Not Sure Why I Took This Recreationally
Yohimbe (bark tea)
by Brad
Citation:   Brad. "Not Sure Why I Took This Recreationally: An Experience with Yohimbe (bark tea) (exp112924)". Apr 6, 2019.

5 g oral Yohimbe (tea)
Yohimbe is one of those ethno's that had been bouncing around my head for awhile, I just had no real reason to try it. An aphrodisiac didn't seem like it would be much fun in the classic entheogenic sense, and it's banned in Canada which can make it hard to obtain. I mostly forgot about it, then one late night/early morning I came across a vendor who would send it here, so I Just Couldn't Say No.

I'd heard conflicting reports on Yohimbe; some people say it doesn't work at all, some people say extracts don't work but teas made from the real bark of the Corynanthe Yohimbe tree will give the libidinous effects Yohimbe is famous for. I only had bark on hand, so I went with the tea method. I ground up the bark and put it in a coffee filter tea bag to simmer. I made three extractions this way, then reduced it down to about a mug full. I drank it down with minimal disgust--it wasn't nearly as horrible tasting as some ethnobotanical brews.

I waited an hour, and lo and behold I got an unusual amount of sexual desire, it was kind of overwhelming and I was alone at the time...all revved up with no where to go. What did I do wiith no woman around to inflict my Yohimbe lusts upon? Silly goose, I pulled it. Beat it like it owed me money...

I have tried the Yohimbe tea with a girl, and it seems to have a similar effect on women. My girlfriend exploded where she normally "squeaks when she comes..." to quote the old Frank Zappa song. And so did I.

Not much else to add here that isn't deeply personal and likely pornographic, so I'll end early (no pun intended) and just say Yohimbe tea DOES WORK...just not much sense in taking it alone.

Exp Year: 2017ExpID: 112924
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Apr 6, 2019Views: 1,450
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