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Kundalini Awakening, With Entity
Citation:   SakRah. "Kundalini Awakening, With Entity: An Experience with LSD (exp113255)". Erowid.org. Jul 18, 2019. erowid.org/exp/113255

T+ 0:00
1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
This was the month of November of 2018. I had a friend with whom I usually dropped acid the entire summer of that year. By September our relationship was becoming a bit patchy and by October it was not a lot immersive as it used to be. In November we met and she expressed her wish to drop some acid to cherish the last days of fall with me. That night I sent her a stern text saying that I do not want to trip out with her as I want to trip with someone more spiritually intimate. She calls and starts shouting at me and we meet that night and she convinces me to a trip outside Montreal. I arrange the trip and we agree to a date.

The day of the trip begins with missing the first bus to our destination. We took the second bus and head off. When we reach there at around 2 pm we decide to drop 100 µg of tab each. In less than an hour she begins to feel the effects but I am not tripping. She says the clouds were frame-dragging and I wasn’t able to notice it. I wait the next 15 minutes and during that she goes to a nearby public toilet when I decide to take a second tab of another 100 µg tab. We started walking after that and she is unaware that I have now a total of 200 µg in my system. In the next half an hour/ or forty minute that follows I start tripping.

Of all the trips I had so far I have come to notice a few quirks and features surrounding me. I have observed that I start to understand that I am tripping when suddenly my teeth and gum become extremely sensitive.
I have observed that I start to understand that I am tripping when suddenly my teeth and gum become extremely sensitive.
When I breathe in the air makes my teeth shiver and my gums experience a tingling sensation. This phenomenon I have come to associate with death. Why you may ask? Just weeks prior my beloved grandmother’s death in 2012, I saw a dream in which I saw that all of my teeth were falling into the sink and I can’t stop it from happening. My gums felt exactly that sensation in the dream. In 2012 I had no experience doing LSD or any other kind of psychedelics except for smoking up weed.

In the next two hours I am tripping and she is out of this world. She started feeling queasy and she asks me how soon can we leave the place for Montreal. She started to feel that we will never make it into the city. I had the bad idea of walking towards the bus depot but we were tripped out so much that cars in the highway were scaring her even though we were on the side of the road. We make a pitstop near a gas station there we call a taxi. While waiting for the taxi, I speak about another quirk of me tripping. This I call the “Second Stage” where I start seeing these silver membrane(?)-like intelligent entities appearing in the periphery of my vision while I have my eyes open. I call them intelligent because I see them to be playing with my attention. Taxi arrives and in the next 10minutes we are in the bus depot. She felt safe and in the half an hour we were off to the city.

Inside the bus we were laughing and giggling unstoppably and this is now 7 pm. I see we are getting into the city when she tells me that her hands are still cold and she can’t get them to warm up. I see her hands and they were red and I got scared and quickly took her hands in my hands with the intention to warm them up. In the the next few minutes I pass out holding her hands. While passing out I feel some unusual amount of heat flowing out through my hands into her skin.

Now that I am passed out, I vividly start hallucinating with lots of closed-eye visuals until everything becomes clear, there is a black background and and a high frequency sound starts to appear. I hear it and it felt like it was a sharp knife cutting through my head. By this time I start sweating profusely and start shaking as well (this was what she told me). While all this is happening I start seeing this ball of energy that looked like plasma (?) or ball-lightning comes out through my chest and immediately after I see two golden colored snakes burst through my chest and start spiraling and coiling around this ball-lightning. While they were spiraling I see they were radiating different colored lights and they went ever so high while coiling around. Just after the snakes stop spiraling and coiling around the ball of energy, I see a small entity that was purple-red in color and looked like it’s a small demon with horns, a pointed tail and a rust colored “staff" on its right hand. It quickly climbed up the snakes and goes on top of their head and it looks down at me and gives a wicked grin. I wake up with sweaty hands and head and I see her opening eyes as well.

I see the bus closing in to the Montreal bus station and I asked her whether she see what I saw and she replied that she wants to talk about it when we get down from the bus. After we get down with our bags and stuff we stared at each other and started crying and I shouted at her “Did you see that?!”. She said yes. I asked “Did you see what I just saw?!” And her answer was yes. She went into the washroom of the station for a quick refresh while I was with the bags only to return and say that something was dressing her up and playing with her hair in the washroom while she was washing her face. She felt it viscerally and she hated it but she understood that it didn’t mean her harm. I was totally dumbfounded by the experience.

We took the metro and in there some weird stuff was happening with me which I can’t write here as it needs a lot of background story but I was seeing a lot of the part of reality as frames presented to me to perform certain actions. I strongly had the feeling that this was the work of the devil and sensed eerily felt that there was lot of magic involved in my experience. After we get down the metro she starts saying something was touching her before she got down and she felt nasty the way that thing was touching her in the train. She was constantly pointing to someone and it wasn’t there. We go to each of our homes respectively and don’t talk for two or three hours until at 2 am she texts me saying she’s still hearing voices talking to her and she can’t control them. One spoke in Persian and was laughing and another in English. She was freaking out. I was in my room, it was dark and was trying to sleep but I couldn’t because something kept squishing the water bottle that was in the room.

I was born a Muslim but I am not practicing Islam. The mythologies/folklore surrounding Islam talk about entities called jinns (genies) and angels and how they can appear to someone in altered states of consciousness which is what I saw. After the trip I came to understand that there is magic, there is evil, there is a God and yes there is an entire reality with other beings different from ours hidden in plain sight.

Exp Year: 2018ExpID: 113255
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 18, 2019Views: 884
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LSD (2) : Entities / Beings (37), General (1), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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