depth perception.

I only did one or two tests with this substance, but I recall an unremarkable headspace. It shifted the mind very little from baseline. There was no touch of a sense of sacred importance, dream-like thoughts nor any nootropic activity (like alpha-Methyltryptamine or LSD) was noted of significance.

My muscles felt stiff and strong as I lay on my back, and my jaw clenched down tight here and there. After some 20-30 minutes, I got out of bed and occupied myself with some other tasks that I do not remember, but found nothing else of importance. I may have performed some music or simply spent my time chatting with my housemates. Otherwise, it continued to behave as one would expect from a substituted tryptamine. Managed to fall asleep following copious amounts of Cannabis. The 4-AcO-DET seems to have a speedier edge to it, so I would save plenty of time to comedown before expecting to sleep.

I imagine 4-AcO-DET will be relegated to the sidelines as an uncommon, but not rare psychedelic of use. It would be of interest mostly to those looking to explore the qualitative effects of substituting the tryptamine skeleton and perhaps for those looking to add a psychedelic microdose to a nootropic stack with a little less sedation. Otherwise, I imagine individuals will spend their time with the likes of -MET and -DMT tryptamines.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 112858
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Mar 3, 2019Views: 1,360
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