A Friendship Trip
LSD & Cannabis
Citation:   Soma91. "A Friendship Trip: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp112896)". Erowid.org. Mar 28, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112896

0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
    repeated smoked Cannabis  
I am writing this report 5 days after the experience, in a hurry not to let the feelings and impressions fade away.

In the past 5/6 years, my group of friends and myself have been experimenting, especially together, with some psychoactive substances such as LSD, MDMA, Ayahuasca and a few unknown compounds we thought to be LSD (which were probably some sort of NBOMe). Anyway, we like to get together a few times a year and have psychedelic experiences on our own, mainly in one of our houses or even in natural surroundings while we are on holiday. This time, we got together at my boyfriend’s house to welcome 2019 with a nice friendly LSD trip. He and I have had a summer filled with psychedelic experiences, and are everyday marihuana users.

So, C, P, J, D (my boyfriend) and I had dinner and played some boardgames, and about 11:30 pm we placed our blotters under our tongues. We were told each blotter had 110ug LSD each. P and D took 1 each, C took 1 and ¼, and I took half. J didn’t take any. We all went to the living room, and brought in some mattresses to put on the floor so we could lay down. About 15 minutes later, another friend, O, came and also took half that he brought from another batch that we had already tried and had not found very potent.

At about 12 am, I started feeling strongly off baseline as I looked for some music in my phone. I had no trouble with the task, but the brightness of the words on the screen was strange and couldn’t keep them perfectly in focus. I asked the rest of the team if they felt it too and they agreed. I am still surprised at how fast the onset was, I had never experienced such a thing, it usually takes me at least an hour to start to feel the little changes. We put up a set of green and red LED lights, that blinked and moved in a nice manner. At some point near this time, another friend, M (the only female besides myself), arrived. We knew she wasn’t going to trip with us, however, she was set to smoke a lot of pot. On these occasions I never smoked pot until the beginning of the comedown because 1) it makes me feel that I enjoy the effects of LSD in a more pure manner, 2) I have heard and read about cases where good trips turned bad after smoking marihuana, and 3) ‘abstaining’ from weed until the decline of the effect totally boosts it in a magical way, offering a ‘bonus trip’ (term that I adopted from another report) that at least, for me, is an important part of the whole experience. HOWEVER, things were going to be different this time.

A little while after her arrival, I began to feel a bit nauseous, so I decided to lay down on the couch. I began to feel very warm, it was about 30 degrees outside and even with the air conditioner on there was a heavy atmosphere. However, I couldn’t manage to stay still and try to relax, I was anxious and stood up and lied down, walked around, sat down constantly, which made my nausea increase. Then I decided to take a few tokes from M’s joint, and the discomfort gradually faded. I didn’t realize it at the time, but in retrospect I am sure this was responsible for it. Besides, I read in the last couple of days similar cases in other reports. From this moment on, I smoked marihuana periodically during the whole night.

After the nausea stopped, everything was incredibly beautiful. Time went slow and mellow. I was totally sociable, speaking in turns with everyone in the room, and basically couldn’t stop laughing. Every story my friends told seemed ridiculously funny to me. The laughing stages of LSD trips with friends are in my opinion as important and nurturing as the more introspective/visual stages.
The laughing stages of LSD trips with friends are in my opinion as important and nurturing as the more introspective/visual stages.
Physically I was ok, although I had to pee every 5-10 minutes, an annoying effect that these substances almost always cause on me. Of course, in parallel, I was drinking a lot of water. My pupils were considerably dilated, and my jaw felt tense. Fortunately, we had bought candy, and a lollipop helped me a lot to ease this feeling. Lollipops have become an essential item for me when it comes to lysergic or psychedelic trip. I was enjoying the music, which was varied and very dancey, and the psychedelic lights, but was more interested in talking to the people (especially with M and O, and J when he wasn’t sleeping) and smoking weed. I remember being able to get involved and understand everyone’s conversations, whether they were tripping or not. I felt like some kind of interpreter/translator between them, too, because I felt very altered but very down to earth at the same time: I understood the way C, P and D described their visuals and experiences, and was capable of transmitting the idea in more rational words to M, J and O.

The rest of the guys, that had taken higher doses, were apparently in a different situation. They laid down on the mattresses, with their eyes closed, commenting on how amazing the music was and the nice visuals that were accompanying it. One of them, P, was tripping really hard (we joked about how he had been ‘chosen’ to be the trippiest this time), and constantly said to be reminded of previous Ayahuasca journeys. At one point he remained still, laying on the mattress, and I said to someone, ‘I think he is asleep’, to which he responded ‘I wish I was asleep’. He then realized what he was saying and laughed, but surely some intense and not necessarily pleasant introspection was going on.

I was also having visuals. This does not happen to me most of the times, so it was rare, especially considering the relatively low dose. I saw a kind of shadow following the little spots of the LED lights, that looked like sperms. I could definitely see things ‘breathing’, as it is usually said, saw glowing ‘auras’ expanding out things, especially the towels during my bathroom journey. I also saw moving patterns in them, and in the tiles on the floor. This was new to me. I also saw patterns and deformations on my friends’ faces, but that had happened to me before. This time, although some of the results were scary, I just focused on the interesting shapes, keeping in mind all the time who the people I was talking to were. M showed us her drawings and they looked amazing, it felt beautiful to watch those shapes and light-distorted colors. Luckily, the weather suddenly changed, and a cool breeze started coming in. We could finally turn off the AC and open the balcony, letting fresh air in. More or less at this time (about 3 am?), we decided to turn the LED lights off because we felt our vision was becoming tired.

At one point, the wind became very strong, and the balcony’s awnings began hitting the walls making a lot of noise and looking dangerous. So, we had to get ourselves together and bring it all the way up. It was an extremely easy task to do, even though the balcony was not fully closed but instead had a meter-tall railing only. However, many of us felt some kind of vertigo, and while D and C carried out the activity, I assumed the role of supervising them. P was more freaked out, and decided to leave the room until it was over. Everything went OK most obviously, but I wanted to point out this situation because it is one example of what me and my friends call ‘LSD quests’ that seem to spontaneously emerge as the trip goes by, and that challenge our abilities. These happen often when tripping with a group of friends, or even as a couple. Another example might be going to the kitchen to get more water or weed (even though it was only a few meters away). I remember being at the kitchen looking at the wall clock when it struck 4:20, shortly after completing a ‘quest’ that consisted in ‘repairing’ a joint that had ripped at the middle. Another kind of quest was the mere activity of going to the bathroom, since we had to go through a little aisle that was dark and took too long to get accustomed to the lack of light. O was feeling very light and wanted to give everyone massages. I got distracted frequently so I never got around to receiving some, but P said that all the spiritual work he was doing had finally resolved itself as O gave him strong massages. I’ll have to try next time.

Smoking a blunt at about 5 am we realized the sunrise would come in less than an hour. We chose music that we thought went well with this situation and just floated away. Some musical effects were incredible, it felt as if our brains were rewinding themselves. Mostly everyone’s eyes were closed (J and M were sleeping) but I couldn’t keep it that way. I listened attentively to the music as I watched the city landscape emerge from night into dim brightness. As soon as the sun completed its rise, we smoked the last joint as we gave in to sleep. P and I had something to eat that we had left over from dinner, and felt extremely grateful for having been so wise. We were all REALLY hungry. After all, we had been very active for more than 8 hours, without anything to eat other than candy. Someone suggested going to the bakery to get breakfast but no one felt capable of satisfactorily accomplishing the task, so we decided to take a nap instead. This was about 7, which coincided with the point when M and J left.

At 9, C and P awoke and decided that they were really hungry (later C told me that he had been starving since 6) so they would involve in the difficult mission of getting food. They went out, and came back in what appeared to be only minutes to us. It’s interesting how in many LSD trips, time tends to slow down on an earlier phase and then rapidly increase when one starts to succumb to the progressive asleep/awake stages. They were not happy at all with having been out, they said there were a lot of people at the bakery and felt uncomfortable, and the building’s landlord had asked them where were they headed to. But anyway, we had pastries! I set up some yerba mate brew and we had a most glorious breakfast. To me, every taste was uniquely delicious, and even though I felt very hungry I felt satisfied with a small portion. We were definitely afterglowing. Then, D had a great idea: to smoke blueberry-flavoured tobacco through a hookah. The senses were once again aroused, this time feeling the sweet flavor through our respiratory ways. Alongside this we played some more boardgames, which was very entertaining. After this, we gradually fell asleep and then awoke to have lunch together, after which we all parted ways.

I was feeling amazing and glowing, and looked forward to seeing and hugging my cats, that awaited us at my place. The whole day was peaceful and shiny. I read, watched TV, had a nap. Later, I had dinner with my dad, and I rode with him on his motorcycle (he drove of course), which provoked in me a sudden rush of adrenaline that were sided with close-eyed visuals, as I avoided to look at the road. It was really fun. The following day, Sunday, was also bright and extremely productive in material and spiritual ways. The rest of the group, especially P, agreed with this, and said that he had been relieved of a lot of tension he was feeling.

This whole experience was all in all, unforgettable. If you think about it, we didn’t do much, we basically stayed laying around in a living room, listening to all types of music and chatting and laughing amongst ourselves. We didn’t even use the TV since it made an almost imperceptible noise to me that felt like an unbearable high-pitched buzz to C. However, it was filled with very enjoyable moments, most importantly related to the warm feeling of friendship. I believe that we reach a special level of camaraderie every time we engage in an experience like this. In a more personal level, it allowed me to balance a not-so-high dose of LSD (about 55ug if we believe the provider, although the intensity was comparable to much higher doses taken in the past - about 120ug) with continuous cannabis smoking. I have become recently very fond of cannabis and am a daily user, however, I never get to experience the substance in this way because I tend to fall asleep eventually. Smoking joints gave me a sense of warmth and wellbeing that kept me sociable and fascinated throughout the night. I believe that weed was the reason I ceased to be nauseous, and it might also have been the reason I encountered myself with visual images and effects I had never experienced before. I am looking forward to trying different combinations of these two substances in the near future.

Since this last experience I have given myself the task of trying to recall and write detailed reports of most of the psychedelic explorations I’ve had. I only did it once with a MDMA roll and the mere action of sitting and writing everything down makes it easier to learn from the experience and fully process. <--Besides from that, I am certain that all the knowledge that Erowid contains is invaluable for humanity, and one day it shall be regarded as such.--> As a science person myself, I feel as if its my duty to contribute with my stories, since I definitely find this action to be more useful and enriching for society than my actual line of research.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112896
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Mar 28, 2019Views: 1,096
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