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The Reality Eater
Salvia divinorum
by Eleucid
Citation:   Eleucid. "The Reality Eater: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp113217)". May 24, 2019.

100 mg smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)


Date = 12.29.2018
Amount = 0.10g extract @ 20x (scale accurate to 1/100th gram)
Method = Smoked via water bong
Time till effect = 20-30s
Length of trip = ~10m
After effects gone by = ~90m
Setting = Quiet dark room, sitter standing nearby, noise from heating system

This was my first trip with a true psychedelic. I had previously experimented with marijuana edibles but had found that to be quite unenjoyable. At that time, I had only heard of Salvia divinorum from an old Terence McKenna video
At that time, I had only heard of Salvia divinorum from an old Terence McKenna video
, but didn't know much about it except that it was legal in my state. Salvia seemed to be a reasonable choice for me as I could get it legally, was reportedly very safe, and had a reasonable history of use by humans for spiritual experiences. With that in mind, I purchased a starter kit of salvia including 1g of 20x, 40x, and 60x, and a nice little water bong to go along with it.

I planned the trip for a weekend when I'd have time to debreif and wouldn't have to worry about any possible after-effects as my week-long trip with marijuana edibles previously had left me a bit more wary.

===The Beginning===
With all of that in mind, I sat down at my dining room table, packed the bowl of my water bong with 0.1g of 20x saliva extract and was able to burn about 90% of the material and inhale it. I held the some in for only about 10 seconds before I coughed it out. There was still a little bit of the extract left, and I was able to burn that to get in a little bit more of the smoke. Nothing happened right away, but 20 seconds later it hit me and reality started to fade away.

===The Trip===
It felt a bit like the sinking feeling after my first trip with marijuana edibles, but it was much stronger and quicker. I was able to walk the 10 paces from my table to my bed to sit down, but by the time I had sat down I was completely enveloped by visual hallucinations. Auditory hallucinations were minimal.

The visual hallucinations were based on reality but were distorted to the point it was difficult to recognize anything for what it was. Iím sure that they were based on reality because when I closed my eyes (which was difficult and it was some time before I could do this) they vanished completely and nothing seemed abnormal.

I am not sure that I can describe what I saw. Reality was undulating in wavelike patterns and strung out in odd ways. I could not figure out what was going on and lost any sense of being myself, so I didnít have any context for what was happening.

Later on, reality settled down enough for me to realize that I was looking down a long corridor dark at the end, with a wall to my left. A protruding circular pattern was on every surface, sort as if reality were made of circular logs which were protruding 3D from every surface. My body too was made of these logs.

As I stared down the corridor, the noise of my heating system was incorporated into the hallucination and became a dark evil force at the end of the corridor. As it moved toward me, it was taking the circular protrusions and stripping them up and to the sides as it enveloped them. I knew that it was coming for me.

In the hallucination, I was in a house with a female presence to my right, who I can only now identify vaguely as being a motherly figure. Where we were there was a kind of purple light. I tried to look to her for protection, and because I was worried for her safety, but I could not see anything but the purple light.

The reality eater had come closer and was starting to strip away my feet and legs. I was panicking and asked my sitter to tell me that everything was okay, which he did.

This reassured me and momentarily I was able to lie down. It was at this time that I lost my sense of self. I was still an ego or an "I", but the person who I normally call me was nowhere to be found. I vaguely knew that there was a person who had taken a psychedelic
I vaguely knew that there was a person who had taken a psychedelic
, but I was convinced that it was a weak one and should not have caused such a powerful effect. (Before taking the salvia I knew this to be false.) I tried to remember details about this person but only got so far as to think of him as a person who was interested in psychedelics (shrooms and LSD) and was a software developer.

I wasnít very impressed with this person and thought that he had not taken salvia very seriously. I also ceased to trust my own motives for doing psychedelics from that point onward. While I was legitimately interested in having spiritual experiences and learning more about consciousness and reality, part of me was also doing it purely for the excitement. I saw that clearly only after the trip, and while I don't believe that this is wrong, it's always good to be aware of ones motives when engaging in these kinds of activities.

Our heating system shut off, and it was then that I came out of the trip more or less. I could still feel the reality eater tugging at me, trying to pull me away, but it was not strong enough to actually do this at this point in the trip. I also may have resisted initially, but by the time I tried it was too late. In the future, I hope that this happens.

When I thought about LSD and shrooms on the trip, they seemed to take on a strange visual form. Shrooms was the dark force which was going to dissolve my being, and LSD was a light which was good. Strange as Iím more interested in shrooms than LSD for their spiritual experiences.

===After Effects===
The trip seemed very much influenced and carried along by the sound of my heating system, even though there wasn't any real auditory aspect to the trip itself. As soon as that stimulus was taken away, the trip ended immediately. I'm curious why this is the case, as this is something that both I and a friend have experienced with future Salvia trips. We've both been able to stay in trips longer by keeping the setting the same (especially auditory stimuli) and not attempting to get up and move around.

My roommate told me that the entire trip had only lasted for at most 10 minutes.

After I got up, I felt a little light-headed and had a distorted sense of time for about an hour. While talking with my sitter about the experience, I realized that I was repeating myself a lot because I couldn't remember how long we had been talking or what I had previously said.

An hour and a half later I could not tell that I had done anything.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113217
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: May 24, 2019Views: 1,758
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Salvia divinorum (44) : Entities / Beings (37), First Times (2), General (1), Unknown Context (20)

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