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Accidental Salvia and Walking the Planck
1P-LSD, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis
Citation:   Doubledoon. "Accidental Salvia and Walking the Planck: An Experience with 1P-LSD, Salvia divinorum & Cannabis (exp112990)". Erowid.org. Apr 28, 2019. erowid.org/exp/112990

T+ 0:00
200 ug oral 1P-LSD  
  T+ 5:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:00   smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
This happened in the summer of 2018. Decided to trip one night, dropped two tabs, had a pretty standard trip. Played fortnite for the first time ever with my brother's friends on voice chat, pretty hilarious. Had some visions of Hindu gods and goddesses while laying in the dark. Normal trip stuff, had a great time.

Towards the end of the peak (T~5:00), I started to feel kind of nauseous, so I decided to smoke some weed out of a bong. I know it's usually not the greatest idea on psychs and I don't recommend it if you're not a fairly experienced tripper, but I'd done it before and weed always helped my nausea. So, I load the bowl up, start smoking.

Immediately, I get this rush of anxiety that seems to have no reason behind it. I figure it's just typical weed paranoia, so I keep smoking. Towards the end of the bowl, I start to feel...weird. Something's not right. I'm listening to Dark Side of The Moon by Pink Floyd, and the song currently playing, "Brain Damage" starts to feel absolutely fucking sinister. I feel like it's directed toward me. Some of the lyrics, if you don't know the song, are "The lunatic is in the hall/ The lunatic is in my head...You lock the door and throw away the key/ There's someone in my head, but it's not me." Keep those lyrics in mind and imagine that in the background of everything that follows.

So I'm pretty freaked out, and I stupidly decide to finish the bowl, put the bong away, and try to ride it out. I finally cash it, but then I start feeling the slightest twinges of that "salvia book feeling".
I start feeling the slightest twinges of that "salvia book feeling".
You probably know what I mean if you've done salvia. It's like your body is a book, and somebody is ruffling the pages down it eternally. Super weird and uncomfortable. The second I feel it, my mind flashes back and I realize my mistake. Two or three days before, I had smoked some 200x salvia out of that same bong, and I guess that I didn't finish the whole bowl. The second I realize this, absolute panic sets in. I did NOT want to trip on salvia anytime soon, and I DEFINITELY didn't want to do it on two fucking tabs of acid. But, I somehow manage to rein myself in a bit, and I just stay laying down. I look at my feet, and they're...how do I describe this? They're liquifying and floating upwards, toward my ceiling. Time has slowed immensely, and I can feel my memories and cognition slipping away as always happens on salvia. I look at my ceiling, and the geometry is just insane. Everything on my blank white ceiling is crystalized, complex, and I KNOW it wants to hurt me. And then, like a train entering a tunnel, the salvia fully hits.

I don't entirely know how to describe what happened. I didn't fully break through and lose all contact with reality; I had some small concept of where I was and that I should stay there, but that was about it. What I saw around me became nothing more than colors, shapes, and objects, with no referents. Mentally (and this is all, essentially, metaphor), my consciousness became a Planck time. My understanding of quantum mechanics is spotty, but the definition of a Planck time is the smallest unit of time possible with our current understanding of physics. For reference, that's 5.39 × 10 −44 seconds. I became a personified version of that. It felt like I was a grain of sand on the crest of a wave that was hitting a shore. Every time the wave hit the shore, it created the universe at that particular moment, and the wave hit the shore a near infinite amount of times until the random arrangement of sand/Planck time units was just right, and then it repeated the cycle over and over again. I became one of these grains, and it was horrifying. It was hell. Hitting the shore, over and over and over again, begging to be freed. I could tell that there were other things like me around me, but I couldn't perceive anything about them besides that they were trapped eternally the same way I was.

Eventually, bits and pieces started returning. The place I'm in, it is called a "bedroom". I am a "human" and I live on "Earth". Each piece that returned was joyous to me. I had gone through literal hell and come out the other side clean. I wish, partially, that it hadn't happened, since it was so utterly horrifying, but at the same time I'm glad I had this experience. It changed the way I looked at the world and how I looked at time. Hope you're doing well, my fellow Planck units.

The rest of the trip wasn’t the best. I was just trying to figure out what the hell my consciousness had just been through, until I fell asleep at about T+12.

Aftereffects: I was a bit “out of it” for maybe two days after this happened, though it didn’t interfere with any of my daily activities, just made me a bit less social than usual.

I had another trip a few weeks later on 1 tab of 1P, and it was good. At one point I saw some geometry on my backpack and had a bit of a disgusted feeling because it somehow reminded me of the salvia experience, but besides that it was alright. I was lucky that I didn't freak out. If you smoke salvia, clean out your smoking apparatus after you're done so you don't accidently blast off like I did.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 112990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Apr 28, 2019Views: 3,528
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1P-LSD (682), Salvia divinorum (44), Cannabis (1) : Combinations (3), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Alone (16)

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