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Failed to Identify a Threshold Level
Cannabis - Hash
Citation:   Huxley. "Failed to Identify a Threshold Level: An Experience with Cannabis - Hash (exp113233)". Erowid.org. Jul 4, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113233

65 - 260 mg oral Cannabis - Hash
Eating Pure Hash Experiments

I really dislike the taste of hash chocolate, brownies etc so I have been trying some experiments with pure hash swallowed in pellet form (also has the advantage of being smaller/low volume/easy to transport). I had read a couple of accounts of people eating huge doses (2 to 3 grams) and ending up total stoned and non-functional. My target is to get pleasantly high but still functional
My target is to get pleasantly high but still functional
(4 or 5 out of 10 on the stoned scale).

All the hash is from the same source (dark brown, slightly putty-like. Probably ex-Morocco) and has been decarboxylated at 80 degrees c for two hours (so this is pure hash but not raw). When dissolved in butter and made into chocolate, 50 to 70 mg of this hash reliably and consistently produces the desired level of stoned-ness.

For the first test I swallowed a single pellet of 65mg which would have been enough to get me nicely high in chocolate form. I normally feel the effects within 40 minutes to 1.5 hours so when nothing happened after 1.75 hours, I topped up with another 35mg making a total of 100mg but at no point did I feel anything at all.

For the second test I increased the dose to 127mg, but this also did nothing.

The third test was a lesson in what not to do :-(.

I began with 150mg at 5pm. After 3 hours I still felt nothing at all, so I topped up with another 110 mg at 8pm making 260 mg in all.

Still nothing happened for another three hours. Then finally at about 2400 -- six hours from first dose and three hours from top up -- I began to feel something.

Actually "something" is an under-statement. The high came on quickly and strongly and carried on rising and rising. I was taken far beyond my desired 4/10 and within an hour I was completely incapacitated at 8 or 9 out of 10 on the stoned scale. I managed to crawl to the bathroom where I vomited twice and then spent the next three hours lying next to the toilet trying not to move (any movement brought back nausea). NOT fun.

Finally the high began to fade in the early hours of the morning although I was still lightly stoned for much of the following day.

So what do we learn from this train wreck of an experiment?

1. Pure hash when eaten is much less potent than hash that has been cooked in an oil/butter base. This is not because of the heating involved in cooking (this hash had already been decarboxylated) but is presumably simply because absorption of hash that has been dissolved in fat/oil is quicker and more efficient than absorption of hash in its pure form.

2. But if I take enough, it WILL get me stoned. And that doesn't mean grams and grams...

3. My experiments failed to identify a threshold level as I went from nothing at 127 mg to horribly stoned at 260mg.
I went from nothing at 127 mg to horribly stoned at 260mg.
But on the basis of reasonable interpolation I guess 150mg would probably be threshhold which is three to four times the threshold level for hash dissolved in butter. So pellets are probably three to four times less potent than cooked hash.

4. WARNING ..... Pellets take a VERY long time (three to six hours!) to have an effect which means you MUST NOT top up during that period or you risk doing what I did and o-d-ing. Do not rely on your experience of onset times with cooked hash products or gummies. They have a much quicker onset than pure pellets. This presumably also reflects the inefficiency of digestion of pure pellets (probably mostly intestinal rather than gastric).

Anyway, that is my little contribution to the science of oral hash absorption.

Happy journeys :-)

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113233
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50
Published: Jul 4, 2019Views: 1,384
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