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Endless Positive Energy
Citation:   frigoow. "Endless Positive Energy: An Experience with DOC (exp113107)". May 3, 2019.

T+ 0:00
    Vitamins / Supplements  
  T+ 2:00 3.8 mg oral DOC (powder / crystals)
  T+ 3:15     Vitamins / Supplements  
I had been thinking about trying DOC again in the Easter break for at least a couple weeks. The night and morning itself before the trip were spent going back and forth on actually going through with it, mainly because the day before I felt awful, unmotivated and in a terrible mood, but also because I have some projects to work on.

In line with my previous DOC trips, I decided that going hiking would be a great activity. I found a cool route in a big forest about an hour 20 by train away from my dorm room. At first, a friend was coming with, trying DOC for the first time, but he backed out sadly.
I should note my last trip was on 16mg 2C-E 11 days ago.

8:00am (T-2:00) - I woke up at 8. Took a shower, eventually decided to just go for it, whatever happens, happens, I was going to have fun. I took 300mg magnesium, some multivitamin pills, stopped for some food on my way to the station and eventually I got onto the train.

10:00am (T+0:00) - The train was completely full, but shameless as I am, I took out the water bottle I put my dosage in and just drank it. The taste was awful, distilled gin and the extreme bitterness of a powerful research chemical. I coughed, but I was satisfied.

10:20am (T +0:20) - Oh, oh, I'm feeling something, this is fast! And I'm still on this fucking train. My jaw is tightening, I'm building up more saliva and I'm a little lightheaded. "Already?" I think.
My jaw is tightening, I'm building up more saliva and I'm a little lightheaded. "Already?" I think.
This was not like previous trips, where it took at least an hour for first alerts.

10:35am (T +0:35) - I'm twitchy, yawning, my neck is aching and I'm all but comfortable, I can't wait to get off this thing. I try writing some stuff down to make time go faster, but minutes are creeping by.

10:45am (T+ 0:45) - Visual activity has started, patterns are emerging in the train cushions, I avoid looking at people and just looking out of the window. I start thinking about some of my mood swings and why they happen, and how my parents are worried about me, because of those mood swings. This makes me feel even worse. Music doesn't help, I try a variety of genres, it's either too dark, too hectic or too fast.

11:15am (T+ 1:15) - Finally I'm off the train, it's a huge relief, I immediately feel better and all of my anxiety seems gone. I try to find the start of the pre-determined route (I'm the worst at navigation), which is a whole task in itself. I could see some guy laughing at me because I passed the guy three times, all the while trying to figure out, if I had to go left or right. Every time I pass him, my smile is bigger and bigger. I'm feeling good, everything that happened beforehand is forgotten. I also realize I forgot taking my L-arginine (I had held off on taking it because it's a vasodilator, and I didn't dare taking it right after coming out of bed since I suspect I have quite a low blood pressure in general). I take 1.5 grams to combat the vasoconstriction.

12:00pm (T+ 2:00) - Walking feels good, my head is very clear. Of course I feel I'm tripping, but I complete certain small tasks with precision, and surprising mental clarity, whereas on certain other psychedelics I'd be confused and overthinking. I'm loving the hundreds of small birds tweeting and chirping, it's like stroking my inner ear.

12:15pm (T+ 2:15) - I'm having an amazing time, the classic DOC body high is really manifesting itself. Sometimes, I can feel energy coming from my pelvic area, going upwards right up to my head, when I just want to roll my eyes into my head.

12:30pm (T + 2:30) - I realize that I shouldn't go on a big hike like that because I'm planning to trip, but because I want to go hiking, it's such a peaceful and fulfilling activity, that I can't believe I (or all people for that matter) don't do it more often. This is also where my friend was wrong in not coming with me I, think, he made it all about the drugs, while it was also about the hike, the company and simply a great day. Also there are quite a lot of negative reports on DOC, which seems mostly because of dosing too high and not utilizing the energy DOC gives imo. I never tried higher dosages than this one, but in my experience DOC is friendly, warm, euphoric and clearheaded.
I never tried higher dosages than this one, but in my experience DOC is friendly, warm, euphoric and clearheaded.
The bodyload can make it hard to relax though, but surprisingly, the bodyload is completely transparent for me this time. Sitting down, or even lying down is easy, very much unlike previous trips. I think I found the recipe (magnesium + L-arginine, but I guess there are even better vasodilators around), more good times ahead!

01:30pm (T +3:30) - I've been walking for over 2 hours now, I've covered quite the distance, and there are no signs of fatigue.

02:00pm (T +4:00) - I'm a little disappointed in the lack of visuals, this is very much unlike my first 2.5mg DOC trip, which was an amazingly emotional and visual trip which had me on the edge of tears for hours out of sheer MDMA-like (better even!) euphoria. Slight visuals were present in the first hours, but it all seems to have died down by now. Oh well, I don't trip for visuals, but I missed the beautiful swirling of every object in my eyesight. Grass and everything green is amazingly bright though, the forest is gorgeous, I wish I had come here before.

03:00pm (T +5:00) - I've been taking small breaks here and there since I'm not that used to walking large distances, but I don't stay for long, why should I, I feel energized and DOC is pushing me to go forward, I comply happily. Sometimes the almost orgasmic bodyload makes itself known again, I try to channel that energy through me and at one point it actually felt like an orgasm for a split second, while 'suffering' from an amphetamine dick.

04:00pm (T +6:00) - A muscle in my left leg is starting to hurt. I guess it's my own fault since I'm just here with my day to day shoes, and some parts of the forest are quite hilly, and the perpetually curious man I am, I was often running up a hill just to see what was behind it. I've also taken the wrong path at least three times now, so I still have a couple of miles to go to get back to the station. By now, I was often talking to myself out loud, being quite silly, it was a little lonely, as I had been thinking for hours now. To me it was only natural to actually express my thoughts out loud after all this time. I was a little lonely, but still in a great mood, I don't think my big smile disappeared even once since I got off the train.

05:10pm (T +7:10) - I arrive back at the train station, finally, I'm beat. According to my app I have walked 25 kilometers ~16 miles in the forest, I'm satisfied.

05:40pm (T +7:40) - I need to switch trains, but man, it's complete chaos at the next station. Hundreds and hundreds of people, safe to say, I want to get home asap. The train ride is uneventful, I complete all puzzles in the paper, the sudoku is giving me some trouble at first but it's mostly due to me being too distracted by all the incredible strange and archetypical people that are on the train. I text some friends that I'd never get bored of life, they wouldn't believe the stuff I was hearing and seeing, I love it.

07:00pm (T +9:00) - I'm certainly coming down, and I'm slowly slipping into the second phase of the DOC trip. IME the second phase, or the so called plateau as I've heard some people call it, is characterized by a warm and zen-like state, both physically and mentally. In my previous DOC trips this phase was often polluted by being incredibly fatigued and just lying in my bed. While I could certainly feel some fatigue creeping up, it felt easy to just put aside and let DOC take over. After some chilling in my dorm room, I decide I'm just going home. The nut that I am, I walk again, which would be the third time covering that distance that day. Although I feel it's not good for my leg, I still feel amazing, not overly amazing, just perfect. Energy is flowing through me, although not as powerful as before, and I try to contain myself to not dance or sing in public.

10:00pm (T +12:00) - I think my body was going into panic mode for a couple of minutes. I hadn't really eaten all that much today, which was very foolish of me. After getting home I must have walked about 23 miles in total without really having a big meal. I was sweating profusely and feeling dizzy. I quickly ate some sugary sweets and went to get some food. The food was excellent and I ate a lot!

The next 7 hours were comprised of chilling, watching Seinfeld, solving chess puzzles (and failing miserably) and some great conversations with friends. I felt perfectly at peace and extremely satisfied after such a beautiful day. Sleep came at about T +19:00 which would be around 05:00am. I slept 9 hours, with two interruptions of about 10 minutes.

DOC is an excellent psychedelic, my favorite out of everything I've tried so far. Although it might be a little unfair to the rest of them, since I only do these sorts of epic physical activities on DOC.
I only do these sorts of epic physical activities on DOC.
I love the seemingly endless push it seems to have, throughout the whole day I was 'on fire'.

I got to know DOC so much better today, and although the trip wasn't as intense as I expected it to be, it was an amazing day, from the moment I got off that train, until the very end.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113107
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: May 3, 2019Views: 3,039
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DOC (357) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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