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The Effects Over One Whole Day
Ethylmorphine & Alcohol
Citation:   Jonte. "The Effects Over One Whole Day: An Experience with Ethylmorphine & Alcohol (exp113256)". Jul 1, 2019.

T+ 0:00
  repeated oral Alcohol  
  T+ 0:00   repeated oral Pharms - Ethylmorphine (liquid)
  T+ 2:00   buccal Tobacco  
  T+ 8:00   smoked Cannabis  
Ethylmorphine: A Brief Description of Effects

This report describes the effects of a large dose of ethylmorphine as I have experienced them on two separate occasions with extremely similar settings. I was spending the night, drinking moderately, at my friends house.
I was spending the night, drinking moderately, at my friends house.
I discover in his fridge a bottle of Cocillana-Etyfin, a Swedish prescription cough syrup containing 2.5mg of ethylmorphine per milliliter. During the night, but mainly in the morning after, I help myself to this bottle at several occasions. This essay's aim is to extract the more general long-term effects of the drug, long-term meaning the effects over one whole day. I would consider this the best time frame to analyze the effects over, since my experiences both lasted well over such a duration.

Note: The author has extensive previous experience with opioids and has had a moderate build up of tolerance in the past. Hence, the effects may vary greatly for anyone without this.

The preparation contains, except for ethylmorphine, also cocillana extract, senega extract, sucrose and ethanol. The effects of these substances, though mostly unknown to me, should be taken into consideration while reading.

The effects take hold very shortly after the oral administration. Ten minutes in I start to feel an ever so slight sensation of euphoria through my body, accompanied by some relaxation. Anyone who has previous experience with opioids would recognize this feeling although it is hard to describe to someone without. These sensations gently and subtly keep increasing for about an hour, I would say. Once they plateau, they are no longer so similar to a typical opiate, say morphine. The side effects are greater. To what extent this is caused by the non-opioid constituents of the medication I do not know. One side effect, however, that was particularly prominent between about T+1 hour and T+2 hours was the itching. For most of my life I have had an atopic condition with my scalp, causing severe dandruff and itching and so I may be especially susceptible to this one side effect. My head was itching like mad, unarguably the worst itch I have ever experienced.
My head was itching like mad, unarguably the worst itch I have ever experienced.
And it wasn't only my scalp. My back, my neck, my chest and my nose were all itching. The only remedy I could find was to ignore it. This would actually make it subside the best, more than cold water anyway.

Once the itching had faded the effects were more predictable. This was, as mentioned above, approximately after two hours of administration. At this point I felt again the original sense of euphoria and relaxation. It was pleasant, albeit underwhelming. During this time I also used some tobacco, snus, which was a nice combination. The tobacco took the upper hand in the experience, which tells you something about the strength of the opioid high. I also went outside for a walk on one occasion, perhaps around three or four hours in. This stimulated the pain-relief and euphoria through my body which I liked.

This state lasted for about six to eight hours. After that something unexpected actually happened. The side effects started to lessen and the euphoria actually increased. Now it started again to resemble the feeling of an opioid. To me this is the best part. Now I can relax with a movie or snacks. It is a perfect time to smoke a bowl, which I do, more than once. It would still be misleading to conflate this state with that produced by morphine, or even tramadol. It seems to me simply impossible to reach the same levels with ethylmorphine, at least administered orally. However it was still very much worthwhile in my opinion, to consume the cough syrup recreationally.

This last stage of the drug lasted a good several hours and tailing it was an afterglow which was impressively intense and lasted almost yet another 24 hours.

Physiologically the drug was not very impairing. There was no noticeable loss of balance or coordination and no great reduction of inhibitions. It did make me urinate less frequently and it was harder to do so when it happened. This is commonplace with opioids and much like the other effects of ethylmorphine this particular side effect was weaker than the equivalent for other opioids.

To end with I will mention the mental effects of the drug. I would describe these as mostly constant throughout all of the experience, save perhaps the afterglow stage. They were not particularly impairing, although I would not drive under the influence. There was a slight head high, producing drowsiness of a similar kind to other opioids or, put in more generally understandable terms, similar to alcohol or cannabis. There were parts, a few hours in, where I felt anxious but for the most part my anxiety was reduced if anything.

To summarize, ethylmorphine gave me a long, gentle and pleasant high with subtle feelings of euphoria, pain-relief, drowsiness, anxiety reduction and general mood-lift. It started out with some unpleasant side-effects, primarily itching, but transitioned into a level and worthwhile high after a few hours. All in all the effects lasted one or two days, including the tailing afterglow.

[Reported Dose: "Approximately 200mg"]

Exp Year: 2019ExpID: 113256
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Jul 1, 2019Views: 1,396
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