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Three Days Later Still Very Vivid Memories
by Luke
Citation:   Luke. "Three Days Later Still Very Vivid Memories: An Experience with 1P-LSD (exp112998)". Mar 23, 2020.

50 ug oral 1P-LSD
First Experience With 1P-LSD

Substance obtained from reputable professional laboratry. Only prior psychedelic experience was vaporized DMT once (sub-breakthrough dose, still profound and surrounded by kaleidoscopic patterns with eyes open or closed).

Made sure I had no obligations and was in a comfortable and safe environment with good mindset. Debated dropping 100mcg but settled on 50 because I can always go higher later.

9:24pm - dropped 50mcg 1P-LSD

9:34pm - possibly placebo change in headspace, slightly increased heart rate. pupils slightly dilated. no other effects yet.

9:42pm - still no noticeable change

9:52pm - possible heightened awareness. sounds seem farther away and clearer. could still be placebo mostly but definitely coming off baseline. eyelids twitching.

10:02pm - palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

10:12pm - body load lightening, feeling slightly euphoric

10:15pm - sudden gas need to take a shit, I'll do it in a few mins

10:21pm - taking a shit. feel slightly not normal but can't really pin it down. slight time dilation & I can pay attention to many things at once. still carrying on coherent conversations with people.

10:26pm - 100% lift in mood, more talkative, easier flowing thoughts, happy and smiling like an idiot

10:36pm - emotions amplified, colors seem more saturated. no other visuals yet.

10:50pm - people talking to me, too much work to pay attention to what they're saying. easily doable but damn gimme a break lemme chill lol. immediately feel guilty about saying that. I should cherish this conversation.

10:54pm - palms sweatier, feel kind of tingly and very aware of my own skin. hungry? but no appetite.

10:58pm - possible first sign of visuals, couch/pillows breathing if I look closely.

11:03pm - looking at fractals on Frax app. feels like I can feel them. woah.

11:15pm - watching the good doctor, feel super emotional towards the characters and super disgusted at tumor surgery scene. major bad vibes. need to play xbox or listen to good music. emotions are very impressionable right now.

11:31pm - possibly peaked? hopefully not. even if so, still a very enjoyable dip in the psychedelic waters. gonna try to play fortnite.

11:55pm - looks like rippling spiderweb CEVs if I close my eyes long enough. pretty cool. fortnite taking forever to update. ate half a can of salt and vinegar pringles. my mouth hurts. drinking tonic water now. everything looks strange to me and I feel shorter than I normally do. very strange. maybe some slight tracers as well. pretty psychedelic headspace and feeling of wholeness/emptiness simultaneously in my chest (I think I need to burp? lol)

12:38am - fortnite looks amazing. definitely in the psychedelic headspace. pillows breathing & some light patterns if I stare at stuff. everything is so vibrant & it doesn't seem like its negatively affecting my gameplay at all

1:16am - won a game of fortnite high explosives. playing runescape now. pupils huge. still at the peak. body feels electric, waves of energy surging through me.

2:08am - still at the peak? watching spirited away. just listened to porter robinson-sad machine with a blindfold on. incredible.

2:28am - spirited away is amazing. really questioning why LSD is even illegal. i just feel like a little kid again.

2:54am - staring at fractals and watching spirited away, thinking about life, very emotional. this stuff really lasts a while.

3:16am - body still feels very electric. some yoga or light exercise & stretching would be amazing right now. still watching my movie though.

3:41am - the underwater train tracks in spirited away are really resonating with me right now for some reason. I think I'm on the comedown but still very much in it at the moment.

4:15am - getting tired. watching animated alex grey art on youtube & listening to tool.

4:27am - still some mild visuals if I focus hard enough. still very deep in thought. I think I'm tired enough to lay down and meditate until I fall asleep though (which should be soon). I'm going to take out my contacts and brush my teeth.

4:43am - teeth brushed, contacts out, pupils still huge. took 1g tablet of N-acetyl cysteine (my nose gets stuffy overnight because I have a deviated septum). yawning. think I'm down enough to be able to sleep. what an incredible experience; will add comments when I wake up.

4:52am - the harder I try to fall asleep the more intense the CEVs get. now with splashes of color, and they feel like they are weighing on my eyes. not necessarily in a bad way though. going to enjoy the show til I doze off. alarms set tentatively for 11am.

12:45pm - been half asleep, just laying in bed. feel physically tired but still very refreshed. sleep cycle & fitbit app sleep & heart rate data used.

If anything it seems to have improved my sleep (usually in like 50-60% quality range). It was 76% sleep quality according to sleep cycle app with normal REM cycle. My resting heart rate is usually around low 70s, here it is low 60s. interesting for sure.

3 days later still very vivid memories of all of this. I feel great. Going to try 100-150 in about 2 weeks inside of a sensory deprivation tank.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 112998
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Mar 23, 2020Views: 1,155
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1P-LSD (682) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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