Bliss and Clarity
Ephenidine & 4-AcO-DMT
Citation:   Circadis. "Bliss and Clarity: An Experience with Ephenidine & 4-AcO-DMT (exp113165)". May 13, 2019.

T+ 0:00
  oral Ephenidine
  T+ 0:00   oral 4-AcO-DMT
  T+ 2:00   vaporized Cannabis
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~350mg Ephenidine, ~30mg Aco-DMT
CBD flower throughout, with 1 bowl of added THC

Took this combination a few days ago, so my memory of it isn't completely fresh, unfortunately. I'll try to write immediately after on my next adventure.

Mindset was as follows: Just finished up a semester with decent grades, although still have finals to take. I'm a super senior who took a long break from school before returning to finish about ten years later. I'm down to just 6 classes left after the semester I just completed. I also just got married to an amazing woman, a PhD student in my current field who encouraged me to make another try at college and switch to a different Engineering discipline. We got married about a month ago, amazing small wedding with mostly family at a classy restaurant. She was out of town for this, at a conference across the country. I also had gone on some long hikes (~15-20 miles total) earlier in the week before I tripped, so I was in a decent state physically as a result of those. I'll also state that I basically have aphantasia, as I've come to learn fairly recently. I have difficulty fully visualizing anything outside of a faint black and grey image. I also very reluctantly get visuals on strong trips, them being moreso oriented towards cognition, emotion, time distortion, and auditory effects.

Setting: At home, rainy weather all day. House was freshly cleaned and orderly. I also just got a new 4k TV that my PC was hooked up to for entertainment.

Started the trip at 9AM. Initially, I think I was just messing around on the computer, playing some games and browsing the internet. Took about 60-90 minutes before moderate effects to become noticeable.
Took about 60-90 minutes before moderate effects to become noticeable.
A nice dissociation and relief of chronic pain from the Ephenidine, and a little bit of stoniness from the Aco-DMT. I put on the new Game of Thrones season and settled in. The combination of a new ultra high def display plus the high was extremely impressive. I had no trouble letting my mind be quiet and enjoying being immersed in the visuals and story. I also felt like my visual acuity was sharpened, which I also noticed when I took a milder mix of this combination as a test run earlier this month while hiking. All of the details of the dragon CGI and landscapes popped much more than I had ever seen when watching this show. Was enjoying myself immensely doing this.

~t+2-2.5 hours

After an hour or so though, I wanted to delve deeper into the experience. I decided to bring a bluetooth speaker into the bathroom and draw a shallow bath. *Warning...avoid anything but a shallow bath when on dissociatives, it's easy in a hole for your head to slip under and not be able to react quickly enough to avoid drowning. Deaths have happened, be careful*. I loaded up my vaporizer with a blend of CBD and THC heavy flower, turned out the lights, got into the tub, and put on some ambient music, probably something from Ultimae Records (Aes Dana, Miktek, etc). Headspace was pronounced, and the music was richly detailed and voluminous. The blackness of the room, combined with a strong dissociative, made for a deeply and euphorically detached feeling. I took a few hits from the vaporizer and cruised deeper into the music and void. I normally have pretty regular headaches and back pain that very little in terms of medicine or lifestyle will cut through completely. This experience absolutely did that. I felt no pain whatsoever and just sat there meditating deeply in sensory deprivation. Clear thoughts were absolutely possible and came easily, but I could also just let my mind be perfectly still. Having that amount of blissful control over cognition is not something I regularly experience
Having that amount of blissful control over cognition is not something I regularly experience
, so I was extremely satisfied in that state. Sat there for probably an hour or two, just embracing the feeling, doing breathing techniques, and occasionally thinking about life and my own history with a high amount of clarity. Memory recall was definitely enhanced as well.

~t+3.5-4 hours

Laid in bed for a while longer, listening to music, or a podcast (probably Psychedelic Salon, or Mission to Zyxx), in a very content mood. Eventually got hungry and decided to make some food and get some gaming going. I loaded up Sea of Thieves and ended up soloing a skeleton fort for about an hour and a half, successfully. I had actually never even done this before sober, so to be able to pull it off while this high was noteworthy. This combination didn't yield an amount of impairment that I would have predicted. If this had been ketamine and aco-dmt, I doubt I would have had the motor control and attentiveness to pull this off. Ephenidine is certainly still what I would call a dissociative anesthetic, but it does seem a bit more lucid than ketamine, though K is still very enjoyable in its own nature.

~t+6.5-7 hours

After this, I leveled out into a nice long comedown. I think the Ephenidine pushed for longer than the Aco-D, as the comedown/afterglow was quite long
the comedown/afterglow was quite long
and lasted well into the night. I will definitely be exploring this combo further after finals and a break long enough for my tolerance to come down.

This was definitely one of my top 5 tripping experiences, especially lately, as without a good dissociative, my trips are a little complicated by the aforementioned chronic back pain / headaches, as well as diagnosed moderate depression and anxiety disorders. I always use reagent tests whenever possible, and start from minuscule doses with a new batch of something to check for contaminants/allergies, then increase gradually to my target dose. Also, ephenidine is a long one...probably 8-10 hours or so of effects, so I am wary of leaving whatever space I have set up for the experience until roughly that much time has passed.

I'll also add that I noticed virtually no hangover or "second day stupids" the next day. If anything I had a mild clear headed afterglow that carried some into day 2 and 3 as well.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113165
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 31
Published: May 13, 2019Views: 1,004
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