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Surprisingly Profound
MDMA & Cannabis
by Delta
Citation:   Delta. "Surprisingly Profound: An Experience with MDMA & Cannabis (exp113025)". Apr 17, 2019.

T+ 0:00
    Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 0:00 50 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 0:30 100 mg oral MDMA (capsule)
  T+ 1:15 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:00 1 hit smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 5:45   oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  


A Surprisingly Profound Experience

In summary, this experience was an immensely therapeutic moment for our relationship followed by a profoundly psychedelic surprise that was gently eased off towards sleeping.

Leading up to this experience I'd recently gone through some problems in my relationship and was making changes to integrate what had been learnt. My fiancee was coming round for the weekend after our college week and I had suggested getting some MDMA for its therapuetic and recreational effects. I'd recently bought 2g of cannabis (stardog) and so I had that stashed. Me and her both thoroughly enjoy MDMA, although I barely feel its empathogenic effects due to very strong abuse of it before; instead it only really gives me an empathetic effect. It affects her very strongly.

On the day, we had woken up at about 7am and taken multivitamins, an omega 3 6 9 and a magnesium supplement. We watched Southpark until dosing at around 9:10am. I found it difficult to keep track of time through the experience and so the actual timings may vary.

Before dosing, there was some physical nausea due to the vitamins on an empty stomach, and slight hunger. Aside from this, there was no anxiety or uncomfortability, rather excited.

She swallows a 40mg gel cap of MDMA with milk, followed by me with a 50~mg cap.
The idea behind splitting the dose up is that it excites and upregulates the seretonin receptors, whilst also inhibiting its own enzymes and allowing the larger dose to have a greater effect.

We continue to watch another episode of Southpark, intending to take the other two thirds of the dose after.

Physical discomfort continues and fluctuates, slightly surpressed by the milk but definitely still uncomfortable.

We both swallow our second doses with milk, hers being 80mg and mine 100mg.

The physical discomfort has lessened and feels more supressed by the milk, but milk has its own physical discomfort albeit more minor. Still somewhat nauseous. Not anxious or negative feeling besides not expecting much of an effect due to past abuse. She's very excited.

Some time passes and we get into bed to keep watching.

She's really feeling the MDMA, in absolute bliss, can hardly move cuddled up beside me in euphoria. I have a sick feeling in my chest like anxiety, not feeling any usual effects, not even my decreased standard of effects.

I ask if I can smoke a tiny bit to try and mute the anxiety, which she allows. I go and shake the packet of the big 2g nug, and some leaves and a little bit of bud drops out. I put the bud back in and load the leaves into my smaller bong. The hit comes without any difficulty and only lightly dries my tongue, which leads to a dehydrated mouth.

I come lay back down and drink some water, the sickness still there a bit. I quickly focus on the feeling and it becomes pronounced and vivid, feeling very sick. As soon as this is overcome, the feeling disappears and does not return.

Expected peak of both doses, I become very talkative and I begin to explain a lot of things that had happened and open a dialogue with her. We have a long therapeutic discussion that makes us both feel incredibly secure and loved. I am very grateful for the experience for this, as it's exactly what I intended when I suggested getting it. This lasted for roughly 2 hours, deeply discussing our future and past together.

We're both coming down a bit, quite gently.
I express that I'd wanted to have a hard hit on the comedown and she agrees it's okay, but that she doesn't want any as she no longer enjoys it.

We get up out of bed and dress, and I grab everything I'll need. We head out towards the local Tesco to get some beers and sweets for me. This Tesco has a recreational field with a park, gym equipment, basketball area and skatepark etc. It's not all incredibly advanced, just standard little things that barely see much use, not an impressive place at all. I count my cash in the aisle and grab a fourpack, then head to buy a 3 for a pound collection of nostalgic sweets, and a chocolate bar. We pay and stuff my bag with them and head to the rec ground.

Once arrived we notice there's a kid and their assumed father playing generally, and so we head behind the apartments along the fence until we reach a dip in of bushes and trees. I sit down and take the bong out of my backpack, fill it up with a spring water bottle. I pick out a rather huge amount of bud from the nug for a hit I'd think to be about a third of a gram, look at her and confirm. She's surprised, I tell her, "I'll show you how a stoner does it" and she laughs. I load the bowl and begin to try light it, but my first lighter fails due to wind. I use my windproof jet lighter instead and the first hit immediately pulls a cream cloud of smoke. I drag it into my lungs down to the last bit of breath clearing the device. This irritates my throat a bit but I manage to dissociate it with a few coughs. The bud isn't nearly done so I go back and burn it again the same, with the same draw. It's now a layer of black ash, which I torch a last time and it fills the device once again, all burning in an instant. I draw it again for the last time and blow it to the side. I empty the bong and put it in my backpack, very slowly, and we then set off home.

It was an evidently hard hit, walking away from the scene everything looks absurdly clear and bright, I feel very energetic and positive, surprised I took such an immense series of hits effortlessly. I need water as I'd used it all then so we head back home.

Once we come out of the back alley of fencing and foliage I look across to the hedges lining the car park. I notice the leaves and twigs all form aztec patterns and what appears like astrological symbols or crop circle patterns. I get these patterns very synthetically on LSD all the time, but here I notice that not only the hedge, but everything is entirely symmetrical and intricately conforming to these accurate tribal patterns.

What I then experienced is a state alike to my LSD experiences but clearer, more profound, intricate and organic. I was not convincing myself I was seeing anything, it was outspokenly visual. Everything would shake and bounce and vibrate in these rainbow shifting tribal patterns. Looking at buildings they would have so much clarity, so absurdly three dimensional. Everything stood out like I could observe it from every angle, exactly like LSD only it had a far greater clarity and "realness" to the patterning. There was an intense buzz shaking through me which felt like an unrestricted cannabis euphoria.

I have a feeling this happened due to the tail end of MDMA and extreme cannabis hit, and part due to set and setting. It blew me away, I couldn't believe what I was seeing and feeling. I definitely looked stoned and kept touching my dehydrated mouth all the way home.

Once back in my room I could really observe how intricate the patterns were, they were in every small tuft of fibres in my carpet, and completely warped the texture of the duvet cover. Looking at my skin and hers I could see the patterns everywhere. Pressing my skin would make the colour of the patterns under the warped skin darken lightly to a blue from goldish. We got in bed and continued watching Southpark for a while, as the intensity of the psychedelia relented.

I was still pretty stoned when I stopped seeing things, and decided to crack a beer. We put a horror movie called "The Haunting in Connecticut" on and watched together, cuddled up. I drank the high into a nice casual buzz with a pair of beers throughout the movie which lasted roughly two hours. It was quite a gory and disturbing movie which wasn't so great for the experience but it was enjoyable and interesting nonetheless and definitely a nice moment with her.

We sleep quite early as she has college in the morning and needs to shower, and so the experience ends. The following morning there's a minor lethargy and slight visual acuity.

I believe the surprising psychedelic state I achieved is in part due to my previous psychedelic experience. I've done ALD-52 at 100mcg three times, once on its own, once equally with her with 25mg of 4-ACO-DMT (Psilacetin) and once with 100mg of MDMA. I think perhaps due to my candyflip, there may have been some relativity to MDMA and LSD, and such a heavy single dose of cannabis acted as a great catalyst for retrieving that state of mind from the relieving MDMA. Aside from this I have no other explanations. And that wasn't by anything at all the best part of this experience. It was a great surprise though.

It was definitely an interesting experience for me.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113025
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Apr 17, 2019Views: 1,545
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MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Therapeutic Intent or Outcome (49), Relationships (44), Combinations (3)

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