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Playing The Name Game
Salvia divinorum (5x extract)
by rf88
Citation:   rf88. "Playing The Name Game: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (5x extract) (exp112898)". Erowid.org. Mar 20, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112898

1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
Wanted to share my 2nd real vivid salvia experience. My 1st real vivid experience was 2 weeks ago with 5x as well.


So I waited till I felt ready to smoke it again which ended up being last night. However during the 2 weeks between trips I did try quidding (chewing) 3 times with about 5 grams of dried plain leaf each time. 1st time was before going to sleep that same night following first trip, 2nd time was one week later, 3rd time was last night after trip. Quidding for me gives similar vibes to smoking plain leaf, just body prickly feeling and deeper thoughts no visuals, followed by what feels like vivid dreams I cant seem to remember after waking up. After my first trip I felt like I remembered more about the trip after waking up from my sleep that morning after and was able to piece together a few more little details.


Turned off all lights and was in living room couch for 10 minutes or so in silence waiting till feeling nice and relaxed, smoked a bowl of weed before this as well. Packed a bowl of 5x extract with a small amount of weed at the bottom in my glass hand water pipe which I had actually packed last weekend, but ended up deciding I wasent ready to do it then so ended up quidding last weekend instead and keeping pipe set aside till last night. Smoked using my torch lighter but it went out of a moment and had to re-light the bowl, when relighting the bowl a tiny bit of glowing ash fell out of the bowl and I remembered reading some other persons trip recently were the ash landed on them and impacted their trip, I did not want this to happen so I stopped to wave the ash away. Finished bowl and laid down but due to all the distractions and not continuous hitting bowl I only had mild sensation of feeling like everything was filled with tiny strings vertically and could slightly feel their friction when moving my hands and fingers very slowly etc.

Anyways wasent too crazy or anything, decided to take shower, then do a 2nd bowl to try again, this time all 5x only in the same pipe but in my bed, this time I just used a normal bic lighter since torch was giving me issues and also just the familiarity of normally using a bic for my weed made me feel more comfortable and calmer then when using the torch.

I take a long hit with the flame on the whole time, then lay down eyes closed, I dont even remember exhaling just counting towards 30 in my head and telling myself to remember to stay calm, not yell, talk or move around etc before suddenly breaking through and seeing/hearing everything. I immediately felt like I was seeing/experiencing some big secret being hidden by the same people/the presence of people or whatever they are just like last time, except this time it felt even more vivid then prior and I felt even more conscious and aware of everything I was seeing/feeling. I then started to laugh and multiple times tell them "you guys fucked up" throughout the trip by them showing me these things because this time I felt so aware and that this was gonna be super easy to remember it all
I felt so aware and that this was gonna be super easy to remember it all
, they let me in on this huge secret that I was gonna bring back and share.


What I can remember is that it felt like I was in a dome like enclosed structure/place very large in size, it appeared to be very dark off far away but was well lit around me tho I am unsure of where the main light source was coming from, it was a very tall dome or maybe a circular space that I was in the center of, as I never really looked down to see if there was a floor below or if I had a body etc. I felt like I was looking upward and far off above me/away from me was a long circular ring/band/arch that felt like it was the top or edge of this dome room/space I was in which was going all the way around me like a giant circle/ring, inside the ring/arch appeared to be many lines/slits of light spaced slightly apart all around the ring spaced out from each other but were paired in groups of 2 slits at a time that were closer together then rest, lines were going horizontally from my point of view. It felt/looked like maybe I was in the center of a projection wheel almost in a way like the the slits were where the loaded up side view of the film cell slides would be, or like it may have been some futuristic complex filing system, there were then suddenly a bunch of voices all who would in unison from everywhere around me in all directions voices that felt younger in presence and what also felt like one separate presence that was older and felt like that presence was the school teacher for me and all the other voices. They were saying/guessing combinations of 2 words or 2 short names rapidly (the voices were from everywhere but felt like they were seeing me from each of these slits, fast and in unison they guessed (they were never wrong), I cant remember how the hell the game worked but for example it is was like abdula zuzula, candula yuzula, dedula xuzula...... Etc etc but the words all made sense, seemed to rhyme and felt like they were most likely names is what I am thinking it was in retrospect of the experience, the first word/name was progressing forward in alphabet from a-z while the last name was going backwards from z-a.

All the voices in unison would say the names together in a loud chorus of voices and then having the feeling or sense of the presence being happy/impressed/proud of the class. Then it felt like it was in middle of the guessing name sequence after what must of felt like 100's of prior guesses to where it would now be something in the center of alphabet and sequence and therefore matching like example nelson nelson. However this time when it got to the guessing no other voices were guessing in unison, it was up to me to give the answer, felt much brighter now, I knew the answer, it was easy, I knew it simply as if it was my own name, but it wasent MY name and I refused to say it, the game then stopped and it was then as if my body/self was being turned inside out into myself, hard to explain but the closest would be like trying to turn a basket ball inside out without cutting/ripping apart. Each time I would turn in onto myself, the above arch/slits/slides would rotate one move then I would change into a different type of texture/material, many of which I've never seen or experienced in real life, I didn't see myself as a body but more like this donut/ball/misc shapes turning inside itself being turned inside out over and over, some materials I recognized being turned into were things like a chain link fence, paper, wood, a basketball( or an orange) I'm not sure, water, grass/some kind of green plant/matter, during the last donut rotation I was turning back into myself then suddenly had shocked feeling of remembering I was on salvia and actually back at my apartment (first time I even tho for short moment I have ever forgotten I was on salvia/aware I was tripping and still here laying down as well). I opened my eyes after few moments later once I felt like I was back here again and calm etc so I opened my eyes thinking I was gonna be in my living room then was like oh shit I'm in my bedroom not my living room and for a moment I forgot about my first somewhat botched attempt, taking a shower, then going to bedroom to do it again.


Had a really good time, no scary or bad feelings here. Just wish I could remember more specifics, cause so many times I would be thinking during it, oh this is gonna be easy this time to remember that or this, and was thinking how my family/friends I would tell would be blown away even by just telling them these things that were being hidden from us, I didnt even think they needed to see it...... As long as I told them about it they would be just as shocked and amazed. Yet now most details I was thinking that would be easy to remember are not. Also I'm not even sure if the name guessing game was even in English, I comprehended everything at the time but after I cant help but feel like it was in some strange other language I cant translate or re verbalize.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112898
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Mar 20, 2019Views: 794
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Alone (16)

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