Ego Dissolution from Ultrasound Bursts
Transcranial Pulsed Focused Ultrasound
by Christian Nofsinger
Citation:   Christian Nofsinger. "Ego Dissolution from Ultrasound Bursts: An Experience with Transcranial Pulsed Focused Ultrasound (exp112969)". Mar 21, 2019.


[Reported Dose: "Combined approx 30 seconds of pulses over 45 minute window"]

Outing Report

I got numerous rounds of centered Ultrasonic blasts to de-construct my "Ego" which made me feel totally at one with all the things, and it just took 45 minutes…

So I felt, after the initial 25 minutes, a sudden sinking feeling, similar to a downpour of water came up to my head suddenly, and I had an inclination that I was suffocating in my own cognizance. Which constrained my parity to another point, and made me have to concentrate on my surroundings much closer.

I had a feeling that I was losing my feeling of organization, and at first, I thought that it was endeavoring to advocate for itself emphatically. Which means… I began envisioning myself in progressively chivalrous states. Furthermore, progressively brave visionary perspectives. In any case, this brave form, died down, as though having been suffocated. Lost adrift. And after that it was only the ocean itself. Waves slamming upon the shore, stripping back to uncover, not sandy shoreline, yet simply more sea, interconnected, continually stripping back, as the waves retreat to the sea. Just uncovering a more profound picture. As though water itself could shape itself into an image. A basic condition of water that can show another picture. Until all of a sudden everything solidifies.

I open my eyes and the administrator returns for the following round of neural incitement. With each delivery...

My eyes needs to close, and my head needs to bow forward somewhat. I feel an influencing feeling, my head isn't moving any longer, yet there is a bow plunging feeling conquering me. In my mind, there is a ringing commotion that crescendos and dies down, this present allows me realize that some objective has been effectively hit. At the point when the incitement has just 2 additional rounds left… I hesitate to get more.

Now, I'm as of now feeling very disabled, in my capacity to give things my mind, in my capacity to talk, in my capacity to accomplish more than be flabbergasted at what's going on.
I'm as of now feeling very disabled, in my capacity to give things my mind, in my capacity to talk, in my capacity to accomplish more than be flabbergasted at what's going on.
It's so unimaginable, my cerebrum feels so unfathomably interconnected with itself, similar to one side and right cerebrum is totally associated, and innovativeness has totally detonated in my psyche. However, I do choose more neural incitement.

By the last minute, I sit, hearing the total quiet, I could hear a stick drop. Recalling the experience presently, it feels like a motion picture playing back in my brain, a snapshot of hyperrealism. I am asked, "How do you feel?" I can't resist the urge to grin, and state, cheerfully "Truly hindered!" trailed by an innocent snicker, I feel fantastically light! I simply need to chuckle!

Yet, the time has come to go rest now. What's more, as I waddle through the area, I keep running into two other individuals. Wishing them goodnight, one of them appears to be startled by my essence, my face must look unfathomably "stoned" haha. I tell them that I am "unquestionably weakened" and continue to an agreeable room.

In the now dim room, my shut eyes don't appear to work… When I close my eyes the picture of the black out shadows on a separation entryway remain totally, they persevere for more than 20 seconds without decay. At that point close my eyes, and start to concentrate on my internal personalities eye.

A blue swell starts to move in reverse, rather than the ordinary outwards spread, it moves internally! In the two eyes this happens independently. This proceeds for 10 minutes, until it backs off its speed to a slow creep… The blue is now supplanted by pictures of waves smashing (FINALLY I have my innovative vision capacity once more!). This starts to exhibit my standard course of visual symbolism, the mists coasting above head, showing new open doors for my psyche to lose all sense of direction in them. I see that each face, object, individual, is as yet recolored with the whitish somewhat blue tint of my swells from previously. Which makes it very self-evident… As though every last one of these consideration criminals left a clothing store without evacuating the dangerous ink tag… I can't become mixed up in these accounts of storied reality, since they are so self-evidently permanently dyed with a vanishing ink!

What's more, inside 20 minutes, the recoloring ink vanishes, and I see that I am presently totally lost in this psyche of mine, lost in obscurity… once again... And after that I rest … .

Sometime later I wake up! Since I didn't dream about anything by any means. Very peculiar experience.

Astounding !!!

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112969
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 21, 2019Views: 811
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Transcranial Focused Ultrasound (884) : Unknown Context (20), Poetry (43), General (1)

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