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All in All Very Positive
Bufo alvarius Secretion
by lewp
Citation:   lewp. "All in All Very Positive: An Experience with Bufo alvarius Secretion (exp113206)". May 22, 2019.

  insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina
    insufflated Tobacco
  1 hit smoked Toad Venom
    insufflated Anadenanthera peregrina


The Lovely Bufo

Background: I have no experience with 5-meo-DMT or guided ceremony, but I do have experience with other psychedelics including DMT.

My friend asked me for a favor so I was running behind. The ceremony was starting at 8 AM and I got there at 8:20. It was in a beautiful backyard that was stuffed with a nice variety of plants. There were 10 people in the group. Everyone had already done some blessings and cleansing so I had to be caught up. Then the guide explained he was going to give us a combination of yopo and tobacco to ease the transition with the bufo venom. This involves using a small horn, that you load with small hits of the psychedelic snuff, and is used to blow the snuff into the person's nose. The mixture burns and tastes worse than chewing tobacco. Some people began purging at that point. The guide asked if anyone wanted to go first. I was ready and looking forward to the experience so I volunteered.

He asked me to take off my sweater, shoes, socks and belt. He was burning sage or something similar and was using a feather fan to bless me with the smoke. He asked my permission to give the medicine and gave me some instruction on inhaling. We were standing and I was facing the sun. I nodded and he starting heating up the pipe. I inhaled as long as I could and then took a little extra puff at his instruction. I held it for around 10 seconds and then exhaled.

Immediately I felt it working. Someone was using a singing bowl and the shaman was chanting and singing. The visuals hit hard and quick. It was like a visual rush of geometry as my soul got pulled through a black hole straight into infinite consciousness. Then I was completely gone. I ceased to exist. There was no worry or fear. I was instantly part of everything and nothing at the same time. I was still wallowing in the pure love of everything when I started coming back to my body. I came to in a lying position. I was on my side and I couldn't believe how beautiful and ironic it is that something like this life exists. I was also really glad to be back in my body. I ran my tongue over my teeth and it felt like someone tickling my toes. I was in a pure state of astonishment at how the grass looked like it was glowing golden. This laughter starting pouring out of the the far depths of my chest, building until I was hysterically laughing with tears streaming. I was deep in a rare moment of bliss. The moment was so beautiful and I was so happy that my laughter turned into sobbing. As I was crying tears of joy, I was coming back to my body more so I sat up. The shaman was right in front of me and he gave me this huge hug. The shimmer of feeling infinite was still clouding my thoughts.
The shimmer of feeling infinite was still clouding my thoughts.
I had the most pure love for this man so after telling him that, I sobbed and giggled into his shoulder for a little while. I offered some broken spanish about family and love. After I broke the embrace he gave me more yopo. This yopo was different and seemed even more foul. After a smallish amount of time everything was mostly back and my legs worked so I staggered back to where I had been sitting.

The group gave me some hugs, smiles, and reassuring looks. I'm not sure if I was feeling shy about being a spectacle or if I was just feeling the group's nervousness but immediately afterwards I felt anxious as if I had done something to be ashamed of and everyone saw it. The thoughts quickly floated away as my thoughts jumped to other subjects and then to observe the next person taking the medicine.

Everyone else went more or less smoothly. Some people were loud, some people cried, and some people were very peaceful. One guy stopped breathing for a less than a minute. The shaman was telling him to breathe but he couldn't or wasn't listening. He gave him two blasts of yopo and that seemed to jump start his brain. His eyes sprang open and he started breathing. Afterwards the guy told us that he was practiced at holding his breath during meditation and would often hold it for 5 minutes at a time. The shaman told us that this effect happens sometimes but infrequently.

I left having experienced some of the best laughter I've had in years. I cried tears of joy at nothing but the beauty of just existing. I felt the stream of absolute love that your consciousness resides in when it's not inhabiting your body. I still feel really positive about everything right now. All in all a very positive experience.

Other notes:
My intention was to experience 5-meo-dmt, experience becoming one with everything, and to christen my adventure living in a new city. My set was overall very positive and I was very excited to try bufo. The setting was a lovely backyard in a large west coast USA city. I observed a diet of no dairy, red meat, or alcohol two weeks leading up to the ceremony and I fasted the entire day before the ceremony. I smoked some THC concentrate the morning of the ceremony but abstained from coffee.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113206
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: May 22, 2019Views: 1,368
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Toad Venom (46) : Glowing Experiences (4), Group Ceremony (21)

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