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Seconds Away From Going to Hell
Nitrous Oxide & Morning Glory
Citation:   Drake. "Seconds Away From Going to Hell: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide & Morning Glory (exp112871)". Apr 12, 2019.

120 carts. inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
    oral Morning Glory (extract)
If you are planning on doing nitrous please research how do it safely as there are several dangers that are easily avoidable. Don't be stupid like I was. This experience was a little a year ago and was by far the craziest nitrous session I have ever had. This was when I was first getting into nitrous and had been experimenting for a few months.(I had tried a couple times a few years prior but didn't realize how intense nitrous could get) this day I decided to mix it up and take some morning glory seeds with it. I did a cold water extract but must have messed it up because I barley noticed any effect. I thought well this is just gonna be like all the other times I've done nitrous sadly. Boy was I wrong.I do not remember in which order these things happened or big details but I will try to summarize the most memorable hallucinations of this experience. I had 5 boxes of 24 whip it brand chargers.(120 in total)

I started inhaling them from my dispenser and at first it was nothing too crazy just stuff like my room felt like it was a boat moving down a stream, mild slow moving visual distortions and introspective thoughts about what I was doing with my life, nothing too different from what I have experienced with nitrous so far. But as I went on doing more things started getting intense. At some point lost a grip of reality. At this point in my nitrous career I had not experienced this so I know the morning glory seeds must have played a role even though I was not properly tripping before the nitrous. At one point I was listening to a song called I'm the mountain by the band stoned jesus I became a part of the picture that was on this youtube video, I became one with this photo and the song we were together like a sculpture in the middle of my room and it seemed as though I was the source of all existence, listening to music on nitrous can make the song come to life. At one point I disassociated completley. Through out the trip I would became aware that there was another reality other than the one I was in, the two realities were the physical world and the trip. I felt like I was in danger in one of the realities but I could not put my finger on it. I knew there was a code I had to crack to save myself. After the trip I realized this was probably the part of my mind that was aware I was doing too much nitrous too quick and was not breathing oxygen. In the state I was in I was so disassociated I did not know I was on a drug.

There were times I would come back to reality and sort of realize what was going on I could see myself loading chargers into my dispenser and inhaling them. But I felt as though I was not in control of this. It seemed as if there was a higher power making me do the nitrous and I could not stop it. At one point I finally decided to try and put the dispenser down. I was able to do it and I came down from the high and realized it was just a delusion and soon I started doing the nitrous again. At points I was aware I was on and I was doing nitrous but I could still let my mind roam and go to very strange places. I would have wild thoughts and interesting visuals but I unfortunately do not remember most of the trip.

The craziest part was when once again I forgot I forgot I was high again and something I will never forget happened. I was listening to the song hotel california by the eagles and that song took my mind to an insane place. This was all obviously all a hallucination but at the time it felt just as real as anything that has happened to me while sober. I heard my parents outside in the family room talking to demons. The demons were explaining to my parents that they had to take me to hell, my parents did not try to stop them. I heard my dad come right outside of my door jumping up and down and doing an evil laugh. He was making fun of me, he thought it was funny he was letting his son get taken away to hell forever. I sat in bed and waited for a second and than stood up and paced for a bit. I then walked to my door to just give up and let them take me and I shit you not as soon as I did the song went "the last thing I remember I was heading for the door I had to find the passage back to the place I was before". In my head the words of the song became words of the demons making fun of me. I opened up the door and as I did I came down and heard my parents talking to my aunt. I could not believe what had just happened. I think I did more nitrous after that but did not get to a point that crazy again. I think another part of why I had such intense hallucinations was I was not expecting it. I feel nitrous is more intense when you just clear your mind and let the nitrous wash over you with out thinking about it.

Thinking you are seconds away from getting taken away to hell is very scary, but after the trip I was happier than I was before the experience. It did not have a negative mental effect like some salvia trips similar to this kind of thing it was the opposite, I felt much better about life. I wish I wrote this right after the experience but I didn't so here I am over a year later trying to explain it the best I can. Most nitrous trips I dont remember after them happening but this one was so crazy a few things stuck with me that I will never forget.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112871
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Apr 12, 2019Views: 2,267
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