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Euphoric but Not That Stimulating
by Corsair19
Citation:   Corsair19. "Euphoric but Not That Stimulating: An Experience with 5-EAPB (exp113054)". Apr 2, 2019.

50-300 mg oral 5-EAPB


I've tried 5-EAPB as an alternative to other euphoric stimulants over the last few years. I loved MDPV, but it's way too long. MDMA is its own wonderful, but the crash and hangover is harsh. 5-MAPB is a great in between. 4-FA is very MDMA like, slightly less harsh crash, but some physical symptoms that seem concerning. Tried 6-APB and most of the other euphoric stims available before 2014 or so.

I had a small stash of 5-EAPB left. A couple grams. So I pulled out my notes from a few years ago and tried it again.

When I first tried it in 2015, I assumed it would be similar in dose to 5-MAPB, but it turned out to be much less potent. I had it tested at two labs (EcstasyData/Erowid and another private lab) and confirmed it was 5-EAPB. I was able to tell it was nearly pure, but you could argue I'm working with an unknown purity.

After a dozen trials, I would say that it's slightly less than half as potent as 5-MAPB as far as stimulation and euphoria goes.
After a dozen trials, I would say that it's slightly less than half as potent as 5-MAPB as far as stimulation and euphoria goes.
There's an underlying empathogenic effect that might not be 40% as strong as 5-MAPB by mg. Hard to say.

But, my standard starting dose was first 20mg, then changed that to 40mg for my first 10 trials. Then I changed the "low dose" to 50mg.

At 50mg, with a little alcohol, a little cannabis (who takes 50mg of 5-EAPB without some executive-function loosener?), taken orally in liquid with grapefruit juice started about 30 minutes in and peaks at about 100 minutes. The effects include a clear mood up, upbeat. Some energy increase, but much less physically stimulating than MDPV or alpha-PVP or many of the others. Less empathogenic than MDMA, but what isn't?

Compatible with sex as a female, but not as pushily sexy as some of the other euphoric stimulants.

Overall, I'd put the dose chart at:

20mg threshold
30-60 light
40-80 mid
60-150 strong
100-200 heavy

I prefer taking multiple light doses and working up in the 'mid' range of effects over time. With 5-EAPB, taking a dose about every 2 hours gets there, but doesn't have quite enough physical energy lift to keep me going, so I prefer to lie down.

WAY easier to sleep on at T+2-4 than most other euphoric stimulants.

[Reported Substances: "5-EAPB, etizolam/benzo, alcohol, cannabis"]

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113054
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 49 
Published: Apr 2, 2019Views: 2,022
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