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Ingested in the Morning
by Smartpharma
Citation:   Smartpharma. "Ingested in the Morning: An Experience with Methylliberine (exp113075)". Dec 12, 2020.

150 mg oral Methylliberine


Methylliberine First Time

Methylliberine is is related to caffeine, it has recently (2019) become available as a preworkout/nootropic caffeine alternative.

I am an avid coffee drinker, and have also used analogs such as theacrine. I am also experienced with all major drug types. This includes psychedelics, amphetamines, GABAergics, benzodiazepines, opioids, empathogens and dissociatives. I have a background in neuropharmacology, and work in drug development. I approach all drug use with strict utilitarianism, which I credit as being the sole factor why I have used such addictive and easily abusable drugs without ever becoming addicted.

Methylliberine was ingested in the morning. I went to sleep shortly after, and within the hour, was awake. Unlike theacrine pills, methylliberine woke me up shortly and swiftly - a good thing. The feeling proceeded to grow in strength, and I went about my day. My mood was extremely elevated, and my language skills and cognitive abilities seemed to be operating at maximum capacity, without feeling like such operations were occurring at the expense of neurotransmitter depletion, as is the case with amphetamines. My wakefulness felt genuine; I did not feel tired at all whatsoever.

As the day went on, my thoughts became more and more lucid, and elevated cognition felt genuinely effortless. Needless to say, I was impressed. Furthermore, an unexpected effect of this, was that I was extremely funny on the stuff. Humor came naturally to virtually every situation, and although my sense of humor can be brash and sometimes offensive for others, my social aptitude on methylliberine balanced these qualities out.

The effects lasted for around eight hours, and then I crashed hard. It is important to note that, at the time, I had a strong caffeine tolerance
at the time, I had a strong caffeine tolerance
(a further testament to methylliberine's efficacy as a stimulant).

In conclusion, I have always been passionate about exploring caffeine's analogs, as they present themselves as novel stimulants that lack the neurotoxicity of drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine. The methylliberine stimulation/vigilance was strong, and genuinely comparable to such drugs.

It is worth noting that I have tried a vast amount of the available nootropics, including drugs like modafinil, various racetams, choline, and much more. Methylliberine is, by far, the most well-rounded nootropic I have ever taken. I will always have this substance on hand.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113075
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Dec 12, 2020Views: 1,629
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Methylliberine (911) : Not Applicable (38), Performance Enhancement (50), First Times (2)

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