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Forest of the Gods
Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis
by The Light
Citation:   The Light. "Forest of the Gods: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis (exp112890)". Feb 24, 2019.

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4 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis
  T+ 1:10   smoked Cannabis


I’m writing this report about a month after my second experience with mushrooms. Recently I have wanted to trip again so badly after this experience. I think about my trip almost every day and I keep retracing the experience from the start to the finish in order to try and make sense of it. So today I decided to post a report of the best experience of my life thus far.

As this is my experience I feel it is necessary to give a bit of background information about myself. I am currently 18 years old and still in high school. Academically I’m very strong in all fields and I obtain a constant average of 86%. Next year I am going to study Mechanical Engineering. Being an atheist, I often like to ponder on what the meaning of things is. I often find myself thinking about how the universe and life itself and how strange it is that there is ‘something’ rather than nothing. I started smoking cannabis about a year ago and I liked the way it made me think of everyday normal things. I loved viewing the world through different ‘lenses’ and I think that it is necessary to do so to experience life to its fullest. It was my constant search for an answer to all my questions that led me to trying shrooms.
It was my constant search for an answer to all my questions that led me to trying shrooms.
Although my first trip was not the best trip I wanted to do it again in order to experience a good trip.


Me and two friends (let’s call them P and A) have been planning this trip for about a month or so. We decided to hike up to a spot on the hill surrounding our town and do a day trip. We knew it was going to be cold and possibly wet so we bought warm clothes and umbrellas. It took us about 30minutes to get to our rock where we wanted to trip. My friend P discovered this rock on his previous trip in the same area. It is smooth and 5 people can lie on it comfortably. From our point we could see the whole town, surrounding mountains and the ocean in the distance.


We drove up to the parking spot at 11:00 and decided we would chug the shrooms there with a glass of OJ. P and I both took 4 grams psilocybe cubensis and since it was A’s first time he took 2 grams.

After about 20 minutes I could feel the shrooms starting to work. I got a warm feeling in my body and an unexplainable feeling of anxiety. I was kind of nervous before this trip after my first experience but I was intent on keeping calm. W

hen we got to the last tree line before the last 100m walk up to the rock, things started to breathe. When I looked at the town the buildings started shifting past each other and the surrounding rolling hills were breathing very slowly. We decided to sit down for a while because P wanted to look at the town. We sat under the trees that were surrounded by bark and leaves and twigs. The ground started shifting up and down around the trees and it looked as if all the leaves and twigs and bark were moving about. At this moment we decided to make our way to the rock so that we could settle down there without having to worry about people that might walk past. I hate being around people I don’t know while I’m tripping, because it makes me paranoid. When we got to the rock I knew I was going to have an absolutely mind blowing experience. The view was astonishingly beautiful. It was quite cold so I put on my warm clothes and decided to get comfortable and ready for the trip of my life.

About 40 minutes after ingestion I started tripping so hard. I could not talk properly. Words didn’t mean anything to me. I remember P asking me a very basic question that I would be able to answer immediately, but for some reason I wasn’t sure I replied correctly. Language became meaningless. Words didn’t make sense to me at all so I decided I was going to shut up and stop talking. A said I should put on music but for some reason I don’t find music interesting while shrooming. People say that music sounds better on mushrooms than on weed but for me it has absolutely no meaning while I am tripping. During my first experience I had some stomach discomfort but this time I felt perfectly normal. I also laughed a lot less this time. I was intent on having a peaceful trip in nature surrounded by birds and plants.

After about one hour after ingestion I decided to go for a walk on my own. Being an introvert I like being on my own and I also wanted to delve deep into my own mind. We did not have a sitter during the trip so we knew we should be responsible for ourselves so I told P that I would stay in sight. I tried my best to walk around but after every step I wanted to stand still and take in what just happened the last second of my life. I could not seem to walk very far as I kept getting distracted by the awesome view and the plants. Everything felt so clear and I was extremely happy. After walking for about 5 minutes I decided I was in the right spot. The universe wanted me to be there. It turned out I was only 5meters away from the rock where P and A were still sitting.

After about 5 minutes they decided to join me. My spot was more comfortable they said and there was less wind. When they got to me they started laughing because I was lying on a bush in the most uncomfortable way possible. We decided to light up the joint we bought with. I have heard that smoking weed enhances the trip quite a lot so we decided to do it properly with some indoor cheese. Up to this moment my trip was mostly the same as the first one with only 1 gram. Up to this point I didn’t have any visuals yet or experience anything other than being extremely happy and seeing everything clearer. The only difference I noticed was the increase in thoughts. I had thought after thought but they were so fast that my brain could not process it. After having a few tokes something unexplainable happened. I was suddenly tripping so much harder. I lost all connection with my body and I was delving deeper and deeper inside my mind. After the trip P told me that right after I smoked I kept saying “what the fuck, what the fuck what the fuck”. After I smoked it felt as though I had a thought so big and irreversible that it altered the state of the universe. I thought I had unlocked a memory or something that was locked up in my subconscious.

From here on visuals started to appear. After we smoked the overcast cleared up and the sky was blue as fuck. The few remaining clouds started shifting around and around what seemed to look like a massive tornado that formed right in the middle of the town. They were twirling around and around in circles everywhere. The massive circle split into an infinite amount of smaller ones. The clouds started to form tornados everywhere around the town. P told me to close my eyes. I covered my face with my beanie and closed my eyes and immediately I was in another world. Words can’t describe what I saw. At first I saw 3 hourglass shaped structures that were surrounded by eyes that kept looking at me. Suddenly I felt as though I was in the forest of the gods. Everything felt magical. It felt as though these forests really exist in real life and you could only visit it when you are on shrooms. It is the key to the door of the magic world. In-between these hourglass structures I could make out 2 womanly figures that were sitting in a meditating position. I felt a strong female presence in this forest. These two womanly figures gave off a godly vibe. They represented Mother Nature in full force.

I focused my attention on my surroundings but still with closed eyes. I felt as though I was lying in a triangle in the middle of a forest and animals were running past me every single second. The wind in the leaves of the surrounding bushes sounded like the breath of these Beings that I just met. Again I tried to focus on my closed eye visuals. This time I saw something completely different. I saw a woman and her baby girl walking down the street next to a park with green grass. They were walking for what seemed to be an eternity holding hands.

For some reason we all ‘woke’ up from our dream world at the same time and we realized we weren’t tripping that hard anymore.
we all ‘woke’ up from our dream world at the same time and we realized we weren’t tripping that hard anymore.
I still had open eye kaleidoscopic visuals with clouds shifting and moving but my closed eye visuals disappeared. We tried to figure out how long we have been lying there and it turned out to be 5 hours of lying there in complete silence! Mentally I felt absolutely fried. My brain felt exhausted. It was an absolutely awesome experience that allowed me to have deep philosophical thoughts. The rest of the day I kept thinking what happened and I kept reliving these moments. It was the best experience of my life and it has definitely changed me. I feel more aware of things and especially of nature. My appreciation for nature has increased immensely.

Tripping in nature is just absolutely amazing and breathtaking. Avoid man made things and technology. Just be in nature. The world would definitely be a better place if everyone just experiences a full blown trip in nature on such a beautiful day. I can’t wait for my next trip which will be in 1 month time.


Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 112890
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 24, 2019Views: 1,438
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