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Walking Home to the Land of the Creator
Columnar Cacti
Citation:   Topcat. "Walking Home to the Land of the Creator: An Experience with Columnar Cacti (exp113220)". May 27, 2019.

  oral Cacti - columnar (tea)
Here’s the thing, I had read everything I could find on San Pedro & Peruvian Torch for several years before sampling their delight, and still misidentified the first cactus I used. I used 8” of dark green, short spined ‘San Pedro’, which I found out years later was in fact Peruvian Torch! It blew my mind and melted my brain. The second adventure, I used 8” of lime green ‘San Pedro’ and had a very light trip. I’d estimate the first trip I had ingested approx 250mg Mescaline and the second trip, somewhere near 100mg.

The first trip: I boiled 8” dark green outer flesh of Peruvian Torch in grapefruit juice and consumed the resulting ‘tea’. I TRIPPED BALLS all day and saw many things, including God and all the secrets of the universe were presented to me on a golden platter. It left me with a completely different perspective on life. Afterwards, I felt like my soul had been cleansed and I had hit the reset button in my brain.
I felt like my soul had been cleansed and I had hit the reset button in my brain.
This was an experience that has stayed with me for many, many years.

The second trip: I boiled 8” of dark green outer flesh of a typical San Pedro cactus in grapefruit juice and consumed the resulting ‘tea’ the same way I did the first time and expected a trip of the same strength as before. But this simply was nowhere near as potent a brew as last time. I had a weak but friendly trip for just a few hours. The highlight of this experience was seeing the trees in the distance look like an oil painting. It was quite spectacular and although I wanted the experience to continue to build, it kind of petered out shortly afterwards, leaving me with a pleasant afterglow.

Although the two trips contrasted each other massively in terms of strength and duration, they both had a profound effect on my psyche and gave me a lot of reminders on how to see the world in a more positive light and not get frustrated or angry (which I seldom do these days). I don’t believe that Mescaline shows us much that’s new; it just reminds us of what’s already there and is filtered out of our everyday perception, and that if we wish to, we can revisit that perception and know again our connection to the natural world. The experience always feels like ‘coming home’ to the land of the creator.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113220
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: May 27, 2019Views: 1,164
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Cacti - columnar (10) : Mystical Experiences (9), Retrospective / Summary (11), Unknown Context (20)

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