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Akuamma as a Kratom Analogue: Extract Tests
Picralima nitida (extract)
by Medicinal Alchemist
Citation:   Medicinal Alchemist. "Akuamma as a Kratom Analogue: Extract Tests: An Experience with Picralima nitida (extract) (exp113012)". Mar 25, 2019.

T+ 0:00
2 capsls oral Picralima nitida (extract)
  T+ 0:26 4 capsls oral Picralima nitida (extract)


After having lost access to kratom leaf for research in my local area, I searched for a natural product similar to kratom and found Picralima nitida seeds, better known as akuamma. These seeds are known to contain kratom-like alkaloids, so I obtained 100 grams of ground akuamma seed powder from an online vendor and started a new study. These experiments were set out to test the efficacy of products made from akuamma versus those made with kratom. All experiments and lab procedures were conducted by a trained chemist. Do not try at home.

Trial experiments: Simple psychoactivity tests were conducted on the raw seed powder of akuamma. Three tests were conducted with raw seed powder in capsules, one at 4 grams and one at 6 grams, and no noticeable kratom-like effects were noted. After consuming roughly 12 grams of seed powder on the third test, I had effects similar to that of taking about 3 grams of kratom by the same method. It was evident to me that an extract would be best for a more practical psychoactive dose.

Extract procedure: 75 grams of akuamma seed powder were placed into a jar into which 95% ethanol was poured. The mixture macerated over 48 hours. After that time passed, I poured away the deep yellow solution from the macerated seed powder and used a paper filter to filter further. The resulting filtrates were evaporated in a glass dish under a fume hood and yielded 7.772 grams of a mainly yellow crystalline residue that contained a fat left over from the seeds that were extracted. Extracts were then encapsulated at a gram of extracts per capsule. The extracts were estimated to be between 9 and 10 times the potency of the seed powder.

Extract bioassay, capsules roughly 1 gram of extract per capsule, equalling roughly 10 grams of raw plant matter per capsule:

T-0:00 2 capsules down. Capsules were somewhat softened by the leftover fat in the extract.

T+0:14 Noticeable head change. Dullness far in the distance. A haze of my vision. Iím overcome with calm, but itís short of fully psychoactive.

T+0:26 I started to feel pain relief in my sinuses. Accompanying the pain relief was a rising sense of a kratom-like buzz. The extracts at this time seemed about twice the potency of kratom plant matter by weight. I added 4 extra capsules to the dose.

T+0:47 Noticeable loss of inhibitions and some loss of motor control. The akuamma extracts had built up in effect to a point that felt like a very dreamy, kratom-like opioid high. The effect emanated from my head down to my body. It was very sedating. Interesting note: The effects of akuamma seemed a bit different from those of kratom. Changes in visual perception, like background haze and spatial disorientation, make me think that akuamma extracts may in theory modulate kappa opioid receptors more than kratom plant matter does-- something about it just seemed pleasantly disassociative.

T+1:08 The effects now are stronger, but I notice that a couple side effects have manifested, the first being nausea and the second some tremor-like effects in my extremities.
I notice that a couple side effects have manifested, the first being nausea and the second some tremor-like effects in my extremities.

T+1:17 The nausea gets the best of me and I purge. After doing so the nausea subsides.

T+2:30 Effects now are finally wearing off, along with the tremors in my extremities.

T+3:30 Iíve now sobered up to the point where the effects are not noticeable.

After my experience with akuamma, I was curious what caused the tremor-like effect. This seemed outside of what kratom would do. My research into all the alkaloids contained in akuamma showed that it contained pericine, a possible convulsant. My theory is that pericine may be the direct culprit for the side effect of tremors in high-dose akuamma use. After making this discovery, I decided that if I were to work with akuamma again I would want to conduct a separation scheme to remove pericine from the extracts.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113012
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Mar 25, 2019Views: 5,644
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