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It Gave Me My Very Best and Worst Trips
Salvia divinorum (extracts)
Citation:   hatmum. "It Gave Me My Very Best and Worst Trips: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (extracts) (exp113115)". May 14, 2019.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
I have tried a decent little variety of psychoactive substances, from cannabis and morning glory seeds to ones that were a bigger mindfuck, acid, large doses of dxm, etc, but the most vivid, the best, and the worst of my trips were both salvia. I would like to recount those two experiences, although salvia is so hard to describe, words can't get across what it really feels like.

The first of these two salvia experiences took place when I was 18, and newly into experimenting with drugs. At this point I had only had weed and spice before. I read up on what to expect, and took my dog and smoking equipment to a large secluded field where I figured I could trip safely away from prying eyes.

I set up, surrounded by tall grass, packed a decent little bowl, hit it, and held as long as I could. As it started to kick in I had the peculiar sensation that my lungs were filed with water rather than smoke (a recurring sensation for my salvia trips). I exhaled a huge billowing cloud. An entity appeared, it was invisible but I knew it looked like a man in a green morph suit which covered all his features. He had the air of a jovial cheeky old familiar friend, one who you could mess around with. He was trying to push me to the floor by my shoulders playfully. I laughed and laughed and told him to stop. A translucent skin seemed to lift off of the world, tethered in one corner of the field.
A translucent skin seemed to lift off of the world, tethered in one corner of the field.
the features of the field, trees round the edge, seemed to be arranged as though they were pockets on a pool table. I looked up at the clouds, which formed into the shape of a benevolent and loving female figure holding a bong. I took this as instruction to smoke more.

I somehow packed a fairly hefty bowl and smoked it, and before I could exhale all hell broke loose. Reality shattered and I began falling down a tunnel, buffeted at regular intervals by waves of ownership. I can't explain what this means now, but it was a physical feeling as real and distinct as heat. I knew that whatever owned me was absolutely malicious, it owned me but it hated me with a passion. I forgot that I had smoked, was no longer in the field or this reality at all, and was certain I had been falling down this tunnel for eternity and would continue to fall for eternity. I did not know who I was or that I had smoked. I don't know how long I was like that, but as I regained a little awareness I found myself lying in the grass, frantically scraping my hand back and forth over the hot metal bowl of my bong. My hat had fallen off and was lying beside me. It underwent no physical change but I knew it was my mother. I apologised over and over and again in a loop to my hat mum, ashamed to death that she could see me in a terrible drugged state like this.

When I finally came around properly 15 minutes had passed and I returned home a little shaken, with a lingering alteration to physical touch that made everything I put my hands on felt like sharp metal. I have never experienced anything as terrifying as that tunnel of ownership, and it would be several years before I tried salvia again.

The next experience took place when I was around 20. I did things a little differently this time, with a friend tripsitting and in my bedroom.
I did things a little differently this time, with a friend tripsitting and in my bedroom.

I loaded a bowl with 35x extract, lit it and held. Again the trip began before I exhaled and I was so gone I was never aware of exhaling. My sitter said that at this I fell face down onto my blankets.

I ended up in a sideways world, where right was the equivalent of down. My atoms were pulled apart and spread across the entirety of this world, and I could see the world from every one of them. There was an endless forest of black thorny trees, interwoven like duplicated fractal celtic knots, and diminishing with each branch splitting to a point so fine that the pattern of the trees eventually blended seamlessly into the pale blue sky. A gleaming man all in white rode sideways out of the forest on a white horse and addressed me. He told me the punchline to the great cosmic joke, and though I forgot it immediately the effect of it, the memory of how goddamn hilarious it was, stayed with me. I laughed absolutely hysterically, I couldn't stop. I felt so uplifted. (My sitter said that I was still face down here and making a noise that he couldn't tell if it was laughter or wailing.
I remembered after an eternity that I had intended to try and describe to my sitter what I was feeling but there was a problem, I couldn't talk while my atoms were scattered. I tried hard to pull my atoms together and deliver my message to my sitter. From my perspective I was telling him about the world and the man and the joke, and how I was made of displaced atoms and how hard it was to pull together. I told him that I kept almost managing to reassemble but how it got harder the closer I got to being whole, how I rose and rejoined but kept falling apart as I reached the edge of this world, an invisible skin in the sky which repelled my attempts to get near it and re-scattered my atoms when I got too close. From his perspective I was struggling to push myself up from the bed, saying "I'm on the edge" to him, then falling back down repeatedly for the last two minutes of the trip.

This trip was over quickly, around three minutes total. I couldn't remember the joke but it left me with an almost euphoric sense of well being and good humour for several days. It was so totally the opposite of the last tip, and I had gone into it prepared for something horrifying.

It was a unique experience each time, like someone playing mad libs with my reality. It might be legal and over quickly, but salvia is not to be taken lightly.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 113115
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 14, 2019Views: 623
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Various (28)

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