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First Float Surprisingly Profound
Floatation Tank
by Rollingstone
Citation:   Rollingstone. "First Float Surprisingly Profound: An Experience with Floatation Tank (exp112884)". Apr 4, 2019.


Initial sensory deprivation exp. 2/4/19

Preparation: Empty stomach, have not eaten since previous evening, with the exception of 2 cups of coffee approx. 2 hrs prior. This is a normal eating pattern for me. Urinated prior to experience, to avoid possibly needing to interrupt float to void.

Float time 12 P.M.

Enter tank:
Initial "strangeness", disorientation, sensation of movement beyond the tank walls, feel as though I'm traveling great distances and a fast speed.

Very warm and muggy inside tank. Feels primordial in some way, hard to describe why. I have thoughts of being a fetus in a womb.

5-10 min.- Closed eyed visuals become prevalent. Open-eyed visuals become same as closed. Cannot tell at times whether eyes are open or closed.
Open-eyed visuals become same as closed. Cannot tell at times whether eyes are open or closed.
Only physical experience at this time is my heart beat (which feels as though it is slightly elevated. Have no way to measure this) and my respirations (which appear to be decreased, again cannot measure this).

10-60 mins. Time extremely distorted during this period- "organic machinery" patterning present in back ground. Visual of an eye fills vision. I'm absorbed by the eye.

When I focus on my breathing I can "see" my breath as a grey, blue mist filling gaps or being absorbed into the background patterns.

Quick eratic thoughts of self, consciousness, subconsciousness appear and fade very quickly. Cannot grasp or explore these thoughts despite trying.

Travel to several places-

Flying over a mountain side- distinct impression of Mayan setting but I have no idea why I "know" this, visually this is nothing that would imply this.

Find myself high above what was surely Stonehenge. Find this very entertaining as this seems like very stereotypical imagery, I remember laughing out loud at this image. Also strange as this is something I rarely consciously think about.

Occasionally bump into the tank wall which brings me briefly to reality.

Knock on float room door indicates end of session.

Exit tank:
I am dumbfounded by my experience, had no expectation of such an intense experience.

Also am having a hard time believing that 60 mins have passed already but confirm this with my watch after leaving the tank.

Feel a warmth and connectedness for about 24 hrs, similar to what I experience after use of a traditional psychedelic.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112884
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Apr 4, 2019Views: 1,010
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