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Withdrawals Are the Worst by Far
by Dr. Steve Brule
Citation:   Dr. Steve Brule. "Withdrawals Are the Worst by Far: An Experience with Benzodiazepines (exp112877)". Jun 28, 2019.



I just wanted to give a summary of my experiences with benzo addiction (with Alprazolam, Bromazolam, Clonazolam, and Flubromazolam). I've been addicted to every class of drugs having tried every sub-sub-class of drugs in existence with the exception of 2C-T-x. Benzo addiction yielded, by far, the most severe withdrawal symptoms resulting in nothing other than total mental and physical collapse. The cold turkey withdrawals can be fatal and I definitely came somewhat close considering I was past the point of delirium tremens. The most insidious part of these withdrawals was the delay of onset.
The most insidious part of these withdrawals was the delay of onset.
It took a few days to kick in so it took some time to connect the dots and figure out why I was going insane as it was developing. I initially thought I had been poisoned with Ricin or had diabetes or some other disease. I even made an appointment with the VA (Veteran's hospital) and had my blood drawn. In retrospect this was very dangerous considering I could've had a seizure while driving. I think it's worth noting that some of the dysphoric and annoying symptoms overlapped with my Diphenhydramine experiences from my teen years.

The long term addiction is also insidious as I can not use for six months and slowly but surely I get reeled back in. I had to quit added sugars as even that small amount on dopamine release can parlay into beers then eventually the stupid pills somehow come back.

The positive part of the story is I'm off sugar which was clearly destroying my internal organs (especially my digestive system). I appear to be one of the lucky ones but solely because I have such a great family and got a pet cat. Also because the GI Bill from my military service makes me not need to work while getting my degree.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112877
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 28, 2019Views: 1,032
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