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Feel the Love
N-Ethylpentedrone & Amphetamines (Dexedrine)
by tray
Citation:   tray. "Feel the Love: An Experience with N-Ethylpentedrone & Amphetamines (Dexedrine) (exp113219)". Jun 1, 2019.

      Amphetamines (daily)


N-ethyl-pentedrone (NEP) is a novel entactogenic stimulant drug. The effects of this drug are not far-off from its parent compound, pentedrone. It is like it in many ways, however, I am much more functional (e.g. social, productively, and physically) and the recreational effects last about two-to-three times as long (120 minutes).

Pentedrone has the effect of “flooring” me, but NEP will keep me more active and engaged, but not extremely fixated or distractable either. There is an amphetamine-like aspect to the drug’s profile, similar to Adderall. I would compare the euphoria mostly to cocaine and/or slightly stronger than methamphetamine. The euphoria is great and (almost) completely manageable as far as redosing goes, more on that later. There is a natural feel to the stimulation – it is not over-apparent I am under the influence. Only in an excessive dosing sessions I will feel heart palpitations or get anxiety. Thankfully, and somewhat paradoxically, it is an easy drug to put down and walk away from for the night. Perhaps this is me being seasoned to stimulants.

My experiences with it might not be accurate or reflective of everyone’s. I have been prescribed Dexedrine three times a day, for six years. I was one of the pioneers when a-PVP first hit the market in 2011-2012. There has been 4-FA, pentedrone, 4-MePPP, 4-MEC, hexen, methamphetamine, cocaine, a number of cocaine analogues (most are a waste of money), methylphenidate, ethylphenidate, Adderall, Dexedrine, speed paste, and a couple others I cannot think of at this time. For most of these, I have tested my physical and/or mental limits in attempts to gather a better impression of most of these drugs. I would definitely not recommend this to anyone, especially not with NEP. The cardiotoxicity is apparent, and, although the stimulation feels more natural than most, it still does not feel 100% safe in extended or excessive dosing sessions. Sometimes even after just a few lines, for that matter.

Pentedrone was among my all-time favorite designer stims next to ethylphenidate, because of the music enhancement and “flooring” euphoria, and I will admit NEP stands up well in comparison. Under the influence of NEP, I have had the opportunity to engaged in productive interpersonal conversations and grown friendships to levels I otherwise would have had no motivation to go to. Very therapeutic in a socially-cognitive aspect. The euphoria is marked – reminds me much of a cocaine + MDMA high, but without most of the uncomfortable physical side-effects of either drug. Tread lightly and know your body, and when enough is enough. I don't fiend (too much) over this drug, and after reaching the point of physical discomfort it is not hard to put it away for another day. I wouldn’t push the bounds too far with the dosing on this one. Personally, the highest dose I used an oral syringe for (I am yet to oral dose the drug) and it was estimated 50-70mg. I have cut back on that tremendously...

Lastly, I want to warn: if you suffer from a mood disorder like I do (maybe, even if you don't)... NEP has me swinging up and down mood states like I am a baseball bat in the world series. You might have to learn how to adjust your behaviors and control your mood a little bit.

[Reported Dose: "30mg", no route of administration specified by author]

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 113219
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26 
Published: Jun 1, 2019Views: 4,928
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