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An Awful 18 Hours
Citation:   James. "An Awful 18 Hours: An Experience with Methamphetamine (exp113237)". Jul 22, 2019.

100 - 125 mg IV Methamphetamine
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
My father has been addicted to Meth for years, and Iíve only ever smoked it twice in my life because Iím more of a downer person. But, recently my dad helped me get some tar heroin, so I helped give him some money to buy himself some meth. Originally I didnít want any part in it because I have a drug test this week, so I was wary about it, plus I donít like uppers anyways.
I have a drug test this week, so I was wary about it, plus I donít like uppers anyways.

Friday night about 8:15PM, We get to his house and his dealer tells him she got him .43 grams for the 25$, and normally youíd get about .3-.325 if ur lucky around here, so he told me that thereís more than enough if I want a shot that he can make me one. He knew I was worried about having this job interview this Thursday coming up, but I had done heroin the night before so, I figured I might as well try it now, just so I can say Iíve tried it lol.

Also, just to add to this setting as well, the first time I ever tried heroin, was at my dads house as well. He had a person staying there, and she was a big heroin user, and since he didnít use anything other than meth, he told me that heíd probably have to talk to her about selling me some heroin, but he convinced her and I figured from doing morphine and oxycodone for a month or two, I was okay to try heroin, but holy shit I was wrong. That night I puked my ass off for hours, and basically only had a good euphoria for about 30minutes, but my dad and his girlfriend still took care and checked on me all night.

Fast forwarding to now, my dad had been up for about 4-5 days, and I donít blame him, but our bag of dope had 4 big crystals, so he dropped one in this red bull can bottom and made me a shot, which was around .1 to .125gs of meth. I have absolutely zero uppers tolerance, but everyone around my dad smokes and does it, so he just somewhat assumed that Iíd be okay especially since heíd be there to keep me calm and take care of me, knowing I didnít know what to expect, and that helped clear my mind a lot.

So, after he made our shots in two brand new needles, it took him forever to find a vein due to how much he shoots, but I just couldnít get my rig to actually suction properly. So, after he did his shot, he seemed fine and calm so I figured Iíd be good too, I was so fucking wrong. He eventually fixed my rig and I went into the bathroom in his room while he talked to a girl that wasnít in his room hanging out with us. I eventually got blood into the syringe and I exhaled and shot it, and Jesus Christ, I had always heard it was stronger than heroin, but thatís not a fair example to tell people. The thing about my heroin shot was, it just basically nullified my body and all I could do was feel pleasure, when this meth hit me, I like gagged/dry heaved, and my dad in the other room and the girl knew that I hit it, and asked if I was okay, but I couldnít even speak. I like somewhat got out, ďyeah Iím goodĒ, but they knew I was fucking speeding, because my dad remarked that my eyes instantly looked like quarters lol. But the thing about the meth hit was, I wasnít nullified and like drowsy, I was so alert and my mind was racing so fast, that I felt good, but I was so frantically thinking that I couldnít stop and just enjoy the feeling like I could when I laid down with the heroin shot.

[15 minutes or so after my shot] - Weíre riding to someoneís house to drop something off, but I'm just in the backseat with my window down smoking a cigarette, and having my head out the window because it felt so good, I even remarked to my dad that I felt like a dog and he told me to make sure I didnít drool inside the car. I was just in such a lovey mood, and I felt way more confident and social to people, even though I knew my dad and his friend of course, I never talk much, but tonight I was talking and starting the conversations, instead of just responding when people talked to me.

[3 hours after my shot] - My brother and sister are asleep in their room, and my dad and I are just talking in his room and having a good time, and this is when disaster hit me. My dad was talking and I just like blanked out for a second and I closed my eyes standing up, and my dad must of been watching because he asked if I was alright, and I just kinda brushed it off and said yeah and he asked again if I was sure, and I responded saying I was gonna go use the restroom real quick. As soon as I got to the bathroom, I instantly puked about three times, and then I started having to go to the bathroom as well, where then it was just a trade of using the bathroom, and then puking, and this just repeated for about 10minutes, and eventually I went back to my dads room and he asked if I was alright, and I said yeah I just felt weird, so I told him what happened and he recommended I just sit in his room with him, and calm down a little, and if I need to use the restroom, that I use his so he can check on me.

[4 hours after my shot] - When I was sick with the heroin, I just slept and I woke up and it was pretty much over, but this time I couldnít sleep. My next 8 hours were me constantly feeling nauseous no matter how I sat, laid, stood
My next 8 hours were me constantly feeling nauseous no matter how I sat, laid, stood
, whatever, and the worst part was I wasnít puking and running to the restroom still, but I was so nauseous that I constantly felt like shit, and I definitely couldnít sleep because of the meth, so I had to deal with it. I tried asking my dad if this happened to him ever, and he said it does sometimes if the dope is really good, but heís been doing it for so long that his tolerance is too high. He got me some bread and crackers, thinking it would help maybe settle my stomach, and it did for awhile, and I thought I was good, but I was fucking wrong again.

6 hours after my shot] - My dads friend from earlier was talking to him on facebook messenger, and she only smokes, she doesnít shoot the drugs, so she told him that she only smoked about .05gs and that she felt it really strong (she does it about as much as my dad, except smokes it not shooting). Thatís when my dad told me it made sense now, the dope we got was super fucking strong, and the girl with a high tolerance smoked half of what I shot up, and she was high as a kite, and I had no tolerance and did double her dose in my shot. My dad had been up for days, and his tolerance made the good dope, just normal to him, so I donít blame him in anyway for this though, plus I made the decision to do it.

When this realization hit us and he told me what she said, we both knew what was wrong. This dope was so strong that my body just couldnít handle it, and being this strong we also realized I wasnt gonna be able to try and just fight it for 6-7 hours and be done, because it was too strong, this was going to keep me up all night and morning at least, and it absolutely did.

[9 Hours after my shot] - Iím still wide awake and puking, but I didnít have any food in my stomach due to puking so much, that now Iím just dry heaving, and causing myself to have acid reflux. So now when I went back to lay down, I would just have insane stomach pain from the dry heaving I did, plus the acid reflux, and the nauseous feeling I had, was so fucking awful. I was also slowly starting to come down, so the depression and fatigue wasnít kicking in even stronger since I had been dehydrated from running to the restroom all night, so all I could do was lay down and wait until I had to run to the bathroom again. My dad kept me company, and I tried to just read and keep my mind busy to blow time, which helped until I had to go throw up again, and started the entire awful feelings over again.

At this point, there was no euphoria, no energy, and definitely no desire to do meth again. I usually smoke about 5-6 cigarettes a day, and I didnít even want to smoke to try and calm myself, I just wanted to sleep it away, and honestly at one point when I was slowly getting to somewhat drift off, the acid reflux would hit me and Iíd be in crazy pain from all the throwing up Iíd done for hours mixed with it, that I wished I was dead. Obviously looking back on it today that was a little crazy thought, but the comedown sadness mixed with all the puking and stuff, I think in that moment I may of been serious, I just wanted something to stop the pain I felt in my stomach.

[12 hours after my shot] - I was so weak from the comedown and all the above stuff, and just mentally broke down that when I read this book I was reading, I finally felt fatigued enough to sleep, and I finally fell asleep and I woke up thinking, ďthank god itís overĒ, and I checked my phone to see it had only been 20minutes, and thatís when the nausea hit me again showing me why I woke up. At this point I was completely angry, not even discouraged anymore, I was full on angry, because I knew if I did finally get to fall asleep that I would be awoken by the acid reflux pain, and the nauseous feeling, so I had to just keep going and fighting this until it stopped.

[18 hours after my shot] - after slowly getting less and less nauseous over the last 6 hours, I finally came back home from my dads house, and I still felt kind of nauseous, but not a lot, but now all day I had to fight with acid reflux because I had puked every liquid and food out of my body, and every time I ate or drank, it burned my throat and my stomach, so that made me not want to eat at all, or drink. I finally was able to find one spot in my bed that wasnít comfortable at all, but it stopped the acid reflux, so I took advantage of it.

[20 hours after my shot] - I finally was able to sleep, and eat some dinner to get my energy back, but I still feel like absolute shit. Iím just angry, I have this like, feeling of callousness even though I did this to myself, and I mean I'm the only one to blame for it. I donít even have any anger at anyone, Iím just angry, and I have no idea why. Itís been like this for about 5 hours today, even after I ate and got some energy back, and I laid down and rested, Iím still just angry/not in a good mood. I donít know if this is still the comedown of the meth, but I hope it subsides soon.

[Thoughts on this experience]
I really donít blame my dad for what happened, because he helped me all he could and did whatever he could to help. I think that the dosage was just too high for me to be able to actually enjoy once it started to really kick in, because my body just couldnít handle it. Iíll never really forget that initial dry heave when the meth hit me, and I did have a good hour or two before I started slowly getting worse, and worse.
I did have a good hour or two before I started slowly getting worse, and worse.
The thing is though, I really donít regret it because now I know what IV heroin felt like, and the rush from IV meth, and even though my meth experience fucking sucked, I can still say I experienced it I guess. I donít ever plan on doing meth again in my life seriously, I donít even want to smoke it or anything, the simple thought of it, or that dry heave/gasp for breathe feeling it gave me initially, my stomach just churns because it knows what happened after.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113237
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Jul 22, 2019Views: 3,312
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Methamphetamine (37) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), Difficult Experiences (5), General (1)

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