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Experimenting with Controlling Breathing
Breathing Exercise
by phris
Citation:   phris. "Experimenting with Controlling Breathing: An Experience with Breathing Exercise (exp113078)". Apr 26, 2019.


For the sake of experimentation and boredom, I decided to practice a common breathing exercise: Deep breaths to increase the supply of oxygen in the body, followed by a long period of no breathing held for as long as possible, and then a deep breath. This can be repeated over and over again, sometimes with heightened effects after each complete cycle. Here is the exact exercise I perform.

Deep breaths in and out, about 30 total ins and outs. The last one I make extra deep, release it completely, and then start holding my breath. I didn't time it but judging by the music I was listening to, probably about 1:30-2 minutes each time. After that time I breathe in deeply when it is too much to ignore. I then repeat the process over again, deep breaths in and out, about 30 times, then hold my breath again.

The effects I felt were overall very noticeable and positive. Each time I took that deep breath after the period of holding, the immediate body feeling became more and more rewarding. After about 8 cycles, as soon as I took the breath my closed eye vision brightened and I saw mostly deep red patterns, lines, clouds, and other very basic CEVs.
After about 8 cycles, as soon as I took the breath my closed eye vision brightened and I saw mostly deep red patterns, lines, clouds, and other very basic CEVs.
They only lasted until I got my breath back, probably 10-15 seconds. I'm in a dark room but I can tell my vision is affected as everything is much more colorful, bright, and also appears to be breathing slightly.

Even typing this about 10 minutes after completing my last cycle I still feel a deep and satisfying euphoria, like I just ran a race. From what I can tell, this is a pretty easy way to trick my body into giving me a "runner's high" without actually putting in any physical work. There is the deep euphoria, ease of mind, warmth in the body, and slightly more pleasant visuals than normal.

As well as a positive body feeling, I received a very dissociative effect in my mind, similar to what one can feel while meditating or taking a dissociative drug such as DXM. The dissociative effect was felt constantly over the course of the exercise, regardless of which stage of the cycle I was in, and it became stronger with each completed cycle.

This exercise was a positive meditative experience for me. The more I think about it, it's really interesting the way I can evoke such a pleasurable state for my entire body and mind simply out of changing the way I breathe.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113078
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 26, 2019Views: 3,781
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