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It Goes Way Deeper Than Visuals
H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Alcohol
by JR
Citation:   JR. "It Goes Way Deeper Than Visuals: An Experience with H.B. Woodrose, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp112882)". Erowid.org. Jul 17, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112882

6 seeds oral H.B. Woodrose (extract)
    smoked Cannabis  
    oral Alcohol  
Iím 19 and a male. Earlier in the day I prepared the mixture by crushing 6 seeds with a hammer and adding that to an empty water bottle. I then added a tablespoon of water and a tablespoon of orange juice to the empty bottle. I shook the bottle hard for a minute and left it in a dark drawer for 3 hours.

Before I tell you how it felt, just know Iíd researched everything I could find about LSA and HBWS, ranging from trip reports to extraction methods to Terence McKennas thoughts on Morning glories. I have tried some other psychedelics like magic truffles and acid, the truffles made it so I basically couldnít talk haha but in a good way of course!

The acid felt very very alien, I think I got some strong strong stuff, I remember seeing lots and lots of floating imagery like spinning cash symbols and stuff, and when Iíd look at something things would happen to it like the wall I could see the wall moving like insects, very freaky stuff! I took a hit of a bong like I normally do when I was in this state, and it completely smashed me, I remember looking back down at my weed and seeing tiny green alien like catapillars crawling around, so my weed was literally running from me haha. Other that itís just a very strong experience visually, and on the body I got a feeling like a restless feeling in my lower back and everything felt alive around me, plants are always alive but this made it feel like everything was breathing and moving such as the walls and carpet. I remember closing my eyes and seeing a colony of people in a 2D painting, and they were recycling water using gears and I got a feeling of infinite sustainability and it felt peaceful.

So the LSA, after leaving it for 3 hours I put a t-shirt over a cup, and then slowly poured the liquid in the water bottle into that cup, the t-shirt was catching the seeds for me. I thought 6 would be a low dose not expecting anything major just because of how drug laws are and it tricks your mind like oh I got this legally it canít do anything right? Wrong!

I drunk the liquid at 5:30PM, didnít feel anything until 6PM when I got that feeling that something is coming on. This come on took about another hour and a half it felt like, then I started to feel the spacey body feeling, seeing tracers in the movement and I noticed my FOV seemed further back, things looked sharper and more saturated, when looking at the TV there was a little blur over lights.

At this point Iím feeling the strength of it so I decided to have a bong. This bumped things up a little bit. Voices in my house became more sensitive, everything was more sensitive it felt like. It felt like I could appreciate things more and think about what I needed in great detail, but this could also work against me if I were an anxious person. And thatís what happened to me, I hadnít done acid in a long time and when this hit me it brought all my memorys of what I thought about when I was on it back. I just got this overwhelming feeling of, I wouldnít say sadness, but definitely a feeling of my life could be better, my decision making needs to change as well as my routines, all these thoughts came on instantly. It was very overwhelming and I did start to panic a little bit. Just the clarity felt too much for me at this moment in my life
the clarity felt too much for me at this moment in my life
. A good way to put it is like, to get to the point of strong strong visuals itís like passing a test with your mind, and if you have no worries then great! It will be amazing experience, but for me it was too overwhelming and made me sad for a bit there.

After about 30 mins of feeling this way and waiting it out it just got more intense ya know, getting that crying feeling even when Iím fighting against it as hard as I can, just getting thoughts and suggestions for my every day life, it was a lot more than I was expecting. Once I felt this way I knew that this is a powerful chemical and if one has no problems in one's life then itís good but I realised that these truly arenít recreation drugs man. Sure the visuals and stuff are but itís a lot more than that it goes way deeper than that. And if I have stuff to do the next day, or anything like that I could get stuck in a loop of not being able to sleep in my bed and I donít want that. It just made me appreciate the chemical for what it is, and opened my eyes. I chase highs, nothing serious but I do smoke a lot of weed and Iím realising that now. It made me realise that drugs give me this one state of mind, but being normal is its own state of mind and in that moment all I wanted was to be normal again and be with my family with normal pupils.

I had some alcohol nothing hard just a Smirnoff like ice lemonade thing and I downed some in an effort to reduce the strength of the trip or just to cut it all in all. To my surprise it did help a lot, it calmed my nerves down and I started to feel more normal again and felt I could talk normally again. After this I relaxed with my sister and have never felt happier to be around her, I felt like I could feel what she felt when I was on the drug, it made me see peoples perspectives like I was them and it made me realise some things I need to do. To be a role model to her and get out of my own interests like this. Iíd never felt so happy to be with her, Iím always happy when Iím with her but this was like a Iím so so relieved to be feeling normal again and thinking straight. So I relaxed with her until 11.30pm Iíd say, then I put a stream on and actually fell asleep. I dreamt of having a girlfriend again and hugging her in bed, I took from this that my brain was telling me I feel a little lonely maybe who knows. I woke up without dilated pupils and didnít feel tired like I normally do. Normally Iím up until 4 and I canít get out of this loop of gaming and smoking and gaming and sleep for 3 hours and waking up feeling awful. I felt like this night I had my normal sleep feeling I havenít felt in ages
I felt like this night I had my normal sleep feeling I havenít felt in ages
, and I think thatís very positive for me. All the thoughts I got are with me right now, I remembers all of them and I am going to make changes where I need to. After laying down in bed I felt cleansed and happy to be normal.

To finish I just want to say that if you are thinking of using something like this, just be aware of whatís going on in your life and be ready to think about things you maybe didnít want to whilst tripping. This isnít a crappy legal high type of deal, itís very strong and feels just like LSD did for me, only difference being that the visuals werenít like what I described before, but that might be because I drunk the alcohol to end the trip when it was really picking up. Iíve no doubt I would have had some visuals but still nothing as freaky as the acid I tried.

It felt like lsd and was very profound in how I felt. Having some alcohol nearby was the life saver for me, after 2 minutes I felt better and more normal in my experience it did help diminish the effects of the LSA. I had a good experience, I wanted to trip and see cool visuals but now I realise itís a lot more than that, thereís later to the experience and the first one is my thoughts and stuff to get to the cool visuals. I got these seeds [online], organic and untreated. Iíd been feeling unmotivated for a while before this trip, and a bit down I guess, after the trip I feel refreshed and positive and my mindset has changed. Amazing.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112882
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 17, 2019Views: 891
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H.B. Woodrose (26) : Combinations (3), General (1), Alone (16)

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