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Death by Astonishment
Citation:   PeaceLoveSmokeDMT. "Death by Astonishment: An Experience with LSD & DMT (exp112908)". Erowid.org. Feb 14, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112908

T+ 0:00
300 ug sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 4:10 27.5 mg smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
To start off I would consider myself a very experienced Psychonaut. I have tripped on just about every common psychedelic (even some non common ones also). Such as LSD, Mushrooms, DMT, LSA, MDMA, 25B-NBOME, 1P-LSD and of course Marijuana.

I tend to only trip on weekends because of my work schedule So I planned to trip on Saturday so I had time for my body to reset from the last trip I just had around 2 weeks prior. I had already made up my mind that I would be taking 2 tabs of some pretty good acid (150ug tabs) and that I would be doing it alone to really dig deep and think about how my life is currently going and what I can do to better myself.

T-0:00: I put the two tabs under my tounge and said to myself T minus one hour.

T-0:40 To my I am already heavily coming up on this acid kinda freaks me out but I also remember that I have an empty stomach.

T-1:15 At this point I am in a full blown acid Trip, Got what I like to call the SUPER HD Vison and also started getting pretty heavy tracers (when id move my hand past my face there would be like 4 hands or so) along with the classic LSD visuals.

T-2:00 Now I am peaking and god damn is this some good acid! I am loving it, I feel one with the earth and I keep saying how much I love the earth and It feels like it keeps saying it loves me back. At this point I turn on Alice and Wonderland and just sit back and try to watch the movie (very difficult to pay attention lol).

T-2:40 Still trying to watch Alice and wonderland and laughing my ass off, Tears were rolling down my face for no apparent reason I just knew I was having a blast and that this movie was 6 out 5 Stars. Visuals at this point were pretty solid nothing to cause any serious view disruption but everything had a nice wiggle to it and was just so very Vibrant and colorful.

T-3:30 So I had finished Alice and Wonderland (If you havent watched the original on LSD please do) and was just puttering around YouTube listening to some Terrence Mckenna Interviews. This is when I got the Idea to try some of my DMT because I saw the Interview with terrence saying how much longer it lasts while smoking it while on an acid trip. I pondered this idea for a while because it actually made me quite nervous and being nervous especially before a DMT trip is NEVER a good idea.

T:4:00 I finally built up the courage to give it a shot. At this point I have done DMT before a few times and broke-Through So I knew somewhat to expect (although every trip is different). So I got out my pipe and carefully weighed out what was around 25-30mg of Freebase DMT. I said my prayer to the DMT gods and mentioned that whatever I see I was meant to see and That I respect them for allowing me to enter their dimension (The DMT entities is what I'm referring to).

T-4:10 I put the pipe to my lips and inhale deeply. I did this 3 times till all the DMT was smoked and I couldn't possibly take another hit. I knew I was in for a WILD ride because I couldnt even lay down before I hear the high pitch ringing start and the heavy body load. As soon as my head hit the pillow on my bed I was launched out of my body. I immediately ending up in this rainbow room, It was flashing every color imaginably really fast and behind the colors were just patterns and geometry which was very cool.

T-4:12 I think it was only about 2 minutes in real time of being in the rainbow geometry room before what I can only describe as the great "Overlord" It was a being hovering in the room in front of me sitting on a throne of some kind, He came a bit closer to me almost as if he was examining me, I was honestly pretty frightened but I sensed he was here to teach not to hurt. His head was a Large pyramid shape and the rest of his body was made of other sorts of geometry but it clearly represented a humanoid figure of some kind. A few moments after approaching me he flew up to the corner of the room and the next thing I know he launched me into hyperspace. I was flying through different dimensions so quickly I couldnt even get a chance to really look at what I was seeing. The next thing I know things slow down a little enough for me to see this Rainbow snake like figure, It quickly became 100 of them then 1000 and soon enough there were just infinite numbers of these things in a grid pattern similar to something you would see in the matrix It just went on for as far as I could see.

T-4:20 Slowly the visions start to die down a little bit but I am still seeing some very profound things they are just difficult to remember because of how blown away I was by the beginning of the experience. I started to ask myself who this being was which I'm pretty sure it was an Extraterrestrial being of some kind showing me a little sneak preview to his dimension and man was it just ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I enjoyed this so much It brought me to tears I thanked the DMT gods and the Being who showed me all the beautiful things.

Then on for the rest of the trip I decided to reflect on the DMT experience I just had and also played my old Super Nintendo which was awesome while tripping :D Hope you guys enjoyed this story of mine just had to share it simply because of how crazy it was... Peace out dudes :D

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112908
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 14, 2019Views: 869
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LSD (2), DMT (18) : General (1), Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Alone (16)

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