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Holding It in My Lungs as Long as I Can
Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis & Breath Control
by Tyler
Citation:   Tyler. "Holding It in My Lungs as Long as I Can: An Experience with Nitrous Oxide, Cannabis & Breath Control (exp113170)". Erowid.org. Jul 1, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113170

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Deep Breathing With Nitrous, THC and LSD

I have been what most people would refer to as an addict for certain periods in my life. I was addicted to opiates for a large part of the last ten years. I will touch on that a little bit at the end, because I have discovered how to quit opiates with no withdrawal, and I will not withold this potentially lifesaving info, but what I'd like to talk about first though is my use of nitrous oxide and marijuana (and sometimes acid) combined with deep breathing, because I have used this combination to greatly improve myself as a person and evolve spiritually
I have used this combination to greatly improve myself as a person and evolve spiritually
, and I want to share what I have learned with the rest of my brothers and sisters out there.

I have hyper-expanded lungs, according to the last chest x-ray I had. I am a professional trumpet player, I play every day and have done so for most of the last 30 years, and I'm pretty good. For those of you who don't know, playing the trumpet requires extreme control of your facial, chest and stomach muscles; the pressures involved are great, and I often will black out or get crippling headaches after playing a super high note (which involves the Valsalva maneuver, which I won't get into geeky trumpet stuff here), I'm very good at getting high.

First I obtain some nitrous. Then get some weed. Thats not as hard as it used to be. I used to scour wisconsin for mexican brick weed back in the day with no luck for weeks. Anyway what I do is get my lungs as receptive as I can, meaning as many of the blood vessels inside are free of gunk and jostled around a bit. Because we don't really think about it, but there are just like crazy webs of blood vessels in there, and a dirty hippie like me,I have been abusing my poor lungs for years. So I have to get all that crap out of there. I do this by deep breathing.

Its a modified version of what Wim Hof does. I lay down, with a whippet loaded, balloon over nozzle, ready to go; then have a pipe or vape pen loaded and ready to go within reach (side note, I"ll be listening to my favorite music, like hip hop, and maybe burning inscense). I commence to breathe in and out, as deeply and as quickly as I can, 10 times in a row. I strive to completely fill and empty my lungs with each breath, meaning when I get to what I think is the end of my exhalation, I keep going, until I hear that horrible raspy sound, the sound of that mass of mucus in the very bottom of my lungs rattling around in there. So after the 10th breath I suck down that whippet. I can fit two whole whippets in my lungs, but just do one here, and don't get any extra oxygen in my lungs with the n20, I'll let some of that in later, I should be able to handle not having O2 in my lungs for a little bit since I just gave my body a nice little shot of it with all those breaths. Ok, so as quickly and calmly as I can, I take as big a hit of weed as I can get into my lungs without coughing up the weed/n2o mixture. And then fill what remains of my lung capacity with fresh air.

I can easily hold the mixture in my lungs for up to a minute and a half, then take a balloon and huff it for about another minute. I figured out how to do this because I used to take massive gravity bong hits and then cough my guts out and then immediatly take a n20 hit, with insane results. The shit I experienced literally blew my mind. When I add nitrous to the oxygen buzz something crazy happens in my brain, and I can see some seriously awsome stuff. One time I literally mentally transported to another realm filled with flowers and waterfalls, like it was 360 degrees surrounding me. It was like the holodeck on star trek.

Here are some things I have experienced while doing nitrous on acid: I transported myself to google headquarters where I gave a meeting of some sort to people with Lego heads; I have experienced God's love on several occasions, once I saw what as I can only describe as Gods Light, mysterious, I know; I have seen demons many times, one in partcular is a naked beautiful succubus that reaches our for my crotch (side note: with every exhalation into the balloon while I'm doing n2o on acid, things multiply). I have also gone outside of my body several times and seen myself from another vantage point, which is effing crazy when it happens. I swear to god this is all true, btw.

My theory on what is happening in my brain during this kind of hallucination: nitrous somehow confuses the part of my brain that distinguishes what is real and what is not, like what is a dream and what isn't.

Anyway I can take advantage of this process to have psychic adventures. And I dont have to be tripping to experience these crazy things, that's why nitrous is so awesome, I have had insane hallucinations just from the deep breathing combined with n2o and weed. I gotta have weed though. It doesn't work unless I am high on weed.

I get wisdom. Wisdom about who I really am and what I believe in. It helped me to find god and stop doing opiates. When I say I found god I mean I feel like I have really felt gods presence, and I'm not in any religion. The key is to hold the n2o in my lungs as long as I can, and not huff it into a balloon. This promotes introspection, and triggers my emotional center. If I hold a hit of n2o in long enough and think about things I care about, I will start crying. I cry every time I do N2o these days, and it is an awesome experience.
I cry every time I do N2o these days, and it is an awesome experience.
Crying is one of the best things I can do, it is my body expressing deep emotion. I cry because I really really feel things deeply if I hold it in long enough. Also I do not stare at screens while doing this stuff. It would take me to crazy places and be fun, but I would be missing out on the chance to better myself. While I'm on it, I don't ever watch TV, it is one of the methods by which we are being enslaved, as are movies and video games. I gave them all up and got immeasurably smarter. This is coming from a child of the 80's who had an atari at age 3 and later spent well over 1000 hours playing the Elder Scrolls games (which are awesome), so trust me, I get the appeal.

Here is how I quit opiates with no withdrawal: phenibut, marijuana, n2o and loperamide. As soon as I started to withdraw a little, I took 500-2000 mgs of phenibut, loperamide (not more than like 20), then got high on weed, put on some Prodigy or Mobb Deep or some Tribe Called Quest, lined up some whippets and chilled. I did this for two weeks, like maybe 50 whippets a day, and never even considered going out to get high again. I got off opiates and I started to feel things again, and my life improved.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113170
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 41 
Published: Jul 1, 2019Views: 956
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