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Absolutely Phentastic
Phenibut & 2C-C
Citation:   gateway-gurd. "Absolutely Phentastic: An Experience with Phenibut & 2C-C (exp113056)". Erowid.org. Apr 12, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113056

T+ 0:00
1250 mg oral Smarts - Phenibut  
  T+ 5:00 12 mg rectal 2C-C  
  T+ 5:30 5 mg rectal 2C-C  
  T+ 5:50 5 mg insufflated 2C-C  
  T+ 6:00 8 mg insufflated 2C-C  
  T+ 0:00   vaporized Cannabis (extract)
I've taken 2C-C 5 times prior to this, all at varying doses, and so far have found it a very amenable psychedelic. Last night I combined it with phenibut, which ended up being my my best experience on either of these substances so I felt obliged to report on it.

Our story begins around 2pm yesterday when I went to the library to study, and after jotting some notes for about an hour I headed home. I arrived to find my gf doing cocaine which was a bit of an affront to me, being the pretentious drug nerd that I am. Sheís had a history of alcohol abuse but suffering multiple concussions while blacked out was an impetus for her to give it up. After going to AA and being sober for almost 2 months she relapsed a couple days ago.

Seeing her doing coke I decided I should take a substance myself to get on her level. I thought about taking some 4-FA or 6-APB as I havenít rolled in almost 2 years, but it just didnít seem right. Not that I don't enjoy rolling, it just feels wrong taking them for the sole purpose of chasing euphoria. Is this just a manifestation of residual catholic guilt in my architecture? Am I simply an ascetic at heart, on some higher moral plane compared with these raver freaks?

But now was not the time for moral and ethical dialectics, my gf was in the next room bathing her brain in cocaethylene, it was a time for action. Thus I decided I would take 1,250mg phenibut, Iíve tried it a few times prior (my highest dose up to this point was 750mg) and was never that impressed, it mostly just gave me muscle tension and a bit of anxiety relief the day after.

The phenibut seemed to be taking effect much quicker than normal. By an hour in I felt noticeably calmer and collected, went to grab some dinner and watched a basketball game. Phenibut isn't supposed to peak until 3-4 hours in and at 1-2 hours I was already really enjoying it, a propitious signal of what the developing night held in store.

By around 9pm (about 4-5 hours after I took the phenibut) an unmistakable bodily euphoria was materializing, especially in the lower extremities. Orgasmic by no means, but more than I expected from this dose of phenibut. Still, I felt like the night needed something more.

I began reading some reports of rectally administered 2C-C and it really seemed like it might be the best ROA for it. I decided to drive to the store to get a 1ml oral syringe but the pharmacy was closed. They did have these little pipette-like glass droppers which I decided I would give a whirl.

I got home to find my gf had finished her half gram of cocaine and was now solely subsisting on craft beer. My retort was weighing out 16mg of 2C-C and loading it in the glass dropper, but then I hesitated. Seeing my gf in this state of, what I considered mismanaged drug abuse, really brought my mood down. I asked if she wanted me to watch her for the night, but she then decided she was going to a friends house and quickly left.

The stage was now set, and according to the decree of Newton, my hand imparted a force upon the glass dropper, duly slinking it up my caudal aperture. The only problem was, that this dropper was much less effective than I anticipated at delivering the solution.
this dropper was much less effective than I anticipated at delivering the solution.
I recently saw a post where someone claimed that they got a dropper stuck while plugging 5-MeO-DMT, I now could see this as real possibility with these glass droppers. There was a bit left in the dropper so I don't think I got the full dose, but I didn't want to fiddle around with it any longer, so I went and sat on the couch, turned on some music and played some nba 2k on the playstation.

At first I had some doubts about how hard it would hit me, since I hadn't plugged the whole solution and I had also taken what I thought was a large oral dose of 2C-C around 10 days prior which didn't hit me very hard. However these doubts were quickly assuaged. A rapid euphoria began to build, and visuals as well, mostly a trailing and smearing on the game I was playing.

At about 30 min in I was pretty certain I had peaked and wanted to push further, I weighed out 7mg more of 2C-C and tried to plug it again with the dropper. Again I realize this dropper is just not suitable for this, but I still am able to deliver most of it and then go back to couch to keep playing 2k.

The bodily euphoria continues to build but I want to push further. I portion out about 5mg more of 2C-C and decide to snort it, I can tell it burns but nociception is somewhat muted. I know if I was sober it would be much more painful.

Quickly after, I measure 8mg more and snort that. At this point I decide that this video game requires too much concentration so I move to floor and feed my cats some treats. They've been right next to me this whole experience and are guiding me, my regal feline friends, one of them is sitting under a lamp, the spotlight suits her well.

Wow, this really starts hitting me harder at about 10-15min after the last snorted dose. With the plugged doses the visuals were more glitchy and undeveloped. Now a lattice meshwork becomes discernible. I lay back and close I my eyes. I get the distinct feeling that my consciousness could at any moment, take a path of relativistic kaleidoscopic recursion, back to some extremely low entropy state. And I was completely fine with my mind taking such a path while the body temporarily vegetates. But it never further developed.

I got up and started dancing, or at least some primitive interpretation of dancing. I was starting to feel amazing. Like I was rolling hard, but it felt much more natural than MDMA. I can't emphasize enough how euphoric i felt. I was pulsating with energy. The only thing bringing me down at this point was that I have no new music. At this point I started to consider the possibility that the phenibut was having a more significant effect on this experience than I had heretofore considered.

After pacing around the house for about 5-10 minutes and realizing I needed to immerse myself in something. I started watching some music videos and getting really into them, much more than has happened in years. Just following my recommended youtube videos I found I lot of new songs that I really like.

I start thinking about my gf and how she would have no way to contact me right now, as I donít have a phone right now. From her point of view that must be frustrating or perhaps sheís resigned to it, as for the past few years I have spent mostly with no phone. Itís sad for me to see how many people cant go a few minutes without looking at their phones. Or if you take someones phone away they go crazy, as if its become some unnatural extension of their body. Even just from a privacy standpoint itís disturbing to me that everyday, most people are tracing out a record of everywhere they go and everything they do. But on the 2C-C i thought about it from another perspective, that it seems almost irresponsible to not have a phone, what if something happens to someone you love and they need to get ahold of you, or vice versa?

I took a couple hits off my dab pen, lit a candle in the bedroom and laid down. I fumbled with my gfís crystals for a bit, harnessing whatever energy they had to proffer. Mostly I just laid down and thought though, I was really having some deep thoughts, although they were never forceful or judgmental. Stuff like having kids, long-term relationships, real friends, and the future direction of my life. I eventually fell asleep around 2am. So I think the whole experience from my first dose of 2C-C lasted about 4 hours. But it seemed like so much longer.

Overall, this was such a positive experience. I resolved a number of neuroticisms which arose throughout the trip. It reinforced a positive attitude to life in general, and also made me want to make changes to improve my day to day living. Aside from some muscle tension which was never at the forefront of my mind, the phenibut really seemed to help the trip. It didnít dull it that I could tell (headspace wise, this was the deepest Iíve got with 2C-C yet) and I will definitely consider tripping with it again.

As for 2C-C, it continues to impress me. None of the dark edges of 2C-B and much richer than 2C-D. Iím definitely going to plug it in the future as the onset is so quick and extremely euphoric. The sensation is not too uncomfortable either, at least not as bad as plugging 2C-B or 2C-D.

This morning I awoke with a headache, this is the first time Iíve gotten a headache from 2C-C, it was a fairly bad headache but it wasnít front and center of my attention like it normally would be. After some coffee and food it pretty much cleared up, so perhaps it was just rebound vasodilation or hunger-related.

For me 2C-C is better than 2C-B or 2C-D.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113056
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Apr 12, 2019Views: 4,183
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Smarts - Phenibut (379), 2C-C (262) : Alone (16), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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