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Red Love Molecule
Huasca Combo (Tetrahydroharmine & Acacia confusa)
by u-dont-exist
Citation:   u-dont-exist. "Red Love Molecule: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Tetrahydroharmine & Acacia confusa) (exp113141)". May 7, 2019.

  oral Tetrahydroharmine  
  2 hits vaporized Acacia confusa (extract)


I thought I had smoked NMT/DMT changa many times since I've extracted red goo from acacia for my changa. I guess I was wrong? I've also eaten acacia with harmalas many times but never noticed that much difference from mimosa.

Recently, tho, I extracted the red alkaloid with hot naphtha and it sort of naturally separated from the DMT and NMT. I put that red stuff (with a little bit of DMT/NMT that was hard to completely separate) in a DMSO vape cart. Predosed with THH [Tetrahydroharmine] orally and vaped a small amount (probably got less than 5mg in that low voltage puff but DMSO increases absorption). I guess this red stuff is not NMT, since the NMT was yellow and clearly has very little effects on me. For now I'm naming this red molecule the Metta (loving-kindness) molecule.

The feeling was... exquisite. Like the room became pink-toned and filled with the spirit of Love hypnotizing me.
The feeling was... exquisite. Like the room became pink-toned and filled with the spirit of Love hypnotizing me.
Not sure what MDMA feels like but I hear it's a love drug. This seemed like some type of ayahuasca MDMA or something. There was absolutely no similarity to DMT or ayahuasca except the hypnotic element at this dose. It had no similarity to ANY drug I've ever tried except maybe an opiate but psychedelicized.

I then took a larger hit (maybe 8mg, higher voltage). Now it was really intense and felt like ego death was about to hit me, but the red "Metta molecule" love spirit was there making it seem Ok, like as if to say "Hey don't worry, you can just drown in the river of love. It's fine." I was not really interested in having a whole ego death at that point so I politely asked the spirit to release me and if it needed anything from me. It doesn't talk in words but it seemed to be 'saying' "Ok, I'll let you go slowly. Please tell people about me. I can help them."

If I were a Christian this would certainly fit right into my religion with the God of Love. I find other psychedelics to be more impersonally transcendent, so this was quite a surprise.

Anyway, I feel that this substance's effect is truly optimal for anyone with drug addiction, PTSD, depression, anxiety, to heal. Assuming they get the effect I got from it. I even made a 15 minute long youtube video on the come-down.

I have no desire to do this again because it was a 1hr long experience which almost completely incapacitated me and these days I'd rather just meditate.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113141
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34 
Published: May 7, 2019Views: 1,939
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Acacia confusa (664), Tetrahydroharmine (473), Huasca Combo (269) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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