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First Trip to the Candy Realm
Citation:   Soma91. "First Trip to the Candy Realm: An Experience with LSD & MDMA (exp113251)". Jul 5, 2019.

T+ 0:00
0.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 3:00   oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 4:40   oral MDMA (powder / crystals)
This is the story of my first candyflip experience. Warning: this will probably take a while; I like to include as much detail as possible.

I have experimented previously with both LSD (+15 times) and MDMA (5 times) separately and had been wondering about the candyflipping combo. The idea intrigued me very much, but at the same time inspired me a lot of respect. I have never had any kind of bad trip or anything, but being a new combination, I wasnít sure what to expect and whether I would be too overwhelmed by the experience. I decided to let it flow and see if the occasion presented itself. And it did.

My friend Pís birthday was coming up and, since we currently had access to top quality LSD blotters and crystal MDMA, it appeared right to celebrate it with this psychedelic duo. As this was settled in our group of friends, I became instantly nervous in anticipation. I decided not to think about it and carry on with my week, not worrying. Finally Friday came and with it, the much anticipated event. We were originally planning to do the party on Saturday, but a public transport strike was set to happen that day, making our get together more difficult. So, we settled on Friday. Eventually the strike was suspended, but we were already mentally preparing for the experience so we kept the appointment on Friday. O, A, my boyfriend D and I were meeting with P and C at their new house as roommates, have dinner and then immerse ourselves in the experience.

My work day had been long and busy, and many other in the group felt the same. We ended up arriving at the house at about 10.30, A was already there. Right away, O arrived and almost immediately after, the food we had ordered. Timing had already started to align. We had dinner, nothing too heavy, and then proceeded to roll some joints for the trip and post-trip. We planned the night a bit: O and A would only take MDMA (this was Aís first time with the substance), the rest of us would candyflip. So, we took out our stash in order to prepare the parachutes.

The stuff was stunningly beautiful. As a chemist, I was tempted to keep a macroscopic monocrystal to analyze in the DRX. C agreed. I wished I could some day obtain a crystal of such beauty in the laboratory. Also, I felt sorry for crushing the enormous crystals in order to make a powder that would be easier to distribute. We didnít have a scale precise enough to measure out our doses, but we knew that the whole thing was supposed to be 1g. So we divided it up in portions between 100 and 150 mg. A, D, P and C would take 150 mg, I wanted a little less so we estimated around 100 mg for me, and O would directly lick the stuff from his finger. There was enough for many redoses, too.

Regarding the acid, most of us had already tried this batch and found it really g0ood. No taste, no bad effects whatsoever. P and I would take 0.5 blotter, and C and D would take 1. The only remaining issue was to decide when we would take the parachutes. D had read a lot about different timings and their implications in order to make an informed call. D, C and P had done it before, having the MDMA about 2 hours after taking the acid. The experience was intense, but they were willing to try a different rhythm. D had read that taking the MDMA 3 hours into the experience made the MDMA peak along the LSD, producing a synergic effect and avoiding the MDMA comedown to coincide with the LSD peak, which could be troubling for some. I didnít really have a say since it was going to be my first time, so I was ok with it: we would take it at t = +3:00.

We proceeded to take our blotters at about 12:20 am, and C set his alarm to sound in three hoursí time. While we waited for the acid to kick in, we prepared the scenery for our trip. We set up LCD green/red lights that were projected on the white walls, and put a blue lightbulb in one of the bedrooms and a bright red one in other. P put another set of lights under the sofa, which provided a very interesting effect. We set out the joints we had rolled and the big amounts of candy (hard and chewy) that we had bought for the occasion. We set out pillows, blankets and sleeping bags on the floor. It was chilly outside, and although we had the possibility of turning the heating on, we knew that we would appreciate the warm hugging feeling of a blanket. Everything was in its right place, we were going to be very comfortable.
Everything was in its right place, we were going to be very comfortable.

We put on some nice electropop music, and watched trippy animation videos on YouTube. I was becoming gradually anxious, not being able to stay still at one spot. The acid was starting to manifest itself, only about 30 minutes after its ingestion. This stuff comes on really quickly, I thought, and discussed it with the rest, who agreed. I had already felt this in a previous trip. I felt uneasy, and a subtle nausea appeared and started to grow. I decided to take a few tokes of the joint that A was smoking. She hadnít taken anything else yet, while O had a hit of MDMA. In all my trips I am always grateful for cannabisí ability to ease nausea. It worked. Suddenly I felt great and everything became tremendously funny. I laughed to tears at everything C, P and D said. At this point, A had taken her parachute and was laying down with O, covered in blankets. Soon I felt stimulated, my jaw bothered me and I recurred early to the chewy candy. I felt that I had to pee every 10 minutes, which always happened to me, but I never seemed to be fully comfortable with myself. I was tense, but happy. Everything had a special glow, light dispersed everywhere and was out of focus. The lights under the sofa appeared to be changing colors, although we knew they werenít. I felt very high, and thought that if the acid kept rising, I would reconsider taking the MDMA since it appeared to be too much. I wasnít having visuals though, I hardly ever do. Everything was a bit distorted, yes, but whenever some kind of visual deformation took place, I could easily re-focus myself back to ďnormalĒ. But I felt a constant rush inside me, wanting to talk and interact with my friends all the time. We were all totally engaged in conversation.

At one point we realized that A and O were very silent, so we asked them what was going on. A said that she was feeling wonderful, that she had never felt anything like that before. An ongoing orgasm, she said. It kind of embarrassed me that we were talking and laughing very loudly at the same time as they were having this mystical experience, without even realizing it. We talked about what she was feeling and how to describe it, reminiscing my first MDMA experience in my head. She couldnít believe people actually danced and partied with this stuff, since she felt so beautifully just laying down in blankets. I proceeded to carefully explain her that if she somehow got the strength to get up, she would keep feeling just as good. She said ďOhhhĒ as if she had understood, but decided to remain horizontal. I understood her. It was so cozy there, I myself was covered in a blanket, legs crossed on the floor.

Since A and O were already so high on MDMA, P and D were getting anxious about eating our parachutes. Throughout the night, P kept asking how long it was until the alarm went off, and time appeared to go by too slow: typical LSD effects. P said that he was really looking forward to the MDMA experience, even before taking the acid. We still had about half an hour until it was time to parachute. D and P were trying to convince us that there wasnít going to be any difference, that if we took into consideration the coming-up time, it would be about the same. But C was inflexible, and I thought that since we had already waited long enough, it wouldnít hurt to hang on a little longer and ensure the 3 hour gap between substances that we had decided on. So we continued to chat, and laugh, and listen to music, until the moment arrived.

We took our parachutes. I barely felt the characteristic bitter taste as the little package went down my throat. That was it. Although I hadnít really come down at all, I went for it. It was done. We chatted for a few minutes, and I went to the bathroom to pee. As I was coming back from the bathroom, I realized something was different. I could not believe it, but I felt I was definitely coming up on the MDMA. It had barely been 10 minutes, 15 at the most. The rest of the guys also said they felt something. If the LSD had come up fast, this was practically supersonic fast. I could feel it coming up in real time. Strong, intense waves of heat invaded me, and I had to let go of the blanket and some cozy clothes. In parallel, I was feeling uneasy, with a distinct disturbance in the stomach area. I couldnít tell if I was going to vomit or not, or if I just needed to go to the bathroom, but something was not totally right. Meanwhile, the effects were growing exponentially. I knew that in order to enjoy the experience I had to find a way to get rid of the physical discomfort. I went to the bathroom and tried to vomit once; it didnít work. Twice, I kind of forced myself to cough and had a little gag reflex that led me spit some stuff out. I suppose it was mainly the parachute paper, and maybe some candy. I felt a bit better and went back with the rest of the crew. I could feel the MDMA working its effects very strongly on me. My pupils were already full moon-sized. The MDMA became dominant of the whole experience, at least in very intense waves of intensity. Love filled me. I sat down at Dís lap, and we kissed for a while, and talked peacefully with the rest.

Suddenly I felt very dizzy and strongly nauseous so I ran to the bathroom, only to spit out some more, but not really vomit. However, this was the relief I was longing for. Now I was free to enjoy. Or at least try. The effect was most definitely synergic: the LSD without doubt intensified the MDMA empathogen activity: I felt just like the first time I took MDMA, something that had not happened during other rolls. On the other hand, MDMA seemed to take LSD visuals to a whole different level. As I said before, I do not usually have strong visual effects. This time it was absolutely different. I went to the bathroom and as I stared at a plastic rug on the floor, I realized that I was hallucinating 100% for the first time in my life. I saw patterns in the rug, shaped like snail shells, which had fractal and spirally motives inside. These motives twisted and swirled, rotating in plane and moving slowly upwards. The texture was like handmade carved chocolate figures. I stared at this with my eyes wide open, trying to ďrevertĒ the effect as I usually do in milder experiences. But I wasnít able to do that. Thatís what I was seeing, and I couldnít control it. It was beautiful. Also, the bathroom walls were breathing, but really breathing: it wasnít a ďside look effectĒ: I saw them breathing, compressing and expanding rhythmically, emitting beautiful auras of dim pinkish hues, no matter how much I tried to get back into normal settings. I realized then, that all LSD pseudovisuals that I had had up to that point had only been weak material compared to this, the real thing. Apart from this, the whole ambient seemed to exist under a purple, furry light with green and lilac strokes. As some people previously described this interaction, indeed very candylike.

I started talking to everyone, in turns, about their life and our relationship. I loved all these people a lot, and we caressed each other as we talked about life and some issues that we were having. I felt closer than ever before to all my dear friends. I talked to each and every one of them. I felt beautifully, except for the fact that I knew that I was higher that I had ever been before, and I had the feeling that I had to remain at least a bit concentrated in order not to lose control of the experience. I usually have trouble with letting go of control, and especially during my first time with certain substances I try to have more of an exploratory experience, trying to make sense and be completely aware of what my mind and my body are going through. Then, during the following events, I gradually let myself go a bit more each time. But this time I knew my mind was rushing, and that if I closed my eyes, I would definitely get lost in my own thoughts. I have previously had a feeling similar to this (but not as strongly) when on an Ayahuasca journey.

Some aspects of the candyflip experience definitely reminded me of a DMT trip. As I said, I didnít want to lose control or isolate myself, so I kind of forced myself to engage in conversation with the rest, and this made me feel very comfortable, like I was part of the group. But if I distracted my brain from real time conversations, my thoughts would drift away incredibly fast and Iíd become disconnected
if I distracted my brain from real time conversations, my thoughts would drift away incredibly fast and Iíd become disconnected
. Even as we conversated, every minute or so, one of us would be phrasing something and then instantly forget what they were trying to say. I donít like this effect, but I guess you canít have a nice roll without at least some uncomfortable side effect. Apart from this, everything was amazing. I still couldnít believe the sort of visuals I was having, and the loving sensation I felt from and to everyone in the group. When the intensity gave in a little, I felt absolutely relaxed. I could literally feel my brain as if it was being massaged from the inside. My everyday worries and concerns were being diluted. My feelings of respect, love and marvel for the world and life were reset at their maximum strength.

The only thing that bothered me was the fact that I kept going to the bathroom every few minutes. At some point, P stood up on top of a chair, and he toasted in honor of his birthday. He said he was really happy and loved us all, and then we all formed an enormous mass of hugging loving people on the floor, covered by blankets. We kept on flattering each other and reminiscing fun past times around the time when we had just met, around 7 years ago. O made purring sounds, and A said that she had just realized that cats must always feel like theyíre on MDMA, and thatís why they purr. I thought that was a very nice analysis. Water and all sorts of candy were continuously being consumed. At about 5 am, we took a redose. I had totally forgotten that we were supposed to redose, I was so marveled at everything that I didnít think it was necessary.

In retrospect, I think that LSD intoxication makes it more difficult to identify clearly the beginning of the MDMA comedown, as opposed as when itís taken alone. I redosed anyway, damping my finger and touching the crystals, but I tried to not take as much as the rest. The taste was as bitter as ever. We then spent some time lying in Cís bed, which was in the room with the green light. The MDMA came up in a new wave, everything was intense and beautiful. My vision became instantly saturated, I only saw in two colors, bright green and dark green. Soon my eyes became tired and I migrated to Pís bedroom, which was blue and more relaxing. A and P were already there. The duvet felt softer than heaven and I wanted to get inside the bed too. In a matter of minutes, the six of us would be hugging together in the same bed! We laughed a lot and figured that if Pís cat came on top of us, the bed would break. I felt extremely grateful for the experience and this incredible group of friends. O started snoring so we got him to sleep in the other bedroom. I suddenly realized that it was starting to dawn, and I suggested going up to the rooftop and have a joint. However, nobody felt like it, and it was really chilly so we stayed. A seemed particularly distressed at the fact that there was already going to be daylight, and said she wouldnít go out of the room.

Time distortion is totally different once MDMA begins to take effect: time went from moving slowly, at the beginning of the LSD trip, to passing really quickly once the roll began. It was disorienting. I think this feeling of time speeding up was even greater for A who had only MDMA, and thatís why it seemed totally unreal for her to be approaching dawn. I was looking forward to dawn, I wanted to put on nice psychedelic music, light up a joint and contemplate the sun rising through the window, wrapped in blankets in a chilly autumn morning. So, P stayed with A, and C, D and me went back to the living room, which was already fully illuminated by sunlight, around 8 am. D and I proceeded to set ourselves in front of the big window, put on some stoner rock and lit a joint. It tasted great. C laid down on the couch, and said that he couldnít believe how it was possible for us to be smoking weed, since he felt so high, he could barely get a hold of himself. After this, he remained still and silent, observing different parts of the room making strange faces, as trying to analyze everything. He looked gone. But he seemed OK and remained like that. I stopped smoking soon because I too was drifting a lot, having much trouble maintaining a reasonable conversation. I was feeling very disoriented.

P suddenly appeared, and sat with us. He said he had just done some ketamine. He looked really relaxed, but strange. He kept rubbing his trousers, and his eyes were merely 1 mm open. His face looked super weird to me, because of the state I was in. His cheek bones looked very sharp, even his beard was strange. I never had a doubt who he was, but I couldnít help thinking how different he was now from the P I had first met back in 2011. He looked really calm, and after smoking a few tokes with D (I was skipping), he decided to go back to sleep.

Then, D and I entertained ourselves by kissing for entire minutes and minutes. It was the most beautiful feeling ever, our lips so soft and tender dancing rhythmically together. Amazing! To just kiss felt unbelievably magical. I suppose we might have taken it further had we been in a more private environment. At one point we stopped, and started to talk, or tried to. I had trouble keeping up with Dís thoughts, he was rushing. But I wanted to maintain the contact, not to be overwhelmed by my own rushing thoughts. He then started describing the vivid visuals he was having as he looked through the window, although I couldnít finish to understand him exactly. He was super excited; he really could not believe what he was seeing. Apparently, the sky, along with a tree that could be seen from where we were, formed a 2D plane on which the rest of the objects (clouds, birds, planes) were projected as they appeared. I was seeing some distortions caused by the scattering light into our dilated pupils, along with a small net that was set in front of the windows to keep mosquitoes out. It gave the visual field pixelated, and the overall effect was one of a videogame or a cinema screen. It became literally impossible to keep a single thought in mind for more than 5 seconds: at one point we decided what music to put on, and D had to walk all the way to the computer repeating out loud the name of the artist we wanted, because we were sure that otherwise, heíd forget before he got there. Eventually he dozed off, going in and out of sleep.

I also tried to do this, but I was still overwhelmed by my thoughts. My head was starting to hurt, too, so I took 500 mg naproxen. I thought about finishing the joint to help me doze off, but I was a bit scared it would reset the trip to go higher instead of calming down. C also eventually fell asleep, finally closing his tired eyes. I simply remained still, listening to the nice music, being blinded by the bright light of the sun, and going to pee every 5 minutes. Eventually it became possible to focus on the phoneís screen, although the letters changed colors and were unusually glittery. I then proceeded to read some news stuff that my dad had sent me at 9 am (it felt really weird to be still up and going at a time when people usually get up and have breakfast), and then I submerged myself in reading candyflip experiences. I have had a few reports published this year and I definitely wanted to describe this experience too. But I knew Iíd need time to process it, so I started by reading many of them. I think that much of the stuff I described here can be found consistently in other candyflip experience reports: as I read them, it seemed to me that they all were very appropriate for describing also my own experience, finding more consistency between these stories than between LSD or MDMA reports on their own. D and I both agree that candyflip is entirely a different drug, with much potentiated effects than merely the arithmetic sum of Lucy and Mollyís effects. They act together, they prepare each otherís neuronal environments and enhance each other. LSD intensifies MDMA, and MDMA intensifies LSD, yes, but they also give birth to a whole new different psychedelic state. Eventually I started sleeping for brief periods of time, in which I let myself go with the music to the point that I would stop recognizing the very familiar tracks I put on. Then Iíd want to pee, so Iíd wake up again, and this would repeat itself. I was tired and could not rest properly.

At around noon, I woke D up with the news that John GarcŪa would come to play to our city, having just listened to his music as we were coming down. C and P woke as well, and eventually all of us were there. We reactivated the marihuana flow, and prepared some yerba mate along with cake that C had baked. We talked a bit about our experiences, watched some videos and laughed. We agreed that it definitely was a good call to set the MDMA timing at +3:00 relative to the LSD ingestion.
We agreed that it definitely was a good call to set the MDMA timing at +3:00 relative to the LSD ingestion.
We were really hungry, so we ordered big burgers which were totally delicious for us. After this, I took a nap on the couch while the rest of the group played some board games. I rested a bit more. I woke up right before their game finished, and we decided to leave soon afterwards so that it wouldnít become dark. I was really looking forward to hug my cats. The drive home was nice and peaceful, although I felt slightly off baseline, everything was more than manageable. I feel more altered when I leave for work on normal days at 6 am, feeling sleep deprived. Once we were home we spent the rest of the day relaxing, smoking joints, eating, watching TV (including a very nice documentary about Alexander Shulgin) and sleeping. We also had amazing sex. We went to bed at about 1 am, and got up the following day only at 10 am.

We were very grateful for having settled the candyflip night to be on a Friday, because we definitely needed Sunday to fully recover.
We were very grateful for having settled the candyflip night to be on a Friday, because we definitely needed Sunday to fully recover.
The following days were smooth and nice. I was almost recovered by Sunday afternoon, and Monday, though filled with responsibilities, was mellow and productive. The experience was absolutely positive. Neither D nor I suffered the comedown, as always. We were only a bit physically tired, but feeling totally blissful.

Once again, I think that the key for avoiding a rough comedown is simply spending as much time as possible with your friends and loved ones right after the experience. I think I would like to repeat this experience and let myself go a little more, but only in a few months. I donít think my body is ready for doing it again soon. I would like to investigate the combination of the same amount of LSD with even less MDMA, to try to estimate a threshold effect, in order to reduce the brain frying side effects to the minimum.

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113251
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Jul 5, 2019Views: 1,854
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LSD (2), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3)

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