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Holiday Trip - Flying by the Sea
Citation:   Soma91. "Holiday Trip - Flying by the Sea: An Experience with LSD (exp113073)". Erowid.org. May 10, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113073

T+ 0:00
0.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 0.25 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00     Cannabis  
This report is about an LSD experience in a beach town during the holiday. My boyfriend D and I decided to spend a few days in my family’s house in a relatively well known beach town. We were on our last week of holidays, having spent the previous two free weeks making a trip to the north of the country. Those two weeks were beautiful but also tiring, since we set out to do walks and go on tours almost every day that we were not on a bus ride. Therefore, we were looking forward to a full 100% relax experience, including sun and sea-baths at the beach, having our favourite meals and of course, immersing ourselves in some psychedelic experiences.

We had brought MDMA and LSD along with sufficient amounts of pot. We decided to do the MDMA first, the day following our arrival. We took the LSD two days after the MDMA experience, which had left us afterglowing and not tired nor in a bad/sad mood.

At about 11 am, we had something light for breakfast, and took ¼ hit of a blotter that we had heard was really good material. It didn’t taste like anything, which was a good start. After this, we remained in the living room of the house, sitting on the couch watching TV. I have spent my holidays in this location since before I was born (literally), so I know the place perfectly and generally handle myself like it really was my hometown. While we waited for the stuff to kick in, we watched some documentaries on NatGeo, one about Japan’s geology and one about Jupiter (yes, we’re a couple of nerds).

At this point, about two hours had gone by, and although I was going recurrently to the bathroom to pee (symptom that I have every time I use psychedelics), and felt anxious, I didn’t feel more than a little bit off baseline. D felt the same, and we decided to take an extra ¼. Then we continued to watch documentaries. One about the Sun followed, and we could tell in the middle of it that the effects were beginning to appear as the whole concepts developed in the documentary about life and outer space became a bit overwhelming. The effects were pretty clear at this point. We decided to switch the TV channel, and watch some news and cartoons, followed by a local transmission of live cameras in different parts of the town (downtown, the woods, the beach). It was relaxing to watch but at the same time a little creepy, since some of the scenes were totally deserted. It was a summer day, but it had been raining and the sky was overcast. It was chilly and windy also: the opposite of a typical beach day. Although we intended to go out, we decided to remain a bit longer on the couch as the effects grew more intense and caused us to be still. We listened to music and talked, not moving much. I was feeling considerably nauseous
I was feeling considerably nauseous
, but I could handle it well as long as I remained in a horizontal position. At about 4, I got up and danced a bit, slowly easing into the mellow high. D was still feeling a bit stuck, but I offered him some candy and began to put himself together. We checked that it was no longer raining, and decided to leave by 4:30, setting out for a walk through the village to a small forestal reserve, finally crossing it to reach the beach. We took water, candy, a small bluetooth speaker, our jackets, and left.

The walk to the natural reserve was really nice. Beautiful summer houses emerged in vibrant green gardens filled with colorful flowers of all kinds. The town’s sand streets seemed peaceful, and the quiet scene was only disturbed by birds’ sounds and distant cars. We easily got to the reserve, and the surroundings became more vegetated and natural. Pines and other trees grew tall, filtering sunlight and giving amazing kaleidoscopic pictures as we looked up to the leaves against the sky. We departed from the main road and went up a hill, where we sat down for a bit. From there we could see people coming and going through the reserve and observe the natural landscape in all directions; that’s what we did while we talked about life and nature and ate chewy candy. We picked up leaves, fruits and flowers that were on the ground and scrutinized their structure, shape and patterns. It all seemed interesting and shone in a beautiful light, with specially bright colors. It did not seem like the gray day it actually was. As we got down the hill, we encountered other people, in particular families or groups of friends, evidently looking for new activities that could replace the usual beach excursion. D remarked that as we looked at them, they all seemed like they were also being overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the place, and it appeared to us they they could all very well be tripping too. We knew they most certainly weren’t, but something in their facial expression looked like it, they just seemed surprised all the time. We finished to cross the reserve and finally emerged at the top of a sand dune overlooking a vast beach. Sand dunes became gradually less steep as they were closer to the ocean.

We could suddenly feel the strength of the wind, and got in between some small hills for cover. Again, we remained silent for a while, observing the beautiful and intimidating landscape of a windy sea during a rainy, gray day. Some people were trying to take artistic photographs of themselves playing with different perspectives by standing in dunes of different heights at different distances from the camera. They looked totally ridiculous to us, giving indications to one another angrily, while trying to take a ‘cute’ picture. We couldn’t help laughing about them and their strange behavior. And of course like in most LSD trips, laugh became unstoppable to the point when tears flowed continuously. We decided to get closer to the sea, however, the wind was very strong and a light drizzle was starting to pour, so we didn’t get very far. Again we took shelter behind a dune, from which we could observe the sea spreading majestically in front of us. We put some music on (particularly Yawning Man) after checking that nobody was close enough to be bothered by it (I find it extremely disturbing when people force their own music into other people’s day in natural surroundings). Yet another moment of glorious and joyful contemplation took place, as we watched the strong waves in the sea, ridden by the wind. The image of a man playing with his dog near the shore was very moving to us, everything looked especially beautiful and in place.

Some minutes later, we turned our attention to a small wooden house in the middle of the beach from which the lifeguards usually watched people who bathed. Nobody was bathing at the time, but one of them was there, trying to do some kind of work on the little cabin. The place was put on some wooden columns, underneath of which was an old leather couch over the sand. It wasn’t clear for us what he was trying to do, he had some kind of hammer and was pounding at one of the corners of the house. The image was weird because the weather became pretty hostile, and the mere thought of carrying out an activity like that out in the open didn’t seem very smart. After a while, a second lifeguard from a nearby beach arrived and attempted to help the other man. The whole scene became incredibly funny, they clearly wouldn’t be able to fulfill the task in those conditions, yet the first man was absolutely focused in it. The other man tried for a while but soon desisted, and proceeded to smoke a cigarette (maybe a joint?), sitting comfortably in the couch as the other worked. I only mention this sequence of events because it all seemed hilarious and incredible for us, watching the whole thing feeling invisible to them. We laughed a lot, and again turned to happy tears.

The rain got stronger and we decided it was a good moment to leave the beach and head for the town center. It was pouring strongly. We headed for the bank to get some cash but the place was packed (everyone was out) and there were about 20 people in line for the ATM machine. About 2 seconds passed by and we decided we were not in the mood for waiting in line in that condition, so we fleeted and entered a big arcade, which I have known for basically my whole life.

Entering the arcade was like entering a different dimension altogether. It was about 6-6:30 pm at this point, 7 hours had passed since we took the acid, so the effects were starting to wear down. But as soon as we found ourselves in that enormous room filled with weird noises and all sorts of colors and flickering lights, a new wave of emotions hit us. Our senses were being aroused in a whole different way now, constantly stimulated by the shiny setting. We were feeling high and giggly again, and we spent about half an hour playing Daytona, Time Crisis and House of the Dead. The whole thing was tremendously funny, although some of the graphic interfaces of the games seemed like too much for me at times, especially when the game required me to shoot and kill characters one after the other. Games that usually appear too violent for me seemed unbearably so this time. Anyway all in all it was a relaxing, fun experience.

At about 7 we left, and started walking along the town’s main street. This was not an easy task because the place was packed and we had to avoid people of the time. It was also raining, so everyone was trying to walk under the frontshops’ roofs. At some point we walked past another arcade, where people were lining up to get into some kind of wagon, in which they were given virtual reality goggles. We decided to stay and watch those peoples’ ride. Once they were all sat down with their goggles on, seatbelts secured, one employee activated the machine and it started moving as if it was a spaceship. The participants made weird noises, surprised at the visual effects I suppose they were having. They also made sudden movements, like reflex motions provoked by the visual stimulation. Many other people were watching with us, and we were very amused by the whole thing. Some minutes later it was over, and we set out to continue to walk the busy street. The rain had calmed down but was still present. At this point, D got a text message from his brother, who was in a nearby coast location as well, telling him to watch out for the rainbow over the sea. We immediately started walking towards the beach, and as we were getting closer to the coastline, an incredibly bright double rainbow became visible. It emerged from the ocean, looking north, and the other end faded beautifully into the town’s buildings.The main arc was very bright, and the secondary one was clearly visible, with its color sequence inverted. The sky was pink and grey, the rain was beginning to give in and at the same time, dusk was about to start.

We couldn’t believe our eyes and how incredibly lucky we were to be able to watch that beautiful spectacle in such a blissful state of mind, being flooded by a strong feeling of gratitude. The beach was almost deserted: people preferred to flee from the rain and miss this wonderful event, it seemed. The rain finally stopped, and the rainbow quickly disappeared. This is when we looked the other way to the southeast, and saw the most unique landscape consisting of the sea, dark grey at this time, obscured by a set of very dense dark silvery clouds that elongated across a pink/orange sky. The color contrast was intense, and I tried to absorb as much visual information as I could get through my eyes and into my mind. I wanted to be able to reminisce the vision and the warm feeling forever. I was also taking many pictures with my phone, and sucking on a lollipop (classic psychedelic companion). It gradually became darker, and suddenly it was night time. The atmosphere was humid and a bit chilly and the sky was too dark to appreciate any colours. We walked along the coastline, talking constantly to each other and laughing. We were already starting to head back home, and decided that we would stop to get some food on the way for dinner. We eventually got to the place, and ordered lots of delicious comfort food. We felt totally hungry and no amount of food seemed enough. It was not easy to order the food, we hadn’t interacted with people for about nine hours, and we were just slowly coming down. But we finally got through and food became a reality for us.

We resumed our way home. As soon as we got there, we literally attacked the food, but we became almost immediately satisfied. Most of it became leftovers but hey, we didn’t have to worry about lunch anymore. A marihuana blunt was then lit up, and we finally relaxed as we watched TV, curled up in a blanket to face the rainy night. We smoked and relaxed for a few hours, and finally fell asleep to some beautiful music.

The following day was amazing: sunny and warm. We started the day with a joint and a nice breakfast about 11am, and we set out to the beach, where we spent the whole day with D’s brother and his girlfriend. We had the leftover food for lunch, sunbathed, read, and freshened ourselves in the glorious Atlantic waters. Everything was at peace, the afterglow feeling continued for many hours.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113073
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: May 10, 2019Views: 780
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LSD (2) : Relationships (44), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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