Visiting the Bee Realm
4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   Andrew. "Visiting the Bee Realm: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT & Cannabis (exp113190)". May 24, 2019.

T+ 0:00
40 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT (capsule)
  T+ 0:20 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:30 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:15   repeated vaporized Cannabis (extract)
April 6, 2019

I took a trip to Seattle to visit a friend, who I'll call G, on spring break, planning to finally take mushrooms for the first time with him after gaining a lot of experience with LSD in the past several months. As it became clear that we wouldn't be able to get mushrooms by the day we were planning on tripping, G suggested we ask his friend T about buying some acid or another of the RC's that T has experimented with. After discussion, G and I both decided to take a 40mg capsule of psilacetin.

8:15 pm
G and I swallow the capsules with water and take a 10 minute walk to the home of T and his two brothers. We hang out in the living room for a few minutes before heading into the backyard to smoke some weed.

8:35 pm
G is feeling queasy and decides not to smoke. I begin to pack a bowl while we both begin to notice the effects of the psilacetin. The body sensations of the comeup feel similar to LSD but somehow much smoother and flowier, rather than the hard and electric feeling that acid gives me. My vision appears sharper and I have noticeably improved night vision sitting in the dark backyard. I finish the bowl and immediately notice how it increases the visuals and body high.

8:45 pm
I pack another bowl while talking to G and begin to smoke some more. When I'm halfway through the bowl, G vomits without warning on the grass next to him and I go to grab him a glass of water. I come back out of the house with water and realize how hard I am tripping. My vision is glowing. I see lightning bolts and bursts of fractal color streaming through my vision and when I close my eyes there are fractal images of ferns and other kinds of plants found in the Pacific Northwest. Mandalas of insect heads and plants fill my vision. The visuals feel much more organic than mathematical like I have with LSD. If I stare at a point in the backyard, my vision almost freezes as an image rather than a 3D space and begins to scroll to the side like a conveyor belt. This is where I realize that I am really fucked up and finish the second bowl.

8:50 pm
I leave G sitting in the backyard to breathe some fresh air while I go inside, put away my weed, walk to the couch and sit down. Those few simple steps were made not difficult but very peculiar as I realized what was happening to my body. I felt as if I could feel my heart resting in my chest and that I was suddenly able to feel my skeleton. I feel more inside of and connected to myself than I ever have.
I was suddenly able to feel my skeleton. I feel more inside of and connected to myself than I ever have.
A very intense but pleasant body high has taken over me, causing me to feel sedated yet pulsing with energy.

I have less detailed memory of the next hour and thirty minutes, but here is my approximation.

9:00 pm
T and another friend, W, are in the kitchen preparing to take ALD-52 while I melt into the couch. At some point I text my girlfriend, “I'm going to forget what my phone is, I love you, your face is my phone wallpaper.” I am overwhelmed by a buzzing sound, which I later identified to be the fridge compressor. This is that point where my world transformed. The buzzing, combined with the apparently yellow glow coming from the kitchen and the feeling of moving like molasses all combined to fill my field of vision with golden hexagons and the faces of bees.

9:15 pm
Around this time T puts a fractal zoom video on the television and I am totally enveloped by it. I remember turning to him and saying, “I'm like, where are we going, bro?” It feels as if my body is being transported somewhere though I haven't moved from my corner of the couch. I feel as though I am actually observing the inside of a beehive and that my body's slow movement is a result of being submerged in honey. I believe this vision was also related to me seeing an artist's rendition of the bee faced mushroom shaman cave painting earlier that week. This vision eventually shifted into other things but nothing that I can recall as vividly as the beehive vision. T, W and I continue watching the fractal zoom and listen to a lecture by Terence McKenna. My wristwatch tells me that at 9:40 pm my heart rate peaked at 104 bpm, compared to a resting bpm of 60.

10:30 pm
It was around this time that I gained some lucidity, as the state I had been in previously was very dreamlike. I quickly realized and accepted the fact that linear thought would be difficult for the next while, as everything I was experiencing felt completely immediate and the object permanence of thought was non existent. Listening to Terence speak, or trying to converse with one of the people around me, I forgot the words they were saying as soon as they weren’t coming out of their mouths anymore.

11:30 pm
The next few hours until about 3 am I spent taking a dab with my friends and then piling onto a couch together, talking about things and reflecting on the vision and experience I had had in the first few hours of my trip. I also spent a good deal of time closing my eyes and looking at the visuals because I do it a little on acid and I was interested in how the psilacetin visuals would differ from LSD.

In all, my 4 AcO-DMT trip was one of the most intense and insightful experiences of my life.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113190
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: May 24, 2019Views: 1,058
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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